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    Smile Can you help me find a couple of records ???

    Hey guys , I'm trying to find a couple of records that were put out by Detroit / MI lables and I was wondering if you guys could help me .

    I'm looking for ...

    Laurel Mae Martin "Cool Breeze I'll Be Waiting For You" 7-inch [[Martin Records -100)

    Moonshine Forestry Outfit "Wondering Why" b/w "Bop Bop Do Wae Doo" [[Distortion) D45M-001

    Bobby Dee and [[the) Paige "Don't Ask the Question" 7-inch [[Fox Records) 1966

    Aaron Taylor "Peppers" 7-inch [[Tasha Records)

    I am willing to pay cash for these records . If you can help me out , please email me at - an3invisible3friend@gmail.com .

    Thanks .

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    I'm still looking !

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    Fred, I don't know if you are familiar with a site called GEMM or another one called Stack Of Records, but they are sites where record shops / vinyl record sellers from around the world post their entire inventories for sale, so you can instantly see the pressing, price, location and different prices for the item you want. If you can't find what you're looking for, there is a way to post a "want list" and you may eventually get a bite. I usually check these sites plus eBay and sometimes even Amazon.com has some rare used vinyl, and then armed with all the price points, make my decision. Your want list of titles seem rare, but remember that these records were mass produced at one time, and somewhere, someone has a copy who is willing to either part with. or make you a digital copy. Good luck!

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    Any luck on ebay?

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    You could also try www.musicstack.com/

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    One of the best sellers on the internet I've found is Craig Moerer and his Records by Mail - you could try sending him a list of what you are looking for if he doesn't already have them, but perhaps let him know what you are prepared to pay per item. The link is:


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