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    New members please read this

    It isn't required, but if you feel like it, how about a little introduction to the membership.We are a friendly group and would like to welcome you. I noticed one of the new members I approved today is a recording engineer. How cool is that? My kind of people.
    So...welcome all you new folks. Glad to have you with us.

    Ralph Terrana

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    Thanks for the invitation, Ralph. I'm practically 50 years of age and was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. I love soul, funk, classic jazz and all derivatives of these music forms. I constantly debate in my own head what the best era for music was: '50s R&B or jazz? '60s soul? '70s soul? I even like a lot of "disco" and '80s urban music. With that being said, I like and listen to tons of gospel and classic rock, as well.

    I probably would be the wallflower at a Soulful Detroit mixer because although I love Motown, I believe the most magical era for music and musicians was from '60s Memphis & Muscle Shoals. I lament the fact that our culture, like our music, has fallen down as far as it has.

    I love debates and don't mind stirring the pot on message boards although I will never, ever be confused with a troll. I will play devil's advocate sometimes, even for issues that I agree with the majority of posters because there are two sides to every story, IMO, and the should be considered. Personal attacks are strictly inappropriate.

    I just discovered these forums a couple of weeks ago and wish I had found them year before. I enjoy the discussions and love the subject matter (music) and appreciate the diversity of posters and their opinions. I hope that I can add to the flavor of the boards and that you all consider what I offer to be helpful.

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    Thank you for posting. I realized after reading your initial post that you would be a valued member of the family here. Welcome.

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    If I may:

    I am just under 50 years old, and was raised in the southwest. I love all types of music from the last 60s years. I even listen to new music, mostly dance pop in the car. I make no apologies for that! My main interest is the music of the 60s, 70s, and early 80s, and that includes rock, soul, jazz, pop, funk, disco, you name it! I don't discriminate. I never want to get close-minded about music.

    I certainly am not a troll, and do play a lot of devil's advocate. I am very opinionated, but always keep an open mind. I like learning new things, so I can be very inquisitive.

    I am an audiophile, have an engineer's mind, and love digging into technical aspects of recorded sound. I love reading about how our vintage recordings were made from the technical angle. My area of interest is in mastering. I'm also a computer geek.

    This place works great as long as there are no personal attacks. They drag down the forum and makes people not want to participate.
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    you have been around here for quite a while now and have definitely made your bones and become a valued member.

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    I'm sure there are those who'd like to break those bones!


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    Goes with the territory, Soul.

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    OK, I'll throw in some specs.

    I'll be 48 in May and I have been archiving Parliament-Funkadelic in all of it's glorious forms since 1978. While I collect various forms of music and have amassed (at least in my view) a pretty eclectic collection, Funk will always represent the center of my consciousness and P-Funk will always represent the center of that. My dedication has lead to my involvement in three documentaries on Funk and P-Funk in particular.

    While I'd like to consider myself to be as open as the next person, I know where my loyalties remain. I always try to maintain a civil discourse, so long as others do the same. I will always hold my association with SDF in the highest regard. The trade off of information on this board is priceless.

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    I cannot focus on just one type of music, or one genre cannot be at the center of my musical world. I gravitate to too many types of music for that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by soulster View Post
    I cannot focus on just one type of music, or one genre cannot be at the center of my musical world. I gravitate to too many types of music for that.
    If that one type of music speaks to me consistently and continuously, if it speaks to the way that I look at the world, then it will earn my total focus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by timmyfunk View Post
    If that one type of music speaks to me consistently and continuously, if it speaks to the way that I look at the world, then it will earn my total focus.
    In my case, they all speak to me in various ways.

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    Quote Originally Posted by soulster View Post
    In my case, they all speak to me in various ways.
    But not all music communicates a continuous, evolving philosophy. P-Funk, Gil Scott-Heron, and the Last Poets are but a few examples of music that speaks to the way that a people live from day to day. That's a little deeper than music that just happens to have a great groove. That is my case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by timmyfunk View Post
    But not all music communicates a continuous, evolving philosophy. P-Funk, Gil Scott-Heron, and the Last Poets are but a few examples of music that speaks to the way that a people live from day to day. That's a little deeper than music that just happens to have a great groove. That is my case.
    Here's the thing: everyone looks for something different in music. Every one of us has a unique experience with music. I enjoy music that may not necessarily speak to me or that I can relate to on all levels. It's not a prerequisite for enjoying music. I also don't always take music so seriously that I can't have fun with it. Some music is a cerebral exercise, and some you just wanna air-jam to and sing with. As one with an engineer/audiophile mind, I listen to it on a technical level. As a musician, I listen to the playing.

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    I'm 23 years old and Obsessed with soul music, especially the temptations. I have loved the genre since i was a child listening to the classic soul stations.

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    I'm a brand new member, and I can't believe what a great resource these forums are. I've spent so much time already sifting through what's here, but I figured it's time to make a post. I'm a graduate student in musicology, and I just so happen to be doing a little research on some Atlantic-era Aretha Franklin and Motown-era Gladys Knight. I can tell I've got a lot to learn from folks here - and it's nice to find some great new tunes to listen to in the process!

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    Happy to have you with us, Kate.

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    Hello Ralph, Lowell & Everyone,

    I guess I'm proof something old is always new again. I was a member here at SDF a while ago, and I'm happy to return. I am the Public Relations Representative for Eugene Pitt of the legendary vocal group harmony group Eugene Pitt & The Jive Five. I also do bookings for the group. My musical taste is eclectic. I love traditional jazz, "doo wop"/r&b, soul and classic rock.. I look forward to keeping you up-to-date on the group I represent and their projects. I look forward to meeting new friends here and getting re-acquainted with those I knew before. I look forward to great times here at SDF.
    Mary G.

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    So happy to have you with us again. Please keep us up to date on Eugene.

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    Thank you, Ralph. I sure will. He has an exciting project with Aaron Neville I will post about.

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    A special "HELLO" and thanks to Ralph & Lowell for keeping this old place going. SDF the best on the net!!!


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    Thank you Ralph. Love You!
    {{{BIG BIG HUGS}}}

    Jimmy sends his blessings.

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    Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeey SDF!
    Soul Sister back in da` house. Hello old friends and new friends.
    SDF first started in October of 2001 and I first joined the core group in March of 2002 at the urging of Vonnie & Bobby Eli. Been out for a minute back now at Ralph and other member's invitation. I may not have a lot of time to post as in the past but will when time allows.
    Some of you may know me as the wife & peronal manager for the Legendary Jazz Vocalist Jimmy Scott (a.k.a. "Little Jimmy Scott"), others may know me from the Chitlin` Circit days as the common-law-wife of George "Smitty" Smith the 'original lead singer' of The Manhattans, others from here by my old photo threads. For those who don't know my name "Soul Sister" was given to me by the Jive Five in early 1966 as they called me their Little Soul Sister.
    I love not only the great soulful sounds of "back in the day" from Detroit but from all area's of the country, especially my area of New York-New Jersey or East Coast from D.C., Philly, N.J., N.Y., to Boston. As well as Memphis, New Orleans, Houston, L.A., Chicago sound, love it all from mid 1940's thru mid 1970's, especially mid 1960's my favorite soul music era!
    Just want to say it's great to be back home in the "original soul house" and see some of my old friends here like Ceaser, tallone, Kamasu, Nosey, Mary G (a.k.a. dream207), Misty, Vonnnie, Sweet Pea (Patricia), Dinelle, Stacia (Maverick), DyvaNaye, R&B (Jai), Robb, sweet Chazz, Spyder, Detroit's SisD, Medusa, Gary, & Sue W, Chicago's Kdub, Gee Tee, Mike, Bryon, Moe, Destruction, Mark Speck, Tony & Randy Russi, original but gone RD, Rational, Go Go Girl (forget her new name), also Handsome, Mr. June, Mr. Soul, Industry folks Harry G, Leo S, & Aaron Cohen, etc....etc.......Hope I am not forgetting anyone, love you all!!!
    Let the music play.............................................. .........................................
    "One Love",
    Soul Sister
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    Welcome back Soul Sister. Please give my best to the MAIN MAN.

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    Please keep me up to date on the project with Nevelle.

    You tell Jimmy if he isn't performing in my area anytime soon, I may have to hop a flight to Vegas.

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    YES! It worked!!!

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    Old Website at: www.jimmyscottofficialwebsite.org

    Official Facebook Page at: LEGENDARY JIMMY SCOTT

    Name:  Jimmy Jeanie Scott by David Sinclair.jpg
Views: 1657
Size:  14.5 KB

    Photo Test:
    Jeanie & Jimmy
    London, Photographer David Sinclair.

    Soul Sister

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    You're one smart cookie, S.S. Took me forever to do that. Great shot of the two of you.

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    Hi Ralph, Lowell & everyone.

    Used to hang out here and I'm glad to return to the coolest soul music forum on the internet.

    I grew up in Chicago and basically lived at the Regal Theater, either backstage or front row center, where I had an up close & personal perspective on the music, singers and musicians you honor on this forum. Some stories I might share, some I'll never tell! LOL. My musical tastes are all over the place. 31,000+ songs on my ipod, some of everything. I'm also an avid reader.

    By occupation, I'm a soap writer. Generations, Santa Barbara - and after 19 years on General Hospital- I recently threw my life up in the air, left that show for Bold & Beautiful and sold my house of 20 years. Think I'm still recovering.
    Anyway, it's great to be back!
    (Hey, Jive Five Mary & Soul Sis! Back where we started!)

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    It was actually simple Ralph, but maybe a fluke, doesn't mean it will keep acting right when I try it again, lol...............
    Thanks for the compliment, Ralph.

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    Hey Soul Sister & Misty - back where we started is right. It's a good feeling.

    Name:  a gene and mary.jpg
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Size:  67.5 KB

    Eugene Pitt & myself.

    Official Facebook page and the only authorized site on the net.

    Eugene Pitt & The Jive Five - type into your Facebook browser and you'll be there.

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    So how is the new show working for you, Misty?

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    He and I share the same last name. My folks come from Edgecombe County, NC. (Tarboro, Rocky Mount, Pinetops, Princeville...).

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    Great pic, Mary.

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    Hellooooooooooooo BFF Mary, & Kindred Spirit Misty!!!
    Fun, fun, fun!!!


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    Ralph, I love it. It's REALLY hard to write but very satisfying and I work with the best peeps in the business. Very happy.

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    Oh, and I love cats. Have two, one I picked and one who picked me. A stray I just barely saved from a coyote.

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    Jesse and I have two of the critters also. They crack me up just watching them be cats.

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    Good move them. I have to say, you have one hell of an interesting profession.

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    Yes! Our Misty is one talented and intersting lady, indeed.

    We share some similar stories from "Back in the day", lol.......


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    Thank you, Ralph. I'm glad Misty mentioned pets. Animals are another of my passions. My pets are rescued pets and I served on my local humane society board during three decades and was president of the organization three times. I worked in the political realm for years and as the PR Director for the Maine Office of Tourism. That pretty much sums it up for me.

    I remember when I first found SDF. I joined because r&b/soul is not popular in my native state, yet it's the music I love. I've learned so much from the people on the forum, and have formed some lifetime friendships. Soul Sister and I became BFF's through SDF. Vonnie, Bobby, Misty, Spyder, Chazz and others are besties, too. I certainly consider Ralph a friend, too. So good to be back, and I thank Ralph for inviting us. It's such a delight and a priviledge to work with my favorite male vocalist, Mr. Eugene Pitt. It just goes to show dreams can come true.

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    My brother Russ has recently began volunteering at a shelter. He loves it. He is the most fervent animal person I know.

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    Yes, my kindred spirit - we certainly do! LOL

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    Very cool, Misty. Your brother is doing some wonderful work for those who cannot help or speak for themselves. It can be sad at times, but also very rewarding. Bravo Russ!!

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    Applauding Russ T.



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    I'm just getting used to the new format, so I'm going to try to upload a video. This is one Misty will recognize and I dedicate it to everyone at SDF.

    Let's party!!!!!

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    Whoo-hoo! My favorite guys! Was just thinking about starting a thread on them, but I have to work. Maybe later.

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    My name is Vonnie Eli and I am the manager of a recording studio called The Grooveyard. I am also the manager of a new and upcoming soul artist named Dennis "Youngblood" Taylor. I was a member of SDF some years ago and I am glad to see that so many of my friends and I are reunited again.

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    Hey Vonnie. Nice to see you in the house.

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    Hey, Vonnie! Good to see you here! xoxo

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    Hi Misty,

    It is great to see you also in the house,


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