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Thread: Marv davis rip

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    Marv davis rip

    I received the news from forum member Bill Staiger who was able to find the information. Some had a hard time with the guy and others, like myself, were quite fond of him. he was a major contributor to the forum and his offerings will be missed. When I had a book signing date at Motown, He flew in from New York to be there with me. I will miss you and your friendship Marv.
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    Marv with me at Motown book signing.Name:  Book signing at Motown.jpg
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    This place wonít be the same without Marv. I know he rubbed a lot of people the wrong way, but I admired how he gave his POV without hesitation. Say hi to Midnight Johnny for us, Marv!

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    He will indeed be missed. He was a major contributor to the success of this forum. He seemed to know virtually everyone of importance. If you needed research or clarification on anything he was always ready, willing, and able to help out. Our forum would be nowhere near as successful as it is now if Marv never would have been a member. Thanks Marv for all your contributions. It hasn't been the same since your last posting on 8/9 and you will be a tough act to follow.

    RIP Marv 2. Thanks for all the memories.

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    I regret to have it now confirmed that Marv has indeed passed.

    Marv's very great number of threads and posts, particularly on the Motown forum, will continue as clear testimony to the countless hours he contributed to Soulful Detroit for many years.

    No other member has so consistently contributed, and for so long, in keeping the music and memories alive right here on Soulful Detroit, than Marv Davis.

    Farewell to you, Marv.....

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    I will miss Marv2 here at SDF. Rest in Peace, Marv.

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    Sorry to hear of Marv's passing, he will truly be missed on this forum. May the Lord rest Marv's soul and comfort the heart of his family and loved ones.

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    Sorry to hear that we have lost another knowledgeable member of the site. Marv always treated me fine and his input, good or bad, will be missed.

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    R I P

    I will miss you


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    Does anyone know the cause of death?


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