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    the Supremes At Their Best 1978

    hello SDF, just going thru some old lps and i have misplaced one so i need a little help. i remember the album Supremes At Their Best being released [ i think] in uk as a 20 track package but i cant find my copy.
    does anyone know the track listing for the extended version.....all i can remember is AUTOMATICALLY SUNSHINE and TOUCH being included. thanks ,david

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    this came up on the UK Ebay site.....

    White label issue of The Supremes At Their Best LP.
    Cover is only a proof folded to size (see picture) Has a bit of crease and slight foxing. VG
    Lp has white labels both sides with writing on presumably to indicate sides. Vinyl is EX

    Stoned Love
    I'm Gonna Let My Heart Do The Walking
    Floy Joy
    Nathan Jones
    Everybodys Got The Right To Love
    High Energy
    Automatically Sunshine
    Up THE Ladder To The Roof
    You're My Driving Wheel
    Bad Weather
    Love Train
    The Sha La Bandit
    He's My Man
    You're What's Missing In My Life


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    thank you !

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    Good album! Just a pity there was no picture of the ladies on the album cover. I don't have the album to hand at the moment, who was the executive producer for this compilation? How did they select what tracks were included. Was there any thought of 'The Sha-la Bandit' being released as a single?

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    the Sha La Bandit was an out take from the Supremes 75 album, and to me a perfect selection for a single. it sounds like a pop hit to me as did IT'S ALL BEEN SAID BEFORE. also,Bend a Little was a strong contender as well. i am surprised both did not make the 1975 lp. i think it had to do with who sang lead as Mary wanted more leads by this time.
    i don't think there was talk of releasing this as a single in 1978,as the lp was released in june of that year. i think it was released to go along with the release of Mary 's solo lp and debut at the NEW YORK NEW YORK club.? i think Bandit may have bumped Hes My Man from the lp. i did think that Love Train was a strange track to be on the lp instead of Touch or Automatically Sunshine . but i suppose they wanted a unreleased track from both Jean and Scherrie?

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    topdiva1 Guest
    This was a sweet album - however they should have done it with a photo on the cover!!!!

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    I bought it at the same time I bought Jean Terrell's " I Had to Fall in Love" in August 1978. but it was strange, the radio stations out West where I was would play only "Up the Ladder to The Roof " from the "At Their Best" album..

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    topdiva1 Guest
    Being radio Marv, they seemed to have gone with the most memorable post Diana Supremes song, for the masses, UP THE LADDER TO THE ROOF. Indeed a great song, but many other ones just as good followed - the sexy TOUCH was one I favored.

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    Always felt cheated with this album as the U.K. put out a much better one representing Jean Terrell, (Greatest Hits feat. Mary Wilson). It included all the singles including the duets with The Four Tops as well. "At Their Best", to me, was "At Their Worst". "The Sha-La Bandit"? Give me a break. They really skimmed on this one.

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    i thought Bandit was a standout track. one of my fav Scherrie songs from this era. it should have beena single!

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    i love the track and all for sha la. but the lyrics are a bit second class in my opinion.

    who was the producer for this one? don't have my sup 75 lp in front of me or handy just now. wasn't sha la by the same producers as Color My World, Can't Stop a Girl and Give Out? those and It's All Been Said Before (which i think was a different producer) had a good updated girl group pop sound. could have worked. i do think that the harder edged disco tracks that came later though were really the best direction for the girls at this time.

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    topdiva1 Guest
    Sha La Bandit - was the worst at best - The Queen of Soul as I recall - recorded the SHA LA LA Bandit on one of her albums about this time - and it was just as bad.

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    it's just too corny


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