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    The Sylvers

    Hello everyone,my name is Steve! I along with other Sylvers fans need your help. I love The Sylvers[[Hotline,Boogie Fever,Wish That I Could Talk To You and Foolís Paradise)! The Sylvers came out with ten albums from 1972 to 1984! Sadly one album,Concept [[1981) is the only one of their albums that is reissued on cd. Edmund[[1 album),Foster[[4 solo albums) and Leon[[1 album) Sylvers solo albums are'nt on cd either. Because of that,a fellow fan started a petition on Monday! The petition is on ipetitions.com. This petition is directed at Universal Music Group, Polydor, Geffen, EMI and Capitol Records. With enough signatures we hope these record companies can see that reissuing these albums would be in their best interest! Hereís the link http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/thesylvers/ As of 11/2/11 there are 31 signatures! Please read over it and sign! Also tell as many people as you can to sign it! Utilize your Facebook,Twitter,Myspace and any other site where you can spread the word! I know you all appreciate great music and thatís what the Sylvers bring to the table! If youíre not familiar with The Sylvers check them/their music out on Youtube. Their story is also on Youtube,just type in Unsung The Sylvers and enjoy! Thank you and I hope you can help! This is with permission from The Sylvers themselves,so itís legitimate! For questions and concerns contact me at mitchelll8035@yahoo.com
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    Great,group! Will support in any way.

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    Thanks for the support Rosie!

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    Cool...you guys made it over.
    Keep at it and don't give up....there is one thing I know for sure, if you don't try...nothing will happen!

    Welcome again to the forum....

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    Thanks alot Ms M!

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    I saw the Sylvers perform in 1973 or 74 on a Don Cornelius Soul Train tour, headlined by Eddie Kendrick. I remember they
    opened with Dr. John's "Right Place, Wrong Time". Their single at the time was "Wish That I Could Talk To You" so I
    guess it would've been '73.
    Sadly, the group has had horrible problems since their heyday.

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    Hey randy,it's true that the family had some problems but they've overcome those problems and are doing very well today!

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    Well, I am glad to hear that!

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    Very spiritual family.

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    Are they working as a group again?

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    Hey randy! The Sylvers have many projects coming out in the near future! There is talks of a Christmas album,an album from the children of the Sylvers to be produced by Leon! Foster,Angie and Pat have a gospel/reality album in the works! Angie,Charmaine and Leon are on Facebook and are very nice to talk to! The Sylvers as a group have a Facebook page called The Sylvers Official Facebook! Angie,Olympia's daughter Tyava and Pat's husband Lorne are moderators on the board and they are very active on it! If you have questions you always wanted to know,they'll awnser them! I hope that helps,thank you for your interest and hopefully your support! Take care!
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    ^Leon drops by that board as well. It was a pleasant surprise to see that.

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    Yes,Leon makes appearances on the board! He's a very nice guy!

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    Hi this is Kev-Lo

    I saw them live years ago and they were great. It was also good to see some of them on the Unsung epicode

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    ^Awesome *jealous*! Do you remember when/which line up you saw? I'd really love to know,thanks!

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    I'll sign. I've already sent two messages to Universal requesting re-issues of the early '70s Pride LPs on the Hip-O Select imprint. No reply [[not that I was expecting one).

    I have Sylvers I on LP, but have lost about eight times bidding for Sylvers II on Ebay. If anyone wants to send me a digital copy, I can pay ...

    So yes, I'll sign. Through the love in my heart, I'll sign.

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    Hey jd! Those prices keep going up! It would be great to own all of their music remastered on cd! Thank you for your support! It's very appreciated!

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    I was watching the Shalamar episode of Unsung this past weekend with my wife sandwiched between football and came to the conclusion that it wasn't Shalamar that I loved, I liked them it was the production of Leon et al. that I loved.

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    Yes! Leon's production is classic/amazing! I love his work with Shalamar!

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    As of 1:26 a.m. central time,the petition is 120 strong and counting! Let's keep it up!

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