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    Petition For The Sylvers Albums To Reissued On Cd!

    Hello everyone,my name is Steve! I joined this site last night! I along with other Sylvers fans need your help. I love The Sylvers[[Hotline,Boogie Fever,Wish That I Could Talk To You and Fool’s Paradise)! The Sylvers came out with ten albums from 1972 to 1984! Sadly one album,Concept [[1981) is the only one of their albums that is reissued on cd. Edmund[[1 album),Foster[[4 solo albums) and Leon[[1 album) Sylvers solo albums are'nt on cd either. Because of that,a fellow fan started a petition on Monday! The petition is on petitiononline.com. This petition is directed at Universal Music Group, Polydor, Geffen, EMI and Capitol Records. With enough signatures we hope these record companies can see that reissuing these albums would be in their best interest! Here’s the link http://petitiononline.com/Sylvers1/petition.html As of 10/29/11 there are 89 signatures! Please read over it and sign! Also tell as many people as you can to sign it! Utilize your Facebook,Twitter,Myspace and any other site where you can spread the word! I know you all appreciate great music and that’s what the Sylvers bring to the table! If you’re not familiar with The Sylvers check them out on Youtube. Their story is also on Youtube,just type in Unsung The Sylvers and enjoy! Thank you and I hope you can help! This is with permission from The Sylvers themselves,so it’s legitimate! For questions and concerns contact me at mitchelll8035@yahoo.com
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    I just signed it! If one looks at their old clips on youtube they were probably with the exception of the Jacksons one of the best family groups on the circuit when it came to their Dance Moves. I can tell they worked very hard.

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    Thanks for the support Stephanie!

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    Done! Just one thing, though: EMI's music is being sold to Warner Music Group. Any Capitol Sylvers product would be reissued by Warner Special Products. Good luck with that. Your petition will probably get lost in the shuffle as they are laying off a LOT of Capitol staff.

    I want the Tavares albums reissued.
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    Thank you soulster!

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    Hey soulster and Stephanie,after you signed the petition,how many signatures were there? I ask that because the site says 89. Both of your signatures should make it over 90.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sylversfan11 View Post
    Hey soulster and Stephanie,after you signed the petition,how many signatures were there? I ask that because the site says 89. Both of your signatures should make it over 90.
    I didn't notice. Sorry.

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    Do you mind checking? I looked on two dfferent computers and they both said 89. Strange.

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    It says 89. Perhaps the sigs need to be verified first.

    You do realize that, unless some overseas label reissues them, the chances of them getting on domestic CD are very slim, as the domestic labels don't think much of 70 and 80 R&B, and for the reason I mentioned earlier. The best we will see from Warner is a download.

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    True,thanks for checking soulster!

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    Hey everyone,there was a problem with petitiononline.com The petition is now on ipetitions.com! Here's the new link http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/thesylvers/ Please sign again and pass the word along to whoever you can! I/fellow fans would greatly appreciate you sticking this through with us,please don't get your hopes up! This will happen! Thanks!
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    Okay...signed! The Sylvers are still incredible and very underrated. Probably my favorite family group.
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    Thanks Rosie!

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    Done and good luck...I like your moxie!

    BTW...you should put this on the main forum...as a rule the club house is for non related music issues and some people don't look in. You may get a slightly better response on the forum with more eyeballs.
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    I just thought of something. If you can show enough interest from your petition you may be able to approach a smaller distributor who would be willing to license tracks and reissue to a CD. I would say you need to shoot for at least 50K legitimate signatures. It won't be easy but it's not impossible. Again, good luck!

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    pshark Guest
    Since the Sylvers various lp's were put out by many labels, a petition is not going to do much good. Its best to contact
    each labels. Casablanca/Polygram released 2 of their lps. You might want to contact Harry Weinger about the chances
    of those 2 being released

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    Pshark I disagree....a distributor wants to see interest before they shell out money....legit names on a petition showing people are truly interested can go a long way in making a determination. It's not a guarantee but it certainly doesn't hurt and the more names the better....simply contacting them and saying I want [[insert want here) doesn't carry much weight and that's been proven time and time again right here on SDF. I'm just sayin'...but to each their own....

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    ^You are absolutely right! Its not like we are talking about a modern act like Beyonce and Lady Gaga. I'm sure he is doing both things though! Ms.M where exactly should he post it on here?

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    Hey Rosie! Ms.M I need to know where to post like Rosie said!

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    pshark Guest

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sylversfan11 View Post
    Hey Rosie! Ms.M I need to know where to post like Rosie said!
    I believe she means "Soulful Detroit Forum" [[the 1st section). Can this be moved by you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pshark View Post
    Sure are. They also have an Official page on there...really nice,down to earth family.

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    Hi guys,

    It takes a minute or two to get the hang of things around here.

    There are three sections to the forum.

    1. Soulful Detroit Music
    2. Clubhouse
    3. Motown Forum

    The first one is what we call the main forum....that's where the majority of people go to check out the happenings on music.

    Unfortunately only Ralph the moderator can move a thread but you can start another thread on the main forum....that way more people will see it

    Chk the top of the page and you will see the three different sections

    Good luck again with your petition.

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    One could even put the albums out themselves if one can get the capital, and if you can show the licensee that you can guarantee a certain units sold. One would have to work up a game plan. That's exactly what we wanted to do when we wanted to reissue Archie albums in a boxed set with a name engineer doing the honors. Unfortunately, the owner of the tapes showed a lack of interest after an initial bout of enthusiasm for the project. The albums later showed up as downloads.

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    Hey I hear you soulster but petitions do work! It worked for Eddie Kendricks fans a few years ago! We'll keep this petition going strong[[Foster Sylvers voice) lol!

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    As of 1:28 a.m. central time,the petition is 120 strong and counting! Let's keep it up!

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    You know, I really, really don't want to keep sounding negative, so here's some positive advice:

    Months ago, there was a letter-writing campaign to get some Jethro Tull stuff reissued, and the letters were written directly to the company [[same company who owned the Sylvers catalog: EMI). It produced results because two months ago, the stuff was released on CD, and it was due to the letters.

    I'm not saying a petition wouldn't get noticed, but these days, a letter, especially a handwritten letter, still gets noticed more than a petition or an email in the corporate world. So, what I am suggesting is a massive letter-writing campaign by all of those who really want the Sylvers catalog issued on CD.

    Since Universal now owns the EMI music catalog, we need to write Universal. With any luck, Harry Weigner could be in charge of the R&B stuff.

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    Jethro Tull [[rock) and the Slyvers [[soul/r&b) are two very distinctive genres with different demographics. Rock fans will walk through fire for their favorite artist, classic soul fans often have to be pushed kicking and screaming into the direction you want them to go.

    Sylversfan11, your problem is not your method but the lack of exposure getting the word out. Email me through SDF and I'll send you a copy of the 2011 Indie Bible. [[Haven't purchased the 2012 edition yet) and you'll find a wealth of info, addresses, emails, radios station, ezines, etc. that you can contact and let them know what you''re trying to accomplish. Also, start scouting small indie soul web stations and outlets [[like Talk Radio) They are often looking for people to interview for their shows and podcast etc. Gee Caver [[Key of G) is a member of SDF and has a newsletter she sends out [[weekly) and you may even try Billy Wilson who publishes the Motown Alumni newsletter. Also try SoulTracks and UK Soul blogs and sites as well.

    The citizens of Wisconsin literally went on the streets and gathered 500,000 signatures in 3 days for their recall petition. Different motivation and subject of course but same basic idea...you just have to take it to the net and there are thousands of ways to do that but you have to be diligent, persistent and research, research, research!

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    That's good advice, and great info.

    Soul/R&B fans do have a harder hill to climb, as the majors who own the bulk of vintage material don't seem to think anything other than the tired old stand-by's like Marvin Gaye can sell large enough quantities of R&B product to make it worth their while.

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    Hey ms_m! I'm struggling trying to send you a message! I would love that Indie Bible! My email is mitchelll8035@yahoo.com
    Get back to me when you can!

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    Sorry, I've been a little busy but I sent it to the email addy you posted. Good luck and email me if you have any questions.

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    I signed as well.

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    Thank you Kamasu!

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