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    This is heartbreaking. Damn shame ,really.

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    I have never understood why Americans have such little regard for their past heritage. It seems to me that if aint making money then, whatever. So sad..Paulo xxx

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    I remember wanting to be old enough to get into Phelps Lounge! LOL!!!

    Paulo, the majority of the clubs, bars, discos, lounges we went to in the 70's, 80's and 90's are long gone in all cities. Some, the buildings have either been demolished or converted to new use.

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    well, for those of us who have never even been to Detroit, why don't you all tell us about the Phelps Lounge? Was it a concert place, and if so, who have you seen there?

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    Phelps Lounge was basically a neighborhood bar like many other inner city clubs back in the day with a bandstand, tables, and a bar where people hung out. Phelps was fortunate to have attracted many local entertainers and even several Motown performers who hung out there to drink, socialize, and entertain until the mandated 2:00 AM closing time. The people who hung out in those clubs ranged from athletes, to entertainers, to players and drug dealers...all coming together to partake in the scene in an evvironment featuring some great music. I love the story when Phelps refused to pay the band one night because Benny Benjamin had overtabbed his bar bill and put his gun on the table to prove his point, at which point Joe Hunter, Robert White, and Jamerson pulled out THEIR guns. Phelps allegedly got so confused that he not only paid those guys..but even paid Benny. There were several other similar clubs around the city which featured great music...several of which I performed at often the only caucasion in the place (and I enjoyed every minute), including The CHit Chat, Mr Kellys, Morrie Bakers, Joe Strawders, Club Mozambique, Casino Royale. The 20 Grand, and others...all helping to create Detroits great musical legacy. Sadly...like much of the city, most of those clubs suffered from the deterioration of the surrounding neighborhoods and could not survive the economic downturns which affected much of the city.
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    I remember Watts Club Mozambique, Ben's High Chapperal among others of that era. I loved the Lansdowne in the 80's even though it was overpriced.

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    Don't know how many of you backtracked, but there is a lot more info on other places in Detroit. And if you click the word MORE in each picture, more pics come up.

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    Here's an image from the Bettye Lavette story...
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    Phelps is right down the street from Bettye's house in Detroit.

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    Is Phelps Lounge the place that Paul & Al got in to it??? allegedly!!

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    I think that this picture was taken after the fight!!!! You can see that Paul's eye is bruised!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dvus7 View Post
    I think that this picture was taken after the fight!!!! You can see that Paul's eye is bruised!!!!
    Another great pic dvus7. They were very young. It does look like Paul Williams is sporting a black eye there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dvus7 View Post
    Is Phelps Lounge the place that Paul & Al got in to it??? allegedly!!

    From the movie I believe they were playing the Twenty Grand when the fight broke out.


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