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    Need help identifying a CD [[Wrangler)

    You guys are usually pretty good at solving mysteries, so let's see what you can do with this one. I have acquired a CD [[hopefully I have successfully attached photos) and I am trying to figure out its country of origin.

    As you can see, the title and cover art look as American as Apple Pie and the tracks are all songs that were hits in the US. But the puzzling part is that there is nothing on the CD or the case to identify its origin and the only thing resembling liner notes is written in a language that I cannot even identify. [[Hopefully you will be able to read the copy in that photo.)

    I had a friend look at this CD and he said he thought the words were written in Latin. If so, would that possibly mean the CD is Italian? If it helps, the CD has none of the usual numbers on the circles, either front or back, and the underside of the CD is gold, not the usual silver.

    I have noticed that there are some copies for sale on Ebay but from what I can tell, each of them is a basic US pressing and the language is clearly English. But not my copy. Any thoughts based on this limited information?
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    Thanks for responding but that is the US version, which is apparently pretty easy to find. There are 6-8 for sale on Ebay although oddly none on Discogs.

    But I am trying to figure out which country my copy came from, because of that statement printed in the other language.

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    This might not be a foreign language. This could be fake type for before the real wording was ready for use. "Loren ipsum" is often used as placeholder text.

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    Hmm the plot thickens..........

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    Thommg is correct. The text on the back of your CD is Latin and that entire portion of Latin text is commonly used as a placeholder when the final text is not yet known in the design process. It's used to illustrate the font and layout. You may have an early pressing or promo version of this CD, that was possibly circulated at this company for demonstration purposes. Here's more info on that Latin text...


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    You guys never cease to amaze me. Thanks for the input!!!


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