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Thread: Rsd 2024

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    Rsd 2024

    Sadly no Flirtations so far [[just found a digital download), but I got:
    AWB/Bowie/Travis Biggs/Carol Douglas/Elton John LPs.

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    Hey Jack,
    Grooves-inc.com seems to have the Flirtations release.


    Disclaimer: I've only bought vinyl from them once and remembered they had sent my record in a very unprotective thin bubble mailer [never had issues with buying CDs from them though].

    It's also available for pre-order from ImportCDs. I would imagine that it will be widely available soon.


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    Thanks for the Flirtations, great group.
    Don't forget the [aka] "The Gypsies" that later became the Flirtations

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    Thanks Carlo, but I rather buy from a non-UK store because of extra import duties. I already found a store in Ireland but they can only sell after RSD 2024 on monday evening and then you have to wait to see if it is not soldout already.

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    Bought it here, now out of stock:


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    Ok glad you found it, jack...as I was about to let you know that it's available from imusic and they're based in Denmark.

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    Thanks Carlo, nice shop also.
    I just also found a copy of

    Already hard to find and rare.


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