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    Shotgun misherad lyrics? - Jr. Walker

    [Edit: I haven't been to this forum in years...I forgot I'd already discussed this. Summary: I am the only one who seems to have misheard this particular lyric. And yes, I know do full well that The Jerk dance is...I have even danced it...but still, that one line in the context of this song seems like a cop-out. In my head I'll continue to sing "do the dirt."]

    I grew up in Detroit in the 50's and 60's, so of course I Motown is a big part of my life. But I swear when I hear Shotgun, at least the original recording, I hear "do the dirt, baby." Every reference I have seen quotes this lyric as "do the jerk, baby."

    Yes, I know the jerk was a popular dance at the time, but in the context of this song, "get yourself a shotgun now...break it down, baby...shoot him 'fore he runs now..." it makes complete sense to say "do the dirt," as in "do the dirty deed."

    Many years ago, I even called the Motown museum in Detroit [["Hitsville") and no one there seemed to know.

    Has anyone else heard it this way?

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