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    Luther Vandross / Never Too Much blu-ray

    Dolby Atmos & 96/24 Stereo Flat Transfer

    1. Never Too Much 3:50
    2. Sugar and Spice [[I Found Me a Girl) 4:57
    3. Donít You Know That? 4:01
    4. Iíve Been Working 6:35
    5. Sheís a Super Lady 5:04
    6. You Stopped Loving Me 5:16
    7. A House Is Not a Home 7:07

    Bonus track in 96/24 stereo

    1. Never Too Much [[special version from the 12″ single) 5.14

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    Thanks Jack! I also saw SDE post about this release today on their social media. I know they've put out a lot of these BluRay high-res audio releases over the years. I've never bought any, but I've heard they sound quite good. Do you own any of their BluRay releases, Jack?

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    Hey Carlo, I bought the Propaganda BD from them but I try to avoid them due to high shipping prices [[11,99 euro) and import taxes that I had to pay on that one although they are now IOSS registered but the Dutch tax office did not accept them because of faulty registration! I contacted them about it and first they were friendly but when the tax office told me that they should pay me back the taxes they already added they never replied!
    As a big Luther fan I did order Luther but that one cost me 40 euros alltogether wondering what the tax office here will add to that.
    Yesterday I also ordered the WAR and AWB Quadios from CDWOW where they were the cheapest. I already have the Spinners one which sounds pretty good in surround.
    I own around 20 BD audio discs.
    And will order the new Pet Shop Boys.
    BTW I dont have a Dolby Atmos setup but a 4.1 surround set. I have large B&W front speakers and dont miss the extra bass/subwoofer.
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    Thanks for the feedback, Jack.

    Yes, the shipping costs and import fees on international releases have gone through the roof. Collecting music has become so much more expensive, along with everything else.


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