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    The Spinners-'Keep On Keepin' On/Atlantic Years Phase Two' [7CD-6/28/2024-Cherry Red]

    Description from Soul Music Records/Cherry Red UK:

    • The Atlantic Years, Phase Two box set from 1979-1984.
    • Eagerly-awaited companion volume to The Spinners’ acclaimed best-selling 2023 box set ‘Ain’t No Price on Happiness: The Thom Bell Studio Recordings [[1972-1979)’.
    • 7CD box set consisting of expanded editions of all six of The Spinners’ Atlantic albums released after the Thom Bell years, including collaborations with red-hot producers Michael Zager, James Mtume and Reggie Lucas, Freddie Perren, and Leon Sylvers III.

    Dancin’ & Lovin’ [Expanded Edition]
    1. Disco Ride
    2. Body Language
    3. Let's Boogie, Let's Dance
    4. Medley: Working My Way Back To You/ Forgive Me, Girl
    5. With My Eyes
    6. One, One, Two, Two, Boogie Woogie Avenue [Home Of The Boogie, House Of The Funk]
    Bonus Tracks
    7. Body Language [Single Version]
    8. With My Eyes [Single Version]
    9. Medley: Working My Way Back To You/ Forgive Me Girl [Single Version]
    10. Body Language [12” Single]
    11. Working My Way Back To You [1988 Chris Paul Re-Generation Mix]
    12. Working My Way Back To You [1988 Chris Paul Re-Generation Mix Edit]
    Love Trippin’ [Expanded Edition]
    1. Love Trippin'
    2. Heavy On The Sunshine
    3. Medley: Cupid/I've Loved You For A Long Time
    4. I Just Want To Be With You
    5. Streetwise
    6. I Just Want To Fall In Love
    7. Now That You're Mine Again
    8. Split Decision
    9. I'm Takin' You Back
    10. Pipedream
    Bonus Tracks
    11. Medley: Cupid/I’ve Loved You For A Long Time [Single Version]
    12. Now That You’re Mine Again [Single Version]
    13. Medley: Cupid/ I’ve Loved You For A Long Time [12” Single Remix]
    Labor Of Love [Expanded Edition]
    1. Long Live Soul Music
    2. Standing On The Rock
    3. Medley: Yesterday Once More / Nothing Remains The Same
    4. Almost All The Way To Love
    5. The Winter Of Our Love
    6. Be My Love
    7. Give Your Lady What She Wants
    8. A Man Just Don't Know What A Woman Goes Through
    9. The Deacon
    Bonus Tracks
    10. Medley: Yesterday Once More/Nothing Remains The Same [Single Version]
    11. Long Live Soul Music [Single Version]
    Can’t Shake This Feelin’ [Expanded Edition]
    1. Can't Shake This Feelin'
    2. Knack For Me
    3. You Go Your Way [I'll Go Mine]
    4. Love Connection [Raise The Window Down]
    5. Never Thought I'd Fall In Love
    6. Didn't I Blow Your Mind
    7. Send A Little Love
    8. Love Is Such A Crazy Feeling
    9. Got To Be Love
    Bonus Tracks
    10. Love Connection [Raise The Window Down] [Single Version]
    11. Got To Be Love [Single Version]
    12. Never Thought I’d Fall In Love [Single Version]
    Grand Slam [Expanded Edition]
    1. City Full Of Memories
    2. Magic In The Moonlight
    3. If I Knew
    4. I'm Calling You Now
    5. So Far Away
    6. Just Let Love In
    7. Funny How Time Slips Away
    8. Lover Boy
    9. No Other Love
    Bonus Tracks
    10. City Full Of Memories [Single Version]
    11. Magic In The Moonlight [Single Version]
    Cross Fire [Expanded Edition]
    1. Two Of A Kind
    2. Right Or Wrong
    3. [We Have Come Into] Our Time For Love
    4. Cross Fire
    5. Keep On Keepin' On
    6. Not Just Another Lover
    7. Love Is In Season
    8. All Your Love
    9. Secrets
    Bonus Tracks
    10. Right Or Wrong [Single Version]
    11. [We Have Come Into] Our Time For Love [Single Version]
    Spinners Live! [1975] [Bonus Disc]
    1. Fascinating Rhythm
    2. I've Got To Make It On My Own
    3. Living A Little, Laughing A Little
    4. One Of A Kind [Love Affair]
    5. Then Came You
    6. Sadie
    7. How Could I Let You Get Away
    8. Could It Be I'm Falling In Love
    9. Superstar Medley: It's Not Unusual/ Don't Mess With Bill/Paper Doll/Stop! In The Name Of Love/ If I Didn't Care/ Hound Dog/Hello Dolly
    10. Love Don't Love Nobody [Pts. 1 & 2]
    11. Mighty Love

    Click below for more info and to pre-order this collection.
    The Spinners: Keep On Keepin’ On: The Atlantic Years, 7CD Box set [cherryred.co.uk]

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    Thanks Eddie for The Detroit Spinners!

    The "Love Trippin' " Atlantic Album K50731 1980 one of my favourite's
    [there is a 45 for this one as well as the Album]

    Great track at Northern Soul events
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    A bit strange that they did not add the Live set to the first boxset.

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