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    Sending Out Prayers For Morris Price Of Brass Construction

    A few hours ago I learned that Morris Price of Brass Construction has been hospitalized after suffering a heart attack.

    Brass Construction was definitely one of the major players here on the N.Y. music scene & Morris is a pretty cool brother.

    I hope that Morris will come through this just fine & that he'll be better than ever.

    God Speed!

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    I'm glad you cleared that up,Juice because I was told that he passed away today. I'll keep him in my prayers.

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    I grew up with the brother of saxophonist Jesse Ward. I wish that there were some way of informing him.

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    The last thing that I was told a few hours ago was that he is in the hospital Denise of Skyy is close with him & a friend of mine is going to visit him this evening.

    At present, we don't know his condition. My friend will fill me in as soon as he learns something

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    Wish the brother the best.

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    Hi this is Kev-Lo

    I hope he gets well soon, i'll keep him in my prayers

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    Aw shoot! I pray that Morris pulls through and that his family is nearby. God Bless him.

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    Lord please heal that man. God Bless.

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    As of 11 p.m., I received information that Morris has been discharged from the hospital.

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    Ahhh! That's great news. Thanks Juice.

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