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    What happened to Sandra Tilley ?

    Greetings to All!

    I don't know if this has been a topic of conversation in the forum, as I am still fairly new to the site, but does anyone know what ever became of Sandra Tilley after she left the Vandellas ? What her whereabouts were following the Vandellas final performance at Cobo Hall in 1972?
    I honestly have grown very interested in her story, due to the fact that there isn't too much information on her. I know that she worked as a fill in for other groups, was a member of the later Velvelettes, and then to the late Vandellas, and has been said that she passed in late 1981 at a very young age.
    Did any of you know who she was personally? In Martha Reeves' book she wrote that Tilley had married a wealthy man in Texas, sometime in the 1970s. But, I don't understand how her grave would be unmarked if she had married into a supposedly wealthy family. Other sources suggest that she married in Las Vegas in 1972, however, upon my brief research, I haven't found proof of her marrying. Do any of you have an knowladge of her life ?

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    Here is a newly shared video of the Vandellas performing in 1969. I think this is the highest resoultion I have ever seen her in. She even had a brief close up [[see 1:20)

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    Here is a video of a song I believe the be sung by Sandra titled "Bring Back The Sunshine". Carolyn Gill has been credited to have sung lead on this recording, however, the leading voice dosen't sound quite the same as Gill's other Velvelette recordings. Some of the later recordings, by the Velvelettes were re-recorded with Tilley leading, like "Honey Love". I also believe that this song was recorded twice.

    I digress...

    Going back to the main topic of this post, does anyone have any knowledge Sandra Tilly's life or the events which occurred in her later years ?


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