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    What do our Jeopardy fans think of the Celebrity format?

    I assume you guys watched the first installment Sunday night, so what did you think?

    Even though this game took a twist at the end in terms of who won, my concern moving forward is that three rounds of questions plus a Final Jeopardy is just too much. Say for example, you have a game where one player is SOOO much sharper than the other two. He or she could be way ahead after the first round and just keep building so that by the end of Triple Jeopardy, as they are now calling it, the audience could be very bored.

    Any thoughts????

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    Ralph and I got bored early. Better ways to spend our time. Are those the
    best "celebrities" they can come up with? Softball "answers" and questions.
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    I don’t like the celebrity format. I also find it very dull. On top of that, I can’t really watch the games when they’re hosted by Mayam Bialik. I never liked Ken Jennings as a contestant but I think he’s a great host because he adds some comments about strategy and encourages the players to take chances at times. To me the lady adds nothing to the proceedings. I heard she’s coming back to host regular Jeopardy in January at which time I won’t watch it anymore.


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