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    Smokey sings Smokey

    Did Smokey ever record covers of songs he wrote for others?

    Or even original demos

    Is there a Smokey/miracles version of My Girl, First I look at the purse, You beat me to the punch, the way you do the things you do, Ainít that peculiar or any of the others?

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    "The Composer" - He recorded it first in April 1967 [[according to the dftmc website). It was released on Time Out in July 1969, after The Supremes version was released, as both a single and album track. I like Smokey's version better:


    "You're The One For Me" - In 2009 Smokey recorded this song as a duet with Joss Stone on the album Time Flies...


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    There was a Smokey & the Miracles' version of "My Girl" that was included on the 1969 Time Out for Smokey Robinson & the Miracles album. The arrangement was completely different from the original Temptations version. Smokey's version had more of a "Special Occasion" vibe.

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    In 1970, Smokey Robinson & The Miracles released the What Love Has Joined Together LP featuring their version of the title track [which had been recorded by both Mary Wells & The Temptations in the '60s]. Also in 1970, Smokey & The Miracles recorded their remake of The Temptations classic "Get Ready" for the A Pocket Full Of Miracles album.
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    Smokey and Friends 2014 album

    My Girl

    The Way You Do The Things You Do

    Ain't That Peculiar

    Get Ready

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    Smokey with the Miracles recorded The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game long after The Marvelettes

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    I like this thread and am having fun listening to the various cuts mentioned. Thanks to all!

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    His live lp medley has just about all his hits - it's pretty amazing.

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    Smokey Robinson also did a another remake of The Temptations' classic "Get Ready" [in a Disco influenced style] on his Where There's Smoke LP in 1979.
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    Thanks all

    Looks likes thereís enough for a compilation CD

    Iíd buy it


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