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    "if he hollers, let him go"

    I recently acquired this soundtrack as it co-stars Barbara McNair.
    It was released in 1968 and I am curious as to why there are no references to Motown as I believe that Barbara was under contract at this time.
    Are there any suggestions?

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    Barbara's last Motown issued 45 was Motown 1143 in Sept 1968, so you are right she was still under contract to Motown. However in all probability she would also have other contracts for TV & movies [[which "Hollers" & the album is from, is then from a movie or TV soundtrack). She would also have had recording contracts with with other labels over the years. Whilst the contract[[s) may have had expired any material as might have been recorded whilst under contract, in most cases will still belong to the relevant organisation[[s). A good example is whilst Barbara was at Motown, Warner Bros took advantage of her then popularity and issued a back catalogue 45 in 1965 [[not sure when it was recorded) on the back of her Motown tenure.

    Also TCMS Vol 8 [[Disc 42.10) references The "Holler" song from a TV? crime drama that then also linked to her "Playboy" folly & the Nude scenes shots from the "Holler" drama

    Here's the Link to the Warner Bros 45: [[I also think this one is one of her best an incredible beat ballad and almost as good as "You're Gonna Love My Baby")

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    Many thanks Graham for your well reasoned comments. "IHHLHG" is a movie which I have not seen, but if she gets her gear off then maybe I should check it out! .She sings 3 songs "A Man Has To Love", "Can`t Make It With The Same Man Twice" and "So Tired" alas none as classy as "It Was Never Like This" thanks for that.


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