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    APRIL SNOW -- not "April Love"

    We got a dusting of Snow here in SE Michigan! Someone should write a song. We can use the melody to "April Love," but call it "April Snow."
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    Wow. And today’s the 5th anniversary of Prince’s passing. He already gave us this gem:

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    PERFECT!! Thanks, Sansradio. I have a friend out in the San Francisco area who has a Prince tribute band. He plays the trumpet and usually has purple hair. The band is very successful. He is from the Detroit area and I've known him since he was a baby. His family used to live around the block from me. His father played the clarinet.

    Sad song.

    I will look for Prince's Google Doodle and re-post it, in his honor.
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    Blue magic gave us[summer snow]back in the day!

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    I thought of that, too, arr&bee, but this Prince track is totally serendipitous.

    And thanks for reposting the doodle, 9A. My brother-in-law grew up on the same block as Prince; he [my brother-in-law] went from bullying him to being one of his bodyguards.

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    Wow. Unfortunately and sadly, Prince couldn't be protected from himself.
    My friend "Morty Okin" knew Prince, also. Small world. Maybe my friend
    met your brother-in-law.
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