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    A new book about Jackie Wilson


    Jackie's daughter, Brenda, has written this book:


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    What is she gonna say that hasn't been covered?

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    Quote Originally Posted by arr&bee View Post
    What is she gonna say that hasn't been covered?
    Though I feel the same way as you do, Jai, I understand why she would do this and
    why it means so much to her. After all, all controversy and darkness aside she is the
    biological daughter of a legend. She wants that dot connection. I hope she finds at
    least some comfort or compensation. That Tony Douglass book was a powder keg. I
    didn't know it was pulled but I know thousands, if not millions of folks already had read
    it, it circulated like crazy in New York's Public Library catalog. It's portrayal of Jackie
    made Ike Turner look like a boy scout by comparison....

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    Didn't jackie die in [84]? Where has she been? Was she close to her dad? Or is this another-celebrity money grab?

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    Quote Originally Posted by arr&bee View Post
    Didn't jackie die in [84]? Where has she been? Was she close to her dad? Or is this another-celebrity money grab?
    You know what, Jai? I think you may have hit the nail on the head. I first was thinking
    of the kids from his two marriages in a vague sense. But they have all been documented.
    How much time could Brenda even have spent with Jackie, what, 5 minutes if he was dropping off a check? O well, I had no plans to read the book anyway...

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    I'd be much more interested in Bobby Brooks Wilson, who did not discover that Jackie was his father until he was an adult. His foster mother [[fostered over 400 children), how he impersonated his father before he discovered he was Jackie's son, how members of the 4 Tops introduced him to the fact that Jackie Wilson was indeed his father, etc. That's a bio I'd be interested in reading. It would also make a good movie.

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    In the late 70's, when I was with The Strides, our new managers from a newly formed company asked me to work with a girl group they had just formed, consisting of Jackie Wilsons two daughters [[Jacqueline and I believe Brenda) and another young girl... They were booked for a gig at a venue [[ I believe might have been Ken Bells Casino Royale) they were obviously not well prepared for, promoting the fact that they were Jackie WIlsons daughters. I did the gig playing an electric organ and leading the musicians [[I was hardly an organ player) and I recall their aunt [[I believe was Jackies sister) there and sort of supporting and trying to direct the girls. I didn't get the impression that Jackie was too much involved with them at the time, and heard years later that Jacqueline [[who was the spittin image of Jackie) had died an unfortunate death at a very young age. They were very nice young girls... I believe the author of this book is one of the daughters I worked with, and obviously has a story to tell...Thats about all I'd have to say about this now....


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