I am soon planning to embark on a hobby to sell some of my used records and CDs. I am sure some of you have done the same.

I checked with my city Commissioner of Revenue and they said that I would first have to apply for a permit to operate a business out of my home, and then I would need a business license for the actual selling. Does this sound logical to you guys?

I am certainly not planning to become a Fortune 500 company or anything. Who knows in this day and time of downloading, maybe nobody will buy a thing I have to offer anyway. So in some ways it sounds like overkill to me.

All I plan to do is list some things on Ebay and advertise in Goldmine. I will be surprised if it takes off to any great level at all. So what do you guys think......... a necessary evil that I should have known all along or just a way for my town to get some extra income out of me?