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    Lots of Motown in todays Pgh paper....

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    Thanks for the info, TJ!!! I really look forward to see this show [[I just wish it would have been done in color).

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    Thanks for sharing this, TJ! Is there anywhere that the "new six-CD 'Motown, Soul & Rock 'n' Roll' compilation from TJL/Treasury Collection" can be found online to show track listings and other details?

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    You'll see the track listings on station's websites for the DVD sets and cd's. Fair warning though - - instead of going the usual route we do with our custom licensed projects - - this collection is all the single versions and all mono, just to do something we've never done before.

    After doing the Stereo Motown Box and Motown: Big Hits & More collections [[and various other comps), I wanted to try something different this time for the 6-cd set.

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    Ofcourse I saw it when it originally aired in 1965. We were GLUED to the TV.Over the years we have seen bits & pieces of the show used in various programs but it will be great to see the whole program again. Thanks TJ.

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    It's TRULY What's Happening Baby! and I'm really looking forward to seeing this show [[for the first time) on PBS next weekend. And thanks in advance for giving us the chance to see this show from 1965 complete & restored.

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    One question; will It's What's Happening Baby! be available on DVD in stores after the broadcast on PBS [[as The TAMI Show was back in 2009)?

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    no plans for that - public tv exclusive for now

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    Quote Originally Posted by tjl View Post
    no plans for that - public tv exclusive for now
    Thanks for the info. I'll look for the DVD & make a donation to PBS after the program is broadcast.


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