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    Supremes.this old heart of mine

    There are several alternate mixs of This Old heart Of mine but I think my fav version was on the 86 release of Supremes anthology.
    Any thoughts

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    Which 86 Anthology are you referring to? I've looked at these two with copyrights in 86 and and I don't see it:
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    or are you referring to the 2001 release:
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    2001 anthology.
    My apologies

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    i like the mono A Go Go mix because the intro holds the tambourine until the 2nd four bars and man! it give some spark to the intro

    but the stereo version has the vocals better in the mix. wish we could mix the two lol

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    I had to listen on Apple Music since I never bought the 2001 anthology so all the usual disclaimers about compression, etc.

    I partially agree with Sup_fan:
    i like the mono A Go Go mix because the intro holds the tambourine until the 2nd four bars and man! it give some spark to the intro
    I like the Expanded A Go Go version the best, but not the mono track (Disc 1 Track 2), which is the one with the held tamborine intro. That one sounds very muddy to me. I operate under the principle that if I can hear it, it must be bad. (I'm not great at hearing minor differences others pick up on). What I do hear is a crisp, vibrant mix of the stereo track (Disc 1 Track 14). I do also like the Alternate Vocal version on A Go Go (Disc 2 Track 10), but key elements, including the saxes and Mary and Florence seem mixed further into the background and don't "pop" as much as the stereo album track.

    Just one more reason to enthusiastically love the EE of A Go Go. I never compared these before in any serious way so thanks for the question. Confirmation bias is great!

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    I will have another listen to go go

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    Had to listen to all the different versions and I like the 2001 anthology one the most. It's the intro that does it for me. The stereo version lacks something although I like the trumpet which is more audible in the stereo intro. Also the mono seems the have another instrument more audible. Not sure what instrument it is but I guess a Xylophone or some sort of bell instrument.

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    This is the version I like

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    Could of been a hit for the ladies


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