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    4 Tops Biography

    To my knowledge there has never been a biography or autobiography of the Tops. Any thoughts?

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    Not to my knowledge. They are the only "major" group as far as I know that a book has never been written about. My personal consensus is this is because nothing scandalous has been ever divulged about the group. I reached out to Marc Taylor a while back about doing a book on them. He was going to explore the matter, but obviously nothing resulted. Susan Whitall would be the perfect person to write a book on them and nothing from her. It's a shame as they were one of Motown's greatest groups during the golden era and beyond.

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    Duke as the only remaining original would be the one and only to write this book, I would love to have the 4 tops story first hand .

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    There was talk of a biography at one time, but like the '1999 Album' it never materialised. Even without controversy it would have been great, and such inspiration to other young groups, still appointed that not everyone got to hear the last tracks from Levi on '1999'

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    Agree Susan would be a great choice, and the great Dave Marsh- who was a major Levi fan.Nelson George would also be a great choice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tmd View Post
    Agree Susan would be a great choice, and the great Dave Marsh- who was a major Levi fan.Nelson George would also be a great choice.
    Maybe some forum member who knows either Dave Marsh or Nelson George should contact them to express the interest in a book. Nelson George is an excellent writer and would be a perfect person to do it.

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    It's a shame. I love the Tops but just not much comes out in regards to them. Like was mentioned Duke spoke about a book 10 years ago but it never came out. It's looks like it is never coming out. Duke I saw in an interview talked about a movie and a play some years back. But that doesn't look like that's coming either. The Temptations movie introduced them to a new generation. I want to see the same with Tops. But unless something comes out their story won't be told. It's a shame. It's a wonderful story of a group staying together for over 4 decades.


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