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    MEMORIES: The Amazing Life and Untimely Death of the Legendary Dennis Edwards

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Size:  17.8 KBHas anyone read the Dennis Edwards bio Memories: The Amazing Life and Untimely Death of the Legendary Dennis Edwards? If so, please share a review. I believe it's written by a family member and you know how that can go.
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    I was not aware of this book. Thank you NativeNuYorker

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    You're welcome. I didn't wait for replies, I purchased and started reading it. I read a couple of chapters and his cousin is spilling all the tea regarding Dennis' wife abusing him when he was disabled, his relationship with Aretha, and his heavy drug use. There are, as I expected, a couple of spelling and grammatical errors so far, but it is interesting. For those that believe you should "let sleeping dogs lie", then this is not the book for you.
    Excerpt from the beginning of the book: "That is how the last thirty days of the Legendary Entertainer Dennis Edwards’ life began. He was unable to move his arms and his legs, his urinary tract was infected, and he was bedridden with a stage IV decubitus ulcer that had become infected. Dennis affirmed to APS that he had not been changed in three days and his means of communicating with family and friends had been taken away from him. “I do not want anyone to get in trouble. I just do not want to go back.” Dennis told APS from his bed at Mercy Medical center.
    January 3rd 2018 | Rescued? At Dennis’ request his bank accounts were frozen on January 3rd 2018, the day he was rescued from that apartment with the exception of one joint account that he shared with his spouse. He requested that the payments be stopped on two Mercedes Benz automobiles – one sedan and one truck. Dennis wanted my dad to wire him $500 and he asked that our family try to retain a lawyer for him because his personal lawyer had passed away. His once powerful voice had been quieted to a weak whisper. He had suffered a stroke and had also contracted meningitis. Both, terrible health conditions when dealt with by themselves. The great Dennis Edwards was placed in the unenviable position of suffering with both ailments simultaneously at 74 years of age. I have yet to learn why he was moved to Chicago from his home in St. Louis. I never got an answer as to why our phone calls throughout the summer of 2017 went unanswered. He was a prideful man. Maybe he was embarrassed by his condition and wanted no one to see him that way. Was he taken there against his will? I have asked myself these questions a million times. It seems that the true answers will never truly be known."

    Fuller, Anthony. MEMORIES: The Amazing Life and Untimely Death of the Legendary Dennis Edwards . UNKNOWN. Kindle Edition.

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    This breaks my heart.

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    How unbearably sad.

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    Looks interesting but really sad.

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    I heard enough!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SatansBlues View Post
    This breaks my heart.
    Me too. Losing Dennis was sad, but the way we lost him infuriates me as much as it does saddens me. Id hope hed be around to celebrate his 75th Birthday, his 50th anniversary of joining the Temptations, and maybe at least part of Motown 60 before the inevitable. Instead, his final days were anything but peaceful and fulfilling. Just horrible.

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    Hopefully its exaggerated for sales

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