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    Post-Curtis Impressions and Their Public

    Curtis left the Impressions literally months before I began following music. In the first months of his solo career I most likely thought he was always a solo act ... learned better soon!! I'm wondering what more committed at-the-time fans thought of the Impressions' post-Curtis work; not chart success, which anyone can find on that 'web' thing, but rather on-the-street opinions about Impressions 'solo' work?

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    One of the greatest groups of the sixties,but when curtis left they were not the same classic group,they tried different leads but not much.

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    This is one of their bigger hits without Curtis Mayfield. From 1974:

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    they had a couple of really good records after Curtis left, the above "Finally Got Myself Together" and "Same Thing It TooK" .

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    Never cared much for either of these songs.

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    For me, The Impressions were not the same without Curtis Mayfield and I didn't care for any of the songs they did after he left the group.

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    Interesting comments; I'm a 'casual fan' of the post-Curtis lps, though those lps certainly lack star power.

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    I continued to collect all the post Curtis Impressions output but I have to say that pleasing as they were, they generally fell short or were lacking consistency. I think overall, there was a lack of really strong compositions coupled with underwhelming production, and it paled somewhat in comparison with the huge amount of incredibly strong competition in those years. I still have great respect for Fred and Sam and their contributions over the years. They are very gifted vocalists in their own right.

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    The UK charted "First Impressions" at number 16 in 1975. That was actually a great track and probably a surprise hit for all concerned.

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    I probably play "If It's In You To Do Wrong" more than any other Impressions tune, with or without Curtis.


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