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    Sister Sledge-Thinking Of You: The Atco/Cotillion/Atlantic Recordings 1973-85 3/20/20

    SoulMusic Records is very proud to present a 97-track, 6-CD box set of the eight full albums (plus bonus tracks and mixes) recorded for Atco, Cotillion and Atlantic by the internationally-renowned family group, Sister Sledge. Unquestionably one of the most successful female teams of the ‘70s and ‘80s, the Philly-born quartet are best known for enduring classics such as ‘He’s The Greatest Dancer’, the anthemic ‘We Are Family’, ‘Got To Love Somebody’, ‘All American Girls’ and the No. 1 UK hit ‘Frankie’: this deluxe box set is a scintillating showcase for the diverse range of R&B, dance and pop material the sisters (Kathy, Debbie, Joni and Kim) cut over a twelve-year period that brought them global fame.

    An outstanding, informative and extensive essay by renowned US writer Justin Kantor chronicles the group’s recording history with direct quotes primarily from Kathy Sledge and additional comments by producer Phil Hurtt, vocalist Alfa Anderson and musician Nick Mundy from interviews conducted specifically for the 10,000-word liner notes. This and the first class mastering by Nick Robbins and stellar artwork by Roger Williams make this a ‘must have’ collection for the group’s many fans worldwide, reflective – as their recording career progressed – of their aptitude as songwriters and burgeoning producers.

    Disc One comprises an expanded edition of the group’s 1975 debut Atco LP, CIRCLE OF LOVE (with production by Bert DeCoteaux & Tony Silvester), with nine bonus tracks (including the UK charted single, ‘Mama Never Told Me’) plus the first two tracks from the 1977 album, TOGETHER produced by Michael Kunze & Sylvester Levay.

    Disc Two features the remaining ten tracks from the TOGETHER album as well as the CD debut of the ‘A’ and ‘B’ side of a rare single (‘I’ve Seen Better Days’/‘Do It To The Max’), produced by Brad Shapiro and the first five tracks of the 1979 platinum-certified WE ARE FAMILY LP. Produced by Nile Rodgers & Bernard Edwards.

    Disc Three contains the remaining three tracks from WE ARE FAMILY and the entire follow-up LP, 1980’s Rodgers & Edwards’ -produced LOVE SOMEBODY TODAY and the first five tracks from 1981 set ALL AMERICAN GIRLS, produced by Narada Michael Walden in association with Sister Sledge, marking the group’s first production credits.

    Disc Four kicks off with the remaining five tracks from ALL AMERICAN GIRLS plus 1982’s THE SISTERS, the group’s sixth LP, which they arranged and produced (featuring covers of Mary Wells’ classic, ‘My Guy’ and ‘All The Man I Need’, later popularized by Whitney Houston); and the first three tracks from 1983’s BET CHA SAY THAT TO ALL THE GIRLS, produced by George Duke.

    Disc Five is composed of the remaining seven tracks from BET CHA SAY THAT TO ALL THE GIRLS plus the group’s final Atlantic LP, 1985’s WHEN THE BOYS MEET THE GIRLS, produced by Nile Rodgers.

    Disc Six – appropriately titled “Lost In Music” – includes ten different dance mixes of six of Sister Sledge’s most memorable hits ranging from Tom Moulton’s 1976 remix of ‘Mama Never Told Me’ to the 1985 Club Mix of ‘Frankie’, a fitting conclusion for this superb box set with a running time of over seven hours of wonderful music by this pioneering musical family.

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    Available for pre-order soon:

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    Tracklist for Sister Sledge's Thinking Of You set:

    [CD1: Mama Never Told Me]
    1. Circle Of Love (Caught In The Middle)
    2. Cross My Heart
    3. Protect Our Love
    4. Give In To Love
    5. Love Don’t You Go Through No Changes On Me
    6. Don’t You Miss Him Now
    7. Pain Reliever
    8. You’re Much Better Off Loving Me
    9. Fireman
    10. The Weatherman
    11. Have You Met My Friend
    12. Mama Never Told Me
    13. Neither One Of Us (Wants To Be The First To Say Goodbye)
    14. Love Has Found Me
    15. Love Ain’t Easy
    16. Thank You For Today
    17. Have Love, Will Travel
    18. Cream Of The Crop
    19. Blockbuster Boy
    20. Do The Funky Do

    [CD2: Do It To The Max]
    1. I Was Made To Love Her (Him)
    2. Hold On To This Feeling
    3. As
    4. Sneakin’ Sally Through The Alley
    5. Funky Family
    6. Baby, It’s The Rain
    7. Can’t Mess Around With Love
    8. My Favorite Song
    9. Hands Full Of Nothing
    10. Moondancer
    11. I’ve Seen Better Days
    12. Do It To The Max
    13. He’s The Greatest Dancer
    14. Lost In Music
    15. Somebody Loves Me
    16. Thinking Of You
    17. We Are Family
    [CD3: Reach Your Peak]
    1. Easier To Love
    2. You’re A Friend To Me
    3. One More Time
    4. Got To Love Somebody
    5. You Fooled Around
    6. I’m A Good Girl
    7. Easy Street
    8. Reach Your Peak
    9. Pretty Baby
    10. How To Love
    11. Let’s Go On Vacation
    12. All American Girls
    13. He’s Just A Runaway
    14. If You Really Want Me
    15. Next Time You’ll Know
    16. Happy Feeling

    [CD4: All The Man I Need]
    1. Ooh, You Caught My Heart
    2. Make A Move
    3. Don’t You Let Me Lose It
    4. Music Makes Me Feel Good
    5. I Don’t Want To Say Goodbye
    6. Super Bad Sisters
    7. My Guy
    8. Lightfootin’
    9. My Special Way
    10. Grandma
    11. Get You In Our Love
    12. Il Maquillage Lady
    13. Everybody’s Friend
    14. All The Man I Need (ft. David Simmons)
    15. Jacki’s Theme: There’s No Stopping Us
    16. B.Y.O.B. (Bring Your Own Baby)
    17. Lifetime Lover
    18. Once In Your Life
    [CD5: Frankie]
    1. Shake Me Down
    2. Dream On
    3. Let Him Go
    4. Smile
    5. Bet Cha Say That To All The Girls
    6. Gotta Get Back To Love
    7. Thank You For The Party
    8. When The Boys Meet The Girls
    9. Dancing On The Jagged Edge
    10. Frankie
    11. You’re Fine
    12. Hold Out Poppy
    13. The Boy Most Likely
    14. You Need Me
    15. Following The Leader
    16. Peer Pressure

    [CD6: Lost In Music]
    1. Mama Never Told Me (A Tom Moulton Mix)
    2. We Are Family (Steve Anderson DMC Remix)
    3. He’s The Greatest Dancer (Josh Abbey Remix)
    4. Lost In Music (1984 Nile Rodgers Remix)
    5. Thinking Of You (Ramp Club Mix)
    6. He’s The Greatest Dancer (Brutal Bill Remix)
    7. Lost In Music (Sure Is Pure Remix)
    8. We Are Family (Sure Is Pure Remix)
    9. Frankie (Dub Mix)
    10. Frankie (Club Mix)

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    Massive! And a great buy - thanks for finding -

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    Thank you for posting. I have all of these but I see a few unreleased singles on here. I will be buying.

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    Will have to do some price-comparison to make a decision on this one but still quite nice to see product like this coming out in the new decade.

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    At first glance, I thought I would pass this up. But after reading through the description, I need to get this for the early material and the different mixes. Great collection.

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    Quote Originally Posted by daviddesper View Post
    Will have to do some price-comparison to make a decision on this one but still quite nice to see product like this coming out in the new decade.
    DavidDesper, please report back with the best price. I have most of these tracks but I want to support my girls. I was fortunate to meet Kathy in December, a childhood dream come true, and she was so lovely and gracious.

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    Deepdiscount has it at $32.98 I think and that would be with free shipping, since their minimum purchase for that is $25.00. Have not had the chance to check any others yet.

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    This looks wonderful. I have pretty much everything on here but i suspect i will be buying it. My only complaint is the way some of the original albums are split over 2 discs thus spoiling the continuity of some of the albums. That aside this looks essential.

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    I also have most of the tracks but have ordered it anyway. Hopefully they do a good master to give me the excuse😁. I would've preferred the Bob Marley tribute of He's just a runaway on the last disc instead of the pure sure stuff. Other than that, roll on March

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danno View Post
    I also have most of the tracks but have ordered it anyway. Hopefully they do a good master to give me the excuse. I would've preferred the Bob Marley tribute of He's just a runaway on the last disc instead of the pure sure stuff. Other than that, roll on March
    Oh yes i had forgotten about that one. It should have been on there instead of the dub mix of Frankie.


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