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    Harmonica teachers in Detroit

    Hello everyone, I read the forum from time to time, but now I'd like to start playing harmonica, so joined the community for the ask. would appreciate if you advised me someone for a couple of lessons. Thanks.

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    Hi Melody Sweet, I would begin your quest by checking the catalogs of the community colleges in the greater Detroit area. Frequently, in their continuous learning catalogs for adults, they have music classes for all types of instruments. Wayne County Community College, Oakland County Community College and Macomb County Community College are some that have a wide spectrum of music classes.

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    Well, thanks. I just thought that's not the type of the instrument that is taught in classes. Don't you know somebody who plays it, at least? I found this list of harmonicas and have no idea which one to choose. Would be great if someone experienced gave me a piece of advice

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    Are you wanting to play Blues harp?

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    I don't live in Detroit so I don't know of any teachers in that city. That aside I can give you
    a few tips. You have to approach harmonica based on what kind of music you want to play.
    For someone just starting out get a ten hole Marine band diatonic harmonica. Later if you feel bolder you can try a chromatic harp but it is much more difficult to learn. That is the
    instrument Stevie Wonder and the late Toots Theilemans were masters of. Research the
    difference between the two instruments. Start with the diatonic in C and decide if you'd be comfortable with learning all of the variations in technique. Tonguing,note bending,
    hand cupping, etc. There are books you can study from...a cat named Marcos wrote about diatonic and Mel Bay wrote for chromatic harp. I have heard of a harmonic club
    in Troy, Michigan but never been there. Prepare yourself but don't be disappointed if you
    decide it's not for you...

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    Good advice Splanky,. but I would steer clear of the chromatic harp until way further down the line.


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