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    Standing at the Top Video

    Hi all,
    I was in my office today minding my own business when the song "Standing at the Top" popped into my head. I fired up YouTube and watched the video (have seen it before), and was instantly full of joy. Just seeing the guys enjoying being together in the studio once again was great but at the same time kinda sad since so many had passed since then.

    But again, what a GREAT video and an equally GREAT song!

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    Yep, I remember being excited about this reunion too.

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    I never saw this version. Love it! How long did the reunion tour last before David started missing shows?

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    This was so much fun to revisit. Rick James definitely had a signature sound in his productions. Did he ever produce any other material with the Tempts?

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    Suchan exciting and moving video. Our dreams fulfilled seeing the entire team (sadlyminus Paul) performing together. They all appear to be really enjoyingthemselves, even David keeping in line. The Dennis/David switch-around is socool. I agree with Otis that Motown could’ve made more effort with bothmaterial & stage props but it’s sheer magic just to see the guys interact.Never saw this long video version before, thank you so much lockhartgary

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    They closed with this classic when the reunion came to d.c.that show was for lack of a better word.....temptin!


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