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    Big Pink Music releases of Motown's pop rock artists

    Does anyone know of the relationship Universal has with Big Pink Music? I have seen and bought CDs releases of many pop rock artists from Motown. Recent releases have been "Down at the Brass Works" from Impact of Brass, "Second Album" from Puzzle, and the self-titles "Howl The Good". Are these from vinyl or master tapes? The sound quality of these releases are very good.

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    There are quite a few former Rare Earth label (and other Motown related) titles on Big Pink. The sound quality to my ears seems very good but I'm not 100% sure that they're not bootleg or similar releases. Nevertheless I have bought many of them and will continue to do so. There have been threads on these previously but I would be interested to see if any views have changed. Clearly it seems that more titles have been released since previous discussions.

    Here's one such thread https://soulfuldetroit.com/showthrea...highlight=pink

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    Thank you for the link, Mysterysinger. I now remember the thread. Yes, there have been a few more titles since that thread started. I have brought all the ones I could find and when others are available I will buy those to. A lost opportunity for Universal. There are people interested in these artists and it would be great to support the artists if there were official releases.

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    Big Pink's releases are bootlegs from vinyl sources, and their releases make it exponentially more difficult for legitimate labels to get rare material from the artists issued in the CD format.


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