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    The Dynamics

    This is a message to all who fell for the lie the Carnell Butler has been perpetrating. Carnell Butler was hired by the Dynamics in 2011 and was fired by the Dynamics 2 months later. When we first met him he lied and said he was a member of the Ebony's and a current member at that time of the Falcons. We knew both groups from way back so we knew he was telling a lie but we kept him because we needed a replacement quickly. I won't put all of the low down and dirty things he tried to do since then because I respect our business and I'm not a snitch. I've had a trademark on the Dynamics since 25 years ago. And you can look it up and see whose name is on it I started out being the lead singer of a group called the Stereophonics and we will manage by the same person who managed the Dynamics. His name was Anthony Wilson and he was a paraplegic that could out sing anyone we ever heard oh, but he was a saying that he was a paraplegic so he never got out there. I'll next manager was Dave Fox some of you may know him or of him. Carnell Butler would not know about either one of these guys. Most of the information online anywhere concerning the Dynamics is a fabrication by Carnell Butler and a lot of other people who have no idea of the history of the group. back during the beginning of the Dynamics before they even have the name the Dynamics the group was called the Monarchs, but the name was dropped because of our friend Joe Stubbs and his group called The Monarchs. I will be posting any information that anyone ask me a question about. Thank you my new friend.

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    Did you have business with
    Ernie Stratton?

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    Yes we did, but at that time I was what you would call the utility man for the Dynamics and I was also the lead singer for the Stereophonics. and if by some stretch of the imagination you don't know what utility man meant, admit that anyone singer in the group who could not perform either on record or on stage I would fill spot then and be on stage in their place. You look very familiar. You look like the guy that took Carnell Butler can England. I know now you probably see that you made a big mistake, because he didn't sound good on the video I saw from England and he didn't sound good to us. He could sing a little bit but he always panic when we were on stage and lost his key or even sing a song flat. Everything that you would like to know just hit me up.

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    I just realized that I didn't answer your question. Yes I did know Ernie Stratton but like I said during part of those years I was lead singer to the Stereophonics and the utility man for the Dynamics.

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    Thanks for responding. Sounds like you have had a good career. I do not know Carnell Butler.


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