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    Most defined lyric sung on a Motown Love Song?

    "Baby, I Need Your Loving" - Four Tops
    Holland-Dozier-Holland- Composers
    Levi Stubbs sings :
    "Sometimes I wonder, will I ever be the same..."

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    "I'll Turn to Stone"
    Holland-Dozier-Holland-Taylor - Composers
    Levi sings:
    "I Would be like a statue in a park
    Cold and alone a man without a heart"

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    The Supremes-"Going Down For The Third Time":
    Diana Ross sings-"I've loved you long,
    I've loved you strong,
    Now little boy you know you're doin' me wrong".

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    "Bad Girl"
    Smokey Robinson & the Miracles
    Smokey sings:
    I bragged to the boys about the girl I had
    It broke me up to find out she was bad
    And my only wish is that I wish I could
    Make a (bad, bad girl be good)

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    Many come to mind but just to name one.........."Many a day I proudly stated, the man for me ain't been created." Wanda at her best on Here I Am Baby.

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    I can't find..i've been lookin there's just nobody around,no sense lookin for who can never be found!

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    "I never bother to wipe the tears from my face, cause I know another tear will fall in its place."
    Any Girl In Love (Knows What I'm Going Thru).

    "All those sweet things that you said, must be something that you read."
    "I promise you my friend, you'll never break my heart again."
    Too Many Tears, Too Many Times - Marvelettes
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    "I may not say the things she use to say,
    but if I'm to love you, let me love you in my own way.
    All I can do is take away the hurt she caused you.
    Don't compare me with her. Don't compare me with her.

    Don't Compare Me With Her- K. Weston, B. Holloway, GK&TP


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