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    Hitsville: The Making of Motown

    I went to see this fantastic film last night. It was like living a massive piece of my life on the big screen. Some laughs and a tear in my eye in equal measures.

    A great deal of factual information, audio of weekly Q/A meetings, unseen artist footage and some splendid isolated instrument sections of well known songs.

    There is such a great rapport between Berry Gordy and Smokey Robinson throughout the film as they led the audience through the label's history.

    A great feel good film about my much loved genre of music.

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    Went to the cinema last night...could not get in..SOLD OUT.

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    Quote Originally Posted by snakepit View Post
    Went to the cinema last night...could not get in..SOLD OUT.
    Wow. There were spare seats in Islington. I was in the front row which had about 20 seats...only 5 were occupied.

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    I wouldn't mind but I sent Mrs Snakepit to buy tickets in advance...sold out about 3 hours before show.

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    The cinema I went to was full. Luckily my mate booked the tickets 2 weeks ago but the seat availability was limited. Clearly a popular film!

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    Are there any plans to extend this cinema programme in the UK?

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    Itwas screened in Newcastle on Tyne’s Tyneside Cinema last night – and I’m in Franceworking – GRRRR!
    Butsurely to goodness it’ll be released on DVD/Blueray PLEEEASE!

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    British Tony. DVD is released on October 10th
    Up on Amazon for pre order now

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    Just reflected on this brilliant film and I wonder why Diana Ross didn’t put in an appearance to share some memories like others did. Diana did feature a fair bit in terms of archived film and commentary but I think it’s a shame that there was no live input by her.

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    Hi dickiemint, Thanks a million for that info. You've truly made my day.

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    Rovereab I wondered the exact thing about Diana not putting in an appearance...anyway the film was fantastic with or without her and they had to move it to a bigger screen because the one that was going to show it had sold out...and its the only movie I have ever seen where the audience stood up at the end and applauded..MAGIC.

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    Thanks dickiemint. Great news. I'll be there to go and buy it on the first day!!

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    Got it at HMV last Monday for GBP 9.99. Only watched it a hundred times so far.

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    I am a Spanish-speaking fan, but here's my try of a review in English:

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    I thought perhaps Berry felt that Motown the Musical was about Diana and was an enormous success - so Hitsville was aimed in a different direction

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    I've now watched the DVD and I have got to say I enjoyed it, despite the familiarity of most of the stories told. Some clever, effective ideas with the graphics. However, the chronology was all over the place at times. Also strange there was no reference to the Marvelettes' Please Mr Postman, one of the three massive early Motown hits (Shop Around and My Guy the others). I see Ralph Terrana makes an appearance in the credits too!!

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    It was a good documentary with a few interesting bits and pieces, but certainly an 'authorised biography' rather than the complete story.

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    Anything on the four tops in the documentary?


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