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    Here's The Ideals' version:

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    Here's Lena Horne's hit version of "Can't Help Lovin' That Man of Mine":

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    Here's The Hide-A-Ways' version - changed to ".....Girl Of Mine" of course, as they were very prudish about sexual matters in USA back in 1954:

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    I think Dee Dee Warwick doing ANY song will blow away all the other versions. The Supremes and Temptations couldn't come near her original "I'm Gonna Make You Love Me".

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    Here's Gene McDaniels' hit version of Bachrach and David's "Tower of Strength":

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    Here's Gloria Lynne's version from the female side:

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    Here's Johnny Ace's 1954 hit version of "Never Let Me Go":

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    Here's George Kerr's and Sidney Barnes' Serenaders doing their version as a remake in 1957:

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    Here's classic actor, Walter Huston's original rendition of "September Song" in the Broadway show, "Knickerbocker Holiday", from 1938 9written for him):

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    Here's The Flamingos' 1952 version, with Sollie McElroy's soaring lead:

    I find it hard to believe that Broadway songwriter, Kurt Weill, went to a Chicago-based, child-owned music publishing company in 1938 to publish a song he intended for a Broadway musical. Joni Music was owned by Chance Records' owner, Art Sheridan, who was only a young teenager back then, in 1938. Actually, I know he founded Joni Music in 1952. So, Weill and Anderson would have had to have been hard up for money in 1952 to sell him the publishing rights to that song. Of course that never happened. It's just a hint to collectors that the record is not a real original, or a legitimate re-issue by the real owner (e.g. it was a bootleg pressing).
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    Quote Originally Posted by robb_k View Post
    Here's Johnny Ace's 1954 hit version of "Never Let Me Go":
    And here's the Queen:

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    And Luther:

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    And The Impressions' version:

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    And Eddie Holman and The Larks' version (yes, Weldon McDougall's Larks):

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    I prefer Linda Jones' version of For Your Precious Love over Jerry Butler's.

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    Great choices, robb_k.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sansradio View Post
    See, RanRan...why you wanna trigger me, though?!? (One of my local CD vendors had a copy of this for 8 bucks; I thought, "Oh, I'll cop it next week." You know how this ends.)
    My fault brotha. But I feel your pain. I'm kicking myself about several cds I passed on only to have them go out of print, hard to find or go from 12.99 to hundreds of dollars. And don't get me started on dvd sets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by midnightman View Post
    I prefer Linda Jones' version of For Your Precious Love over Jerry Butler's.
    So do I, and Jerry's is tough to beat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by heikki View Post
    Great choices, robb_k.
    Yes, Robb was on it! A lot of great listening I have to do.

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    Here's Roy Hamilton's big hit, "Unchained Melody":

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    And here's Vito and the Salutations' weird rendition:

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    Here's The Mills Brothers' original 1940s version of "Gloria":

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    Here's The Cadillacs' 1954 version:

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    Here's the 1940s original version of "I Sold My Heart To The Junkman", by The Basin Street Boys:

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    Here's The Bluebelles' 1962 hit version (Original Chicago group- NOT Patti Labelle and her group):
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    Here's my pick:

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    Quote Originally Posted by sansradio View Post
    Here's my pick:

    Good'un. LOVE my DWash -

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    Here's Bing Crosby's ever popular "I Don't Stand A Ghost of A Chance With You" from the 1930s:

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    Here's The Five Keys' 1952 version:

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    Here's Anthony Newly (composer) singing his original Broadway show hit, "Feelin' Good":

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    Here's Jean DuShon's Jazzy Soul version:

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    Here's Billie Holiday's and Count Basie's 1936 version of "Pennies From Heaven":

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    Here's The Four Tops' 1962 version:

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    Here's Patti Page's hit version of "Red Sails In The Sunset":

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    Here's The Five Keys' 1952 version:

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    Here's Ethel Waters' original 1933 version of "Stormy Weather":

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    Here's The Spaniels' 1958 version:

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    Here's the first recording of Huddy Ledbetter's (Leadbelly's) "Goodnight Irene" from 1947:

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    Here's The Originals' 1966 version, with Levi's brother, Joe Stubbs, on lead:

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    Here's Della Reese's early 1950s version of "Till The End Of Time" (stolen from Chopin):

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    Here's The Metros 1966 version:

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    Quote Originally Posted by robb_k View Post
    Here's The Four Tops' 1962 version:

    So much fnfnfn going on in here! I do have to pick this one up. Aww <3
    I feel like I need to drive somewhere and have this playing all the way there - right now!

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    Here's The Dell-Vikings' 1957 hit, "Come Go With Me":

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    Here's Gloria Jones' 1966 version:

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    Here's The Gentry's big mid- '60s hit, "Keep On Dancing":

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    Here's The Avantis' 1963 original:

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    Here's Peaches & Herb's big 1967 hit, "Close Your Eyes":

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    Here's The Five Keys' 1955 original:

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    Here's J. Geils Band's 1969? hit version of "I Do":

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    Here's The Marvelows' 1964 original:


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