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    First Day At School:

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    I can remember my first day of school (1st grade), from over 68 years ago. It wasn't terribly traumatic for me, as it was for many kids, because I was away from my mother quite a bit, already at age 5, because I grew up in a family compound of 35-50 extended family members, and I also spent a lot of time in my father's store (otherwise, I'd have hardly seen him). I also had the benefit of not attending kindergarten, and starting school at the same time as my 1st cousin, with whom I shared a bedroom. In addition, we walked only one street to our elementary school, along with 8 other 1st cousins, and a couple neighbour kids. So, ALL my playmates were in that school, and one in my class. With such a big family, in a large compound (6 adjacent, or nearby houses) everything had to be highly organised and regimented. So, I was already indoctrinated into allowable behaviours and following rules. Also, I didn't have problems with bullies, because I always had several older (thus bigger and stronger) boy cousins around, to make sure anyone who'd mistreat me was punished physically. In any case, I quickly learned how to defend myself.

    Having learned to read and count at three, and starting to write at 4, and to help in the store, I remember thinking how much the teachers treated us like ignorant babies. But, ALL the kids were at school, so I decided to make the best of it. I was always well ahead of the curriculum. But, school was necessary to learn to socialise properly, and to get along with newly-met people. I actually remember MORE about my elementary school days than about high school or university. And more about all those school days than about what happened 5 minutes ago, or yesterday.

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    Wow.first day of school..long time ago but it was fun-miss johnson was her name,nice teacher.


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