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Can't say for sure, John. Although Phil wasn't given producer credit for The Drifters' "Save The Last Dance For Me", fans have wondered for years if he was involved, as its overall sound is reflective of other pre-Philles recordings with which Phil was involved.

Yeah, Phil was reportedly the producer on Connie Francis' "Second-Hand Love". It's never discussed much, and in Connie's "Who's Sorry Now" autobiography from the '80s, she discusses many of her releases in detail, although, if memory serves, she never mentions Phil Spector. In fact, Connie was so prolific in her various styles of music, and she was so successful as her albums and singles sold like hotcakes the world over, MGM allowed Connie to choose her own LP tracklists. They even let her produce her own recording sessions, which was unheard of back then for a female singer, although Connie was never credited as producer on any of her releases. If she produced her own sessions, why would she need Phil's help? And the Phil Spector books never discuss it at all, either, other than to list Connie's "Second-Hand Love" in a long list of Phil's productions. I think everybody remains stumped on that one, especially since Connie's record, beautiful as it is!, doesn't contain any of Phil's signature traits.
I see! Well one thing is certain, looking at the song's label, Spector was involved in writing the song (or was credited for such) with Hank Hunter , a name I've noticed as sharing other writing credits with Spector.

the arranger is credited as being Mike Lewis and it must be his style we are hearing on the record, don't you think?
Connie was quite a star wasn't she , another favorite for you Gary?