Let's keep it real. Motown been screwing up Supremes releases since the early days. The idea that "My Heart Can't Take It No More" was going to do anything to put the Supremes on the map had to be a drug induced hallucination. Did Billie Jean Brown come to a QC meeting with some bad stuff and everybody in the meeting was just f'ed up when "My Heart" came up for a vote and they thought it sounded like something different than what it was and so they were like "yea" during the vote? I think "You Bring Back Memories" would've made a good follow up to "Right Way". Might not have put the girls in the top 10 or 20, but possibly top 40. Definitely higher than #129.

"You Bring Back Memories" as the Supremes' 5th single. Yea or nay??