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    Reach Out And Touch Alternate vocal.

    Hi all...i was just listening to some Tom Moulton remixes on youtube and a remix version of Reach Out And Touch popped up...its not only a remix but a different vocal take than the one that we are all familiar with...what I would like to know is does this vocal take exist on record or cd without the remix..i would have thought it would have been included on the Diana expanded if had been released at all....I would have posted it here but i have no idea how to .

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    Here it is. I love Tom Moulton's work, especially on the PI remixes. I did not know that he put his golden touch on Reach Out. Thanks for finding it. Sorry, I do not know if this vocal take is on any expanded CD with alternate takes

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    Thanks Milven.

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    Theres nothing on DFTMC either that says theres another take.

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    There are some alternate vocal performances of early solo Diana on the album DORAL PRESENTS DIANA ROSS, but I don't know if this is one of them.

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    Thanks Reese..I had forgotten about that one.

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    I love Tom Moulton's mixes. He keeps the integrity of the original song while enhancing. This is such a wonderful remix - I love the orchestral intro on it, and Diana's spirited vocals towards the end remind me of her live renditions of this song. I wonder if those extra vocals were from the original take and just not used before TM got his hands on the track. He's done that before, though I can't remember the names of those tracks at the moment.
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    Thanks for sharing this.love it.
    Love Tom's mixs as well.
    I remember Tom did several of dianas songs a few years ago including love hangover. I think maybe for a Motown remixed project. But these were not used. Thought there was going to be a vol 2. To bad.
    Thanks for sharing

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    Tom Moulton's remix of Long Hangover initially was announced to be a iTunes digital only bonus track of the 2005 Motown Remixed Volume 1, but was left off in the end. Of course it has been floating on the internet for a couple of years now. Although I LOVE Love Hangover, I do think this mix is a bit too long at 17 minutes!


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