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    Motown The Musical - UK

    Just been to see 'Motown The Musical' in Manchester, U.K. During the first act there was a segment relating to Motown's tour to the United Kingdom and appearances on British television. Was this segment included in the original Broadway production or was it only included after transfering to the West End and subsequent U.K. tour.

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    It must have been added to the West End production because I don't remember seeing it here. It was probably done for British audiences to show Motown's connection to the UK.

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    I saw the musical here in the UK about 2 years ago, and don't remember that segment! Maybe they have since added it to the production, either that or I just can't remember it

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    It was in the London show...and references to the 1965 Manchester show...there were problems between Berry and Diana about songs. She eventually backed down and performed the songs BG wanted.
    I'm sure it was in the New York show I saw as well.

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    I've seen the show three or four times. I remember a brief sequence built around Diana not wanting to do YOU'RE NOBODY 'TIL SOMEBODY LOVES YOU.

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    That's it.

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    I saw the London show on Thursday (only one month left in the West End now). Very enjoyable. I thought the young performer playing Michael Jackson was superb - I know that audiences often warm to young performers like that, but he almost stole the show - he could have been Michael! Great staging and some great performances. I was a little worried it might be too 'tribute/karaoke' but no. The only let down for me was the 'offshore pirate radio DJ' who had a dire accent like Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins!!! Why was that allowed???!!!

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    LOL, I don't remember that bit alan, but I do agree with it being very enjoyable overall!!


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