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    And, since it's the weekend, politically things are quiet; that doesn't mean I stop thinking. One thing that occurred to me is how so many wealthy Christians want to believe that their wealth is a blessing from God. This makes me wonder if they ever think about wealthy Muslims. Not Christians, and yet some of them are the richest people in the world. Or, do they ever consider Asian billionaires, again some of the wealthiest people in world, and definitely not Christian. Aren't these people blessed, too? Or is it that Christian billionaires have tiny, selfish, inconsiderate minds that can only regard themselves as being blessed?

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    Vote Blue. Here's Another Slew of Reasons Why

    Here we are again, with a wee taste of the lunacy, racism, criminality, and bigotry and hate inside the GOP and it’s going around the country …

    A newly proposed GOP bill would categorize mifepristone and misoprostol—the drugs used to induce an abortion—as controlled dangerous substances, threatening incarceration and fines if an individual possesses the pills without a valid prescription or outside of professional practice.
    Legislators in Baton Rouge added the provision as a last-minute amendment to a Senate bill that would criminalize an abortion if someone gives a pregnant woman the pills without her consent, a scenario of “coerced criminal abortion.”

    The state’s Republican Party has removed Brian Pritchard, its first vice chairman, after an administrative law judge found he voted illegally nine times after moving to the state.
    Every accusation by a Republican is an admission.

    Leading up to last week’s primary, Attorney General Patrick Morrisey, Chris Miller and Moore Capito, three of the GOP candidates for governor have been trying to outdo each other in proving their opposition to transgender rights.
    The three transphobic bigots have been accusing each other of harboring transgender sympathies while touting their own efforts to restrict LGBTQ rights.
    Bragging about who hates trans people more; that’s the GOP.

    The House has passed a bill making it more difficult for the Energy Department to enact energy efficiency rules for household appliances; the vote was 212-195.
    You know the GOP thinks anything related to better energy efficiency is a slippery slope to a Green New Deal and they won’t have it … until the planet starts to die and they start screaming.

    A measure that would codify abortion rights in the New York constitution, as well as other equal rights, was tossed off the ballot last week by a conservative judge in upstate Livingston County rejected the measure in a court ruling, questioning the legality of the ballot question.
    Well, maybe abortion rights won’t be “officially” on the ballot, but the GOP’s attempt to deny a vote certainly will be.

    In 2015, Ohio GOP Senate candidate Bernie Moreno used taxpayer dollars to shut down local roads so he could take a joy ride in an Aston Martin car that he purchased for $2.3 million.
    Video shows at least three police cars blocking traffic in North Olmsted so Moreno could privately use the roads in his luxury Aston Martin Vulcan, which his dealership would later list for $3.4 million.
    In a separate video from 2016, Moreno admits that he had the vehicle shipped to the United States in parts to avoid Environmental Protection Agency emissions restrictions on foreign vehicle imports.
    The rules don’t apply to the GOP, apparently.

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    State Senator Anthony Kern is no longer allowed to access legislative broadcast equipment after the Arizona Mirror reported on May 3 that he used the Senate’s broadcast studio to appear on a far-right talk show last week with a host who has declared Adolf Hitler a “hero.”
    Kern appeared on ”The Stew Peters Show” to discuss a Drag Story Hour that was hosted the day before in a basement meeting room in the Arizona House and Kern joined the show live on video from the Arizona Senate studio.
    Peters praised Kern and made the false claim that the drag event in the House included children—none were present—calling the drag king that spoke to the small group a “mentally ill satanic pedophile.” The event did not include children.

    The House Judiciary Committee plans to prepare a resolution to hold Attorney General Merrick Garland in contempt of Congress for refusing to hand over the audio of President Joe Biden’s interview with former special counsel Robert Hur.
    The DOJ provided the committees conducting the impeachment inquiry into Biden a full transcript of his interview and said Republicans haven’t explained why the audio is necessary, accusing them of seeking investigative material to “serve political purposes that should have no role in the treatment of law enforcement files.”
    It's all a show for the House GOP who have accomplished nothing for We The People in the last two years.

    The state will eliminate climate change as a priority in making energy policy decisions, despite the threats it faces from powerful hurricanes, extreme heat and worsening toxic algae blooms.
    GOP Governor Ron De GogoBoots signed the legislation, which is set to go into effect on July 1. The measure also removes most references to climate change in state law, bans offshore wind turbines in state waters and weakens regulations on natural gas pipelines.
    Of note, the state is experiencing some of the highest temperatures ever recorded there—it was 107 in Miami this weekend—and South Beach streets flood almost daily with high tides.
    But the words “Climate Change” cannot be said.
    Also In Florida … the Governor has declared that there will be no Pride Month Rainbow lights on bridges.
    Bridges across Florida, including the Sunshine Skyway and Ringling Causeway, will not gleam in rainbow colors this June in celebration of LGBTQ Pride Month but instead plans are in place to adorn Florida bridges in red, white and blue lighting between May 27 and September 2 as a part of the 2024 Florida Freedom Summer effort.
    Florida Freedom does not apply to the LGBTQ+ community in Ronnie’s mind.

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    After House Speaker, and Christian Nationalist, Mike Johnson’s appearance at Hair Furor’s criminal trial Democrats are saying the next time his own party comes for him and tries to remove him from office, the only assistance he’ll get from Democrats is when they help him pack.
    Johnson called the legal proceedings a “sham of a trial,” adding:

    “They are doing this intentionally to keep him here and keep him off of the campaign trail. And I think everybody in the country can see that for what it is.”
    No, Mike, only the goose-stepping, Party Over Country GOP can see that kind of crazy.

    A bill that would have expanded the state’s “Don’t Say Gay” law died on the final day of the 2024 regular session.
    The bill, sponsored by Republican Mack Butler would have extended Alabama’s prohibition on discussion of sexual orientation and gender identity from kindergarten to fifth grade to kindergarten to eighth grade. It also would have banned flags or other insignia indicating gender identity or sexual orientation.
    Butler vows to bring the bill back next year saying he has not met any parents who want the topics discussed in schools and claimed that “there is a move across this nation to sexualize our children.”
    And that’s just a small taste of GOP lunacy ... anti-women’s rights, voter fraud, anti-transgender hate, climate change deniers, anti-abortion rights, self-entitled one percenters, anti-drag but pro-Hitler, Hair Furor minions, anti-LGBTQ+ Pride, and more.
    So what do we do if we want more Good News? We ...

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    The president [[or whatever they call him) of Iran was killed in a helicopter crash yesterday, and as you might suspect, authorities in that country are saying that we are partially to blame because of our sanctions against them keep them from getting replacement parts for their helicopter fleet. Well, maybe they should have bought their helicopters from Russia, or China, rather than the US. Of course, it could be that both of those countries peddle inferior products.

    And the spokesperson from Wildwood, New Jersey, is retracting the number of people attending the rally held by the Orange Anus. Now she's claiming that large number she made up was from her visually seeing lots, and lots of people in bars and at other events on that same day. Of course, if you're a Republican, any lie will do.

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    Alito’s Wife Takes Credit for All His Clothes Being on the Front Lawn

    MAY 20, 2024
    Satire, by Andy Borowitz:
    ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA [[The Borowitz Report)—The wife of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito took “full responsibility” for the piles of men’s clothing that suddenly appeared on the couple’s front lawn Monday morning.
    Neighbors awoke to an unusual spectacle outside the Alito residence, where an extensive wardrobe of men’s slacks, shirts and judicial robes had been dumped in a haphazard manner.
    A frantic Justice Alito emerged from his home to collect the items and lower a pair of boxer shorts that had been flapping in the wind atop the flagpole.
    In a terse statement, Mrs. Alito said she was “sick and tired of wives being thrown under the bus,” adding, “If the Republicans go down to defeat in November, Sammy Boy will probably blame me for overturning Roe v. Wade.”

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    And, isn't Florida a funny state? I mean, not only does it have Disney, there are also millions of conservative senior citizens who moved to the sunshine state in total denial of Climate Change. I don't know if you've been paying any attention to the temperatures down there, but they've been suffering under a heat wave. In some places, daily temps are reaching 108 [[F) which is hot, almost Death Valley hot. That means super high electric bills to cool things down, which means senior facilities are increasing their rates because they need to turn a profit. And we're not even close to the dog days of summer. This is Karma, for those who don't know it.

    Trump's election interference trial had a dash of excitement yesterday. His first defense witness caused the courtroom to be cleared. Guy named Costello, who rolled his eyes and glared at the judge from the witness stand; a fool whom everyone believes made a terrible impression on the jury. In other words, someone just like Trump.

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    Early yesterday morning Donnie Dementia posted a video to his Truth Social account promising a "unified Reich" once he gets elected. Of course, it was taken down shortly after being posted, however, he'd already accomplished what he wanted to do: send a message to those far right fascist groups who want total control. Do not think this was not his intention. Something you should realize, Trump hates America because it rejected him in 2020. This is why he lies about winning. And, why he lies about voter fraud. Losing makes him a failure, one thing his feeble mind cannot accept. To be successful, he will do whatever he feels is necessary, which means turning to the far right, the Christian Nationalists, and American Nazis. He doesn't care if he manages to initiate a civil war; everything is on the table in order for him to prove himself successful. Lucky for us he has a lot of serious problems, including dementia. He will never debate Biden because he needs a teleprompter to keep his speeches somewhat sane. It has become a necessity for him, without it, he's status as a loser is on full display.

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    Hate Group: IVF Should Be Banned Because Using Porn To Jerk Off To Obtain Sperm Is Bad For Those Marriages

    May 22, 2024 Christianists, Hate Groups

    “Pornography is an integral part of the IVF process. And the husband’s use of pornography is typically how sperm is obtained. That’s not good for a marriage. We know that pornography goes against what God tells us about the dignity of men and women and the marital act.” – Mary Szoch, director of the Family Research Council’s so-called Center for Human Dignity, speaking on Tony Perkins’ podcast. Prior to joining the FRC, Szoch was director of the Washington Catholic Conference where, her bio states, she led “the fight against the legalization of prostitution, the complete deregulation of the abortion industry, and limitations on the freedoms of religious organizations” for the DC Archdiocese.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lakeside View Post

    Hate Group: IVF Should Be Banned Because Using Porn To Jerk Off To Obtain Sperm Is Bad For Those Marriages

    May 22, 2024 Christianists, Hate Groups

    “Pornography is an integral part of the IVF process. And the husband’s use of pornography is typically how sperm is obtained. That’s not good for a marriage. We know that pornography goes against what God tells us about the dignity of men and women and the marital act.” – Mary Szoch, director of the Family Research Council’s so-called Center for Human Dignity, speaking on Tony Perkins’ podcast. Prior to joining the FRC, Szoch was director of the Washington Catholic Conference where, her bio states, she led “the fight against the legalization of prostitution, the complete deregulation of the abortion industry, and limitations on the freedoms of religious organizations” for the DC Archdiocese.

    You can't make it up. They think so hard about policing other people's thoughts for a group of ghouls whose main beef used to be that they don't want the government to tell them how they can live their lives, don't they?

    I'm waiting for them to demand that pork be served at every public school's cafeteria because it makes their kids feel bad when *some kids* refuse to eat it. Just like they are removing certain books and banning the teaching of Black history since they don't want their kids to feel bad learning about slavery, lynch mobs, Rosewood, Black Wall Street, Juneteenth and Donald Trump. And no, I'm not being facetious. They're literally that determined exert control, that they'll do it in the hopes that the not-so-Supreme Court goes all in on using the Constitution as toilet paper.

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    Haley on Trump: Then and Now

    MAY 23, 2024
    Haley Shivs the ‘Haley Republicans’

    The avatar of Trump’s 2024 GOP holdouts bends the knee.

    From The Bulwark, by Andrew Egger:
    Of course it doesn’t exactly come as a surprise. Nikki Haley’s flip-flops on Trump over the years have been legendary. “When I tell you I’m angry, it’s an understatement,” the Trump-critic-turned-cabinet-member told Politico after January 6th. “I think he’s lost any sort of political viability he was going to have. . . . He’s not going to run for federal office again. . . . He went down a path he shouldn’t have, and we shouldn’t have followed him, and we shouldn’t have listened to him. And we can’t let that ever happen again.”
    Then, just three months later, she said she’d support him if he did run: “I would not run if President Trump ran, and I would talk to him about it.” And a few months after that: “We need him in the Republican party. I don’t want to go back to the days before Trump.”
    Even when she reversed herself on that pledge and ran anyway, Haley still didn’t start taking swings at Trump for nearly a year, instead focusing her fire on those closer to her in the polls: Vivek Ramaswamy, Tim Scott, Ron DeSantis.
    But then, after Iowa, the rest of the field finally dropped out. It was Haley and Trump, mano a mano. And at long last, she set about making the case: This man is simply unfit to be president again.
    A reminder: This was just a few months ago! You might have butter in your fridge you bought when Haley was talking like this:

    • “He’s totally unhinged.”
    • “If you are going to hit our military, you are not qualified to be president, period.”
    • “If you mock the service of a combat veteran, you don’t deserve a driver’s license, let alone being president of the United States.”
    • “Anybody that can’t call out a dictator, that’s a problem. . . . [Putin’s] emboldened by Trump because Trump is not willing to stand up for our allies.”
    • “Trump just sided with a thug who kills his political opponents. He just sided with a man who goes and arrests American journalists and holds them hostage. He sided with him over the allies who stood with us at 9/11.”
    • “He said that he would stand with Putin and encourage him to invade our allies. . . . Trump would side with a dictator who kills his political opponents. . . . Trump is going to side with a madman who’s made no bones about the fact he wants to destroy America.”
    • “This is a man that put us $8 trillion in debt. . . . This is a man who praised China’s President Xi a dozen times after China gave us COVID. This is a man who now wants to go and put 10 percent tariffs across the board, raising taxes on every single American.”
    • “He’s just trying to control as much as he can control, but we don’t want a king in America.”
    • “Every bit of it is disgusting. To sit there and mock my husband for not being with me on the campaign trail because he is deployed and serving our country. . . . The reality is, the closest [Trump] has come to harm’s way is a golf ball hitting him on a golf cart.”
    • “Trump is the most disliked politician in America. We cannot win a general election that way.”
    • “Every single thing that Donald Trump has said or put on TV has been a lie.”

    On the campaign trail, it seemed as though these attacks intensified as it was becoming clear she has absolutely no path to victory in the primary. She stuck it out all the way through Super Tuesday, plainly relishing the opportunity to hold nothing back. Even when she finally dropped out, she pointedly refused to endorse Trump: “It is now up to Donald Trump to earn the votes of those in our party who did not support him, and I hope he does,” she said in her concession speech. “This is now his time for choosing.”
    Well. Now comes Haley to the stage at the Hudson Institute yesterday: “I will be voting for Trump. Having said that, I stand by what I said in my suspension speech: Trump would be smart to reach out to the millions of people who voted for me and continue to support me. And not assume that they’re just gonna be with him. And I genuinely hope he does that.”
    It’s amusing to imagine what action Trump took in the intervening months that Haley tells herself was enough to win her over. Repeatedly violating his gag order in his New York trial, perhaps? Accusing Joe Biden of trying to have him assassinated? Insisting additional aid to Ukraine be structured in the form of a loan?
    For his part, Trump so far hasn’t even acknowledged Haley’s prostration—busy as he’s been barking about Jack Smith and his “Team of Political Hacks and Thugs.” I assume he’ll get around to the obligatory head pat sometime today. That is, if he doesn’t decide to give her the Bill Barr treatment.
    One other thing bears saying. Haley likes to talk about her people—“the millions of people who voted for me and continue to support me.”
    Obviously we’ve all been doing this for months: considering the electoral ramifications of the “Haley Republicans.”
    But of course this term was in some ways a misnomer. Many “Haley Republicans” weren’t really Haley Republicans in the ordinary sense, in that they didn’t necessarily fully share her view of the world or her politics.
    Many “Haley Republicans” spent last year rolling their eyes at the cynical game she was playing, going after DeSantis hammer and tongs while ignoring Trump altogether for months. Many of them had no trouble remembering her hilariously checkered history on the Trump question.
    But you know what? For a minute this year, she won those people over anyway. Because for a minute, when she got into that one-on-one with Trump, she actually seemed to be saying: Forget the consequences, I’m going to tell you how I really feel about the guy.
    That’s what those people—that quarter or so of the party—were pulling the lever for. That’s what they kept pulling the lever for, in state after state, even after it was obvious it was a hopeless endeavor. Even after she dropped out! The “Haley Republicans” coalition wasn’t forged by stupid canned lines about how kicks hurt worse when you’re wearing heels. It wasn’t even forged by appreciation for Haley’s serious foreign policy views. “Haley Republicans” became a thing because, for a few months this year, Haley, uniquely among the top brass of the Republican party, was willing to step forward and tell the truth about Donald Trump.
    That energy is still there—those voters are still there—but the coalition is gone now. “Haley Republicans” as a bloc ceased to exist when Nikki Haley took to the Hudson Institute stage to bend the knee

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    Maria Shriver, journalist, reacting to Buttker’s speech:
    “I’m happy for Mr. Butker’s wife, Isabelle, that she’s happy in her chosen vocation/ Good for her. But she should let her husband know that not all women can make that choice, even if they wanted to. Most families can’t get by without both parents working/ It’s a luxury to get the choice she has gotten. The vast majority of women have to put food on the table, while also raising kids, caring for aging parents, running companies, running for office to give us a better world … the list goes on! And men, well, are they really the ones who set the tone for the culture? Can we not all set the tone for the future? Women, men, gay, straight—of course we can! I will not tell Mr. Butker to stick to kicking but I would suggest next time he speaks to women first and listens to someone with a clearer take on where most women find themselves in 2024.”
    Sadly, men like Butker don’t listen … especially to women. But he can live the life he wants, and have the kind of wife he wants, but he cannot say that women need to strive to be married and have children because that’s their truth.
    The truth is that Butker is a professional athlete and a lot of professional athletes cheat on their wives with other women, and perhaps in Butker’s case, other men. So, when he decides to dump his stay-at-home-raise-my-children-do-as-I-say wife to get with his latest piece, know that since you wanted her never to work, that you will be taking care of her financially for the rest of her life and yet will no longer have any say in how she lives that life.
    Lindsey Graham, South Carolina's GOP Senator, Junior Miss 1948 and former Miss Cotton-Tail 1973, on Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito flying an upside-down American flag at his house following the insurrection at the US Capitol:
    “I don’t know what role―he said his wife was insulted and got mad―I assume that be true, but he’s still a Supreme Court justice. And, you know, people have to realize that moments like that, to think it through.”
    Alito and 'think it through'? Not ever happening. And, like any good rightwingnut, Alito blamed his wife for putting up the flag after a dispute with neighbors over “insulting language” on yard signs. Yeah, Mrs. Alito climbed a ladder to the second floor of their house and hung that flag.
    Fuck off, Sammy.
    Patrick Mahomes, Butker’s Kansas City Chiefs teammate, giving a toast at the Time100 Gala:
    "I'd like to raise a glass to a new era in sports. A era where women's sports is getting the attention it deserves. The real reason you should care about women's sports is because they're incredible. The talent, the narratives, the personalities in women's sports has it all and I think people are finally starting to figure that out. The women's NCAA championship was ESPNs most viewed college basketball game ever. I'm proud of the part my family has played in this movement. As a co-owner of the Kansas City Current, my wife, Brittany, is working hard to grow women's soccer and broaden the path for young athletes, like our daughter."
    Luckily, Patrick’s wife didn’t marry Butker because then she wouldn’t be working in women’s sports, she’d be baking cookies and teaching her daughter that she’s less than men.
    Junior, responding questions about why his Daddy chickened out on testifying after saying that he “absolutely” would multiple times:
    “Why would you justify this insanity? Look at the clowns that they put on there—you don’t subject yourself to that nonsense. You are going into a kangaroo court. There’s nothing more. Nothing less. There’d be absolutely no reason, no justification to do that whatsoever.”
    Sure there is you coke-addled dimwit: you do it because the truth is on your side.
    Unless it’s not. Then you chicken out.
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    Laura Ingraham, on Harrison Butker’s misogynistic speech:
    “Harrison Butker decided to use this occasion to say something that mattered. Doing what the left pretends to support, speaking his truth. Now it’s easy to forget, in our social media obsessed, materialistic world, we all fall into it, including myself, … that Heaven is really what we as Christians should be striving for here on earth. It’s certainly easy to understand why his comments made certain people very uncomfortable because they believe it’s enough to glide through life with glib references to ‘equity and inclusion’ and ‘I’m spiritual, but not religious,’ but some of them are among the most intolerant people on the planet. The powers that be here mean to make an example out of people like Harrison Butker and Riley Gaines. Dare to challenge their twisted worldview, where men can be women, and mothers and fathers are fungible, and they will try to denigrate you, isolate you, cancel you and ultimately silence you completely. Be not afraid. At a time, though, when woke secularists dominate media, corporate America, Hollywood, and most universities, being a public witness to your Christian faith? Now that takes courage because speaking out may actually mean that you lose everything.”
    Oh Laura, how dumb are you? If you lived in Butker’s world you’d be at home and birthing babies rather than at work birthing stupidity.
    Don’t forget that Eva Braun, er, Laura Ingraham famously told NBA superstar Lebron James in 2018 to “shut up and dribble” after he had the audacity to criticize Hair Furor.
    Jamie Raskin, Maryland Democrat Representative, on Justice Alito being compromised and unfit to be a Supreme Court Justice:
    “Justice Alito turned the flag upside down. [Hair Furor] turned the Bible upside down. MAGA turned the capitol upside down. The Roberts Court turned the Constitution upside down. Let’s set America right side up in November.”
    November … Roevember … Joevember. Vote Blue.
    Nikki Haley, pandering GOP hag, has said she will vote for Hair Furor in November:
    “I put my priorities on a president who’s going to have the backs of our allies and hold our enemies to account who would secure the border. [Hair Furor] has not been perfect on these policies. I’ve made that clear many, many times. But Biden has been a catastrophe, so I will be voting for [Hair Furor].”
    This is the same Haley who said she’d never run against Hair Furor, and then did.
    This is the same Haley who called him the worst idea for president in 2016—and even voted for Marco Rubio—but then ran to Hair Furor’s White House for a job.
    This is the same Haly who said, just two months ago:
    “I have no need to kiss the ring. I have no fear of retribution. I’m not worried about my political future.”
    But she really wants that VP slot so, while she said she won’t kiss his ring, she clearly kissed the ... and I apologize in advance for this ... ring around his anus.
    And, perhaps more importantly, she gave the middle finger to all those people around the country who voted for her even after she left the race.
    Eddie Vedder, lead vocalist for Pearl Jam, on “kicker” Harrison Butler’s commencement speech:
    “He was telling men, ‘Don’t forget to puff up your chest and be more masculine. Don’t lose your masculinity.’ The irony is that when he was saying that he looked like such a pussy. There’s nothing more masculine than a strong man supporting a strong woman. People of quality do not fear equality.”
    Word. It’s just that simple.
    Jason Hackett, a Minnesota news anchor, coming out live on air after 13 years as a journalist:
    "For people that really know me—my friends, my coworkers, some members of my family—this isn't some huge surprise. I've been living in a glass closet for the most part, but now I wanted to let you out there, the viewers out there that wake up with me every morning to know a little bit more about me. [In] sixth grade is when I realized, 'Wait a minute, I think I’m different.' There was a kid at a bus stop every day after school when I was waiting and I always used to stare at him and be like, 'Wow, there’s something about him that I really like. I don’t know what it is, but I really, really like something about him, 'and I think it dawned on me somewhere around fifth or sixth grade that, 'Wait a minute, I think I’m gay.' It’d be nice to think that after this story is published and after my story is told that there is another young, gay, black, or anybody of color kid out there that is like, 'Wow, he is being his authentic self and he’s not getting killed for it, he’s not getting criticized for it. He’s being his authentic self, and maybe I can also be my authentic self, maybe I can also live my truth, just like Jason is.' What me and ... everyone here on Sunrise strive for is authenticity. And I can't preach that without being my authentic self and for anyone that is watching this now who is struggling to find acceptance or struggling with their family or their friends, take it from me, a gay, Black son of immigrants, the road may not be easy. I won't lie to you and say that it is. But don't worry. Keep going. You're gonna make it."
    Welcome Out, Jason, and please accept as our gift from HOMO HQ, a Copy of The Gay Agenda and the Official Coming Out Toaster Oven™.
    Your words, and your actions, will definitely make it easier for other young people of color to come out and live their truth and their happiness.
    Welcome out!
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    The Orange Anus had a rally yesterday in the Bronx and around 7 thousand showed up. The population of the Bronx is 1.4 million. That's a terribly big ouch when you realize just how small an area the Bronx actually covers. We're not even talking minor mileage here.

    There are a lot of funny stories about Nikki Haley's flip, one was that she's putting all of her eggs in the 2028 basket, thinking she has a better chance for the presidency then. I know, it simply doesn't make sense. By supporting Trump, it's not going to put her in a better position after he loses.

    And the shocker that should have been expected was Clarence Thomas saying that with the Brown vs the School Board decision, that landmark decision saying black children needed to be treated the same as white children, the Supreme Court had probably made a mistake. This is coming from a black man who would not be on the Court if that decision had not been made. In case you haven't realized it yet, there is something seriously wrong with Thomas.

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    Randy rides again....

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    Sadly, we already know this.

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    I will never ever ever figure out [[not that I'm trying) why George Conway married that sow, wow, I forgot her first name. I can picture the whore, but not the name. And I'm not gonna look it up.

    Why they stayed married all throughout VonShitzhisPantz's administration is a greater mystery, especially since George talked shit 24/7 about BLOTUS.

    So, it's only with slight hyperbole when I say George Conway might be the greatest man to ever live. Sorry Ghandi, or Salk. Or Stamos.

    Conway has paid for the below billboard to be put out near Marla-Thomas-Lago.

    Technically, not defamatory. He could be talking about any election. Or anyone named Joe. Or any would-be psycho.

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    Trump Continuously Booed During Speech to Libertarians.

    Thought for the day regarding this:

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    GOP Senator Who Was Booed Off Libertarians’ Stage Claims Trump “Won Hearts And Minds Of Libertarians”

    May 26, 2024 Republicans, Trump cultists

    “Okay, so I just finished speaking at the Libertarian Convention and then President Trump spoke right after me. This was amazing. No other president in history, to my knowledge, has ever showed up at another political party’s convention, openly asked for their endorsement, and just really hit the ground running. Well done, President Trump. I think you won the hearts and minds of a whole lot of Libertarians out there and a whole lot of other Americans.” – Sen. Mike Lee, who was literally booed off the stage last night at the Libertarian convention.

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    Trump Honors Those Who Helped Others Avoid Service at the Tomb of the Unknown Podiatrist

    MAY 28, 2024
    Satire by Andy Borowitz:
    QUEENS, NEW YORK [[The Borowitz Report)—In what has become a Memorial Day tradition for him, on Monday Donald J. Trump laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Podiatrist.
    Trump made his annual pilgrimage to pay homage to the heroic doctors who issued bogus diagnoses to ensure that their privileged patients never answered the call of duty.
    In an emotional tribute, Trump thanked the fallen foot specialists who bravely risked their medical licenses so that others facing military service could be free.
    Choking back tears, he said, “They gave everything so people like me could give nothing.”

  34. #2834
    I can’t control my wife when it comes to flying a flag. However, I can control your wife when it comes to getting an abortion.
    – Justice Samuel Alito

  35. #2835
    A Musk Rat is a creature isn't it? Oh, I see Musk Rat has found male hair dye.

  36. #2836
    Thank you....each and every juror!

  37. #2837
    Thank God the jury had the courage to do the right thing. Let's hope Judge Merchon rewards their courage by mustering up his own to sentence his fat a** to actual prison time.

    BTW: My wife just saw Dennis Quaid on one of the right wing broadcast networks saying that he wasn't going to vote for Trump until this weaponized prosecution and this convinced him to get out the vote. **gag** You know, the same Dennis Quaid who signed up with Mary Mary and CeCe Winans to do a promotional video for Trump's HHS to show voters what a great job he did with Covid? Yeah, that guy thinks we forgot who he is.

  38. #2838
    Let Us All Praise Stormy Daniels

    Photo from New York Times
    Thirty-four felony convictions. He was found guilty of thirty-four felony charges.
    I have no idea what this is going to mean for the man, his supposed empire, his campaign, or the country but this is a startling moment in American history. And I cannot commend those jurors enough, nor could I find more delicious irony than in the fact that an adult film star with whom he had sex when his wife was at home with her newborn son, was able to bring this whole case to light.

    Turns out you can't always just grab 'em by the pussy. Not without consequences, anyway.

    Photo from The New Yorker Magazine

    And in another bit of irony, he can indeed still run for president, but he cannot vote for himself because he is a convicted felon, and he will probably not have served his sentence by the election. Whatever that sentence will be. Of course, they will try to get him acquitted and of course he is already using the convictions as a campaign fund-raiser [["I am a political prisoner!") but in this one specific case, we are allowed to celebrate that justice was done and done by a jury of his peers. It is not a joyous celebration, but a quiet and deeply felt one.

  39. #2839

  40. #2840
    A good day for America!

    Guilty. Guilty! Of 34 felony charges. Finally, some small degree of accountability for the criminal thug who's tarnished the office of POTUS forevermore and done so much harm to this country.

    If I prayed, I would pray for the safety of those 12 brave men and women who sat on the jury. Stormy Daniels, too. We owe them all a great debt of gratitude.

  41. #2841

    I started getting texts earlier in the afternoon about a verdict. I was not mentally prepared for one so soon. Not even 10 hours of deliberation.

    On the plus side, it was far to quick for a hung jury - which was possibly the worst case scenario. And actually too quick for an acquittal too. I mean, it was doubtful BLOTUS was getting an acquittal on all charges, so to sort through 34 would have taken longer.

    Still, I didn't want to presume. Or hope.

    All fucking 34 counts: GUILTY.

    VonShitinPantz' reaction was predictable. He only had two words: disgraceful and rigged. He said over and over while his Depends was filling up. I'm assuming. He's addled.

    His one female lawyer put her head on the table when the verdict was read. My take? She just realized she wasn't getting paid.

    I feel bad for the judge and jurors. They are targets. As are their families. And collateral damage to whomever works with or near them. Just remember - the FBI, Secret Service or DC police never found who planted two pipe bombs at the Capitol on January 6th.

    Palestine might be a safer place for them at this point.

    While appeals will be forthcoming, sentencing is scheduled for three days before the GOP National Convention. Or as I'm calling it: the beginning of the end.

    Thousands of cult members - armed - and their GOP representatives all in one place. What could possibly go wrong? BTW. GOP members who have already pledged their support since the guilty verdicts.


    I would not want to be a resident, or police officer, in Milwaukee during this time.

    Yes, I'm glad he was delivered another guilty verdict brought at the hands of a female. But I won't lie - I'm wringing my hands. Retribution is at hand. It's not going to go well.

    But - yay. Justice!

  42. #2842

  43. #2843

    This is for them. As my college buddy said, "Every once in a while, it's justice--not just us!"
    Last edited by sansradio; 05-31-2024 at 06:49 AM.

  44. #2844

  45. #2845
    Jesse Watters, Fox host, on the hush money trial of Hair Furor:
    “This whole case is a joke. If you’re running a media conglomerate, if you’re running a hotel chain, running these companies all over the world, in Muslim countries, in Europe and Asia, anything that’s bad news for you personally is bad for the brand. And you’re a billionaire and you have this coming out in the middle of nowhere? Forget about protecting your family. That’s the obvious concern. Secondary concern is the business. You can’t have some porn star extorting you. A hundred and thirty grand is nothing for Donald Trump. You pay that. It’s nuisance. Make it go away. That’s common sense.”
    First off, Jesse, you moron; this isn’t about paying off a porn star so she won’t talk about your tiny mushroom dick.
    This is about paying off a porn star so she won’t talk about your tiny mushroom dick because you’re running for president and covering up the money trail.
    Plus, even you, as ignorant as you are , don’t believe for a second he was protecting his family! He was protecting his ego and his presidential bid. A man who has been married three times and cheated on all three of his wives doesn’t give a rat’s ass about family, especially when you’re schtupping the porn star while your wife is back at the manse with your infant son.
    Oh Jesse, just come out already and admit you wish you were Stormy in that hotel room.
    Michael Fanone, American law enforcement analyst, author, and retired Metropolitan Police Department officer, who defended the capitol on January 6:
    “This election is about [Hair Furor] and his vision for the office of the President, not as a public servant, but as an authoritarian who answers to and serves only himself.”
    Listen. He speaks the truth.
    Inmate # P01135809,, honoring our military men and women who lost their lives in service to America:
    “Happy Memorial Day to All, including the Human Scum that is working so hard to destroy our Once Great Country, & to the Radical Left, [Hair Furor] Hating Federal Judge in New York that presided over, get this, TWO separate trials, that awarded a woman, who I never met before [a quick handshake at a celebrity event, 25 years ago, doesn’t count!], 91 MILLION DOLLARS for ‘DEFAMATION.’ She didn’t know when the so-called event took place—sometime in the 1990’s—never filed a police report, didn’t have to produce the ‘dress’ that she threatened me with [it showed negative!], & sung my praises in the first half of her CNN Interview with Alison Cooper, but changed her tune in the second half—Gee, I wonder why [UNDER APPEAL!]? The Rape charge was dropped by a jury! Or Arthur Engoron, the N.Y. State Wacko Judge who fined me almost 500 Million Dollars [UNDER APPEAL] for DOING NOTHING WRONG, used a Statute that has never been used before, gave me NO JURY, Mar-a-Lago at $18,000,000—Now Now for Merchan!”
    He said he didn't rape E. Jean Carroll because "she's not my type."
    She has a dress with male DNA on it but he refuses to have his DNA tested.
    Yeah, nothing to see here except a desperate, near illiterate word salad.
    Stephen Colbert, joking … or is he:
    “[Hair Furor’s] minions aren’t being subtle about their authoritarian plans if [he] wins the next election. [Hair Furor] shared a video on social media that referenced a ‘unified Reich’ if he’s elected. Evidently, MAGA now stands for ‘Make America Germany Around 1938’!”
    Truth in humor. Listen.
    Last edited by lakeside; 05-31-2024 at 10:16 AM.

  46. #2846

  47. #2847

  48. #2848
    Already he is urging his followers 'to join the fight". It is the same 'dog whistle' he used to rally them on Jan 6th. I believe we are about to see some serious blowback. I am grateful that the fecal material will hit the rotary oscillator BEFORE the November election.
    "I Don't Know Who's Happier, Me or Melania"

    Whichever of us is happiest, I'm pretty damn happy the jurors had the good sense and guts to find him guilty, but I'm still scared.
    Consequently, I’m holding off on uncorking my bottle of champagne, or taking down my voodoo altar, or stop wearing my Lock Him Up tee until he’s actually in jail, or off the ticket, or not reelected, or recalled by the Infinite Invisible so I can feel safe.
    Last edited by lakeside; 05-31-2024 at 12:23 PM.

  49. #2849

  50. #2850


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