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    The "Holy Grail" for hardcore original Supremes fans?

    During a youtube clip promoting The Dearly Departed Tour site in Los Angeles, I learned that the owner, a native of Detroit, travelled there some time back when the Brewster Housing Project, which was home one time to Diana Ross, Mary Wilson and Florence Ballard, was being demolished to collect samples of the mortar. He has packaged these little bits, as souvenirs for those of us who "uber fans." I offer some photos for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!Name:  DSC05075.jpg
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    Really? I was able to get a whole brick when my church burned down in January 2013. LOL! Thanks Mark!

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    It's absolutely crazy what some people are selling.
    A few years ago someone sold some of the feathers that were on a gown Florence Ballard used to wear in 1968 at some solo shows she did.
    The seller stated that the feathers fell off, due to the age of the gown... Even though I doubt that and even if so, why not fix it?!

    There were even [[newly made) copies of Flo's funeral program sold, a few month ago.

    Some people don't show respect at all and try to make money with everything.

    Sometimes funny, sometimes very sad.

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    alanbill1074 Guest
    Well it's initiative I guess. I mean, I bought a lump of cal from the Titanic wreck, it's the kind of thing that appeals to some.

    For me, a Holy Supremes Grail? I think it would be to maybe own one of the master tapes. I've quite a collection of tapes of non Motown acts I love.

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    It's hard to say what is okay and what not.
    But a newly made copy of a funeral program is strange and appears tasteless to me.

    The Titanic piece may appear strange to some people, but I saw the exhibition in Budapest last year.
    It was great and I would love to own something that was on the ship or is connected to it's history somehow.
    Maybe it's just because I'm into antiques

    I agree with you.
    I would love to own a mastertape of the girls, or a rare acetate of an unreleased song or alternate mix.
    It's just cool and history.

    So far I only own some of their pre-recorded tapes...

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    alanbill1074 Guest
    Master tapes to me are a part of history, regardless of who the artist is. It upsets me when I hear of them being skipped or destroyed. Such a waste.

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    I totally agree.

    Glady these times are over when people used to throw them away [[as ABC used to do in the 70's as far as I know).
    But still there always dissappear some mastertapes or sessiontapes, as it happened in the fire at the Atlantic vault.

    These tapes are the first source and a piece of history.
    They were there when the original recording took place.
    It's sad that sometimes multitrack tapes were thrown away, so no newly made or stereo mix could be done today as there is no original source left.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alanbill1074 View Post
    Master tapes to me are a part of history, regardless of who the artist is. It upsets me when I hear of them being skipped or destroyed. Such a waste.
    I felt that way when I learned that many popular television shows from the 60s and 70s either wiped their tapes or destroyed them altogether.

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    alanbill1074 Guest
    The more that labels merge, sell off assets etc, the more tapes go astray. Thankfully the Motown catalogue looks pretty stable and I know Universal are very strict about letting their repertoire leave their care. The BBC were terrible, wiping loads of stuff and reusing the tape. Lost Beatles, Supremes etc Top Of The Pops performances. Gone forever.

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