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    Aresnio Hall Show and GREAT Music


    I do not tend to come here all that much anymore as it has changed since I first joined because people have become nasty with each other but I hope I can just talk about music if that is okay with you.

    When I was in my early 20s, I used to set my VCR to tape the Arsenio Hall Show at 11pm and I would be BLESSED the next day. Over time, I taped Arsenio with The Temptations, Delfonics, Dramatics, O'Jays, Spinners, etc. I would tape Johnny Carson to watch The Temptations and then I would record other shows that had The Chi-Lites, Dells, Manhattans and others.

    Tonight, I am having a lot transferred to DVD and my computer. Is anyone here old enough to remember when Arsenio made sure that old school would still be respected? Johnny Carson made sure but Pat Sajak had a show for a short while and he had The Temptations on as guests.



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    I remember fondly many Arsenio Hall episodes with classic music performances. If they were active during his run, practically all of my favorites appeared on his show.

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    Arsenio in my opinion had the BEST musical guests of any late night show. What I loved about his show was there was NO lip syncing. I always wondered if his show would ever be released on dvd or at least the musical guests. Sometimes he would even have some major artist just sit in with the band for the night and blow us away every time they went to commercial. Thanx for bringing this up

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    I was in my twenties also when Arsenio Hall was on. He had just about everyone on his show, like:

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    Mary Wilson!

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    MC Hammer!

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    I fondly remember when Arsenio Hall was on, he had the best musical guests (and the best live performances since there was no lip-syncing). We lost something special when his show was cancelled (and I was hoping that his comeback in 2013 would've lasted).

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    And here's another great performance from The Arsenio Hall Show in 1991; PRINCE.


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    Arsenio was the man,he indeed had everybody on his show[including a sax playing presidential candidate][hehe]i remember the delfonics on there and nobody had seen them in years,what happened to his show was a damn shame.

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    Odddly Anita Baker was never a guest..

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    Was Morris Day & The Time ever on?? Well, I just discovered they were.
    I miss that show!
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