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    Exclamation DRATS - Hey Jude [[2017 Alternate Mix)

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    I saw this earlier today. I rather like this slowed-down, truer-to-the-original remix.

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    I agree! Being slowed down allows the song's message to come through more vividly. The original album version is somewhat "frantic." Great job!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ian Scarlet View Post
    Love this! The young Diana sounds better when she is singing in a lower key in my humble opinion.

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    The only track on the album that I don't like. I wished they'd left it unreleased.

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    Quote Originally Posted by theboyfromxtown View Post
    The only track on the album that I don't like. I wished they'd left it unreleased.
    I don't think the COTC version is bad. It's not my favorite track on the album but it's not my least favorite either. This 2017 mix I hate. I'm good never hearing this again.

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    I think my problem is more about the song. I must have heard it so many times by the Beatles by the time I got Cream Of The Crop that I just didn't want to hear it by anyone. I seem to recall a Wilson Picket version that made a noise in the UK........I don't want to hear that again either.

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