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Thread: Yo... Moe

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    I just watched the warriors beat the flintstones,and they're gonna force a game seven too..the raps might be in trouble..go warriors!

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    I'm rooting for the Lizards. I'm fed up with the Golden State Patriots and want somebody else to win.

    By the way, the Wiz are picking at 9 in two weeks. What position is most necessary to draft? I'm presuming it's not shooting guard unless you succeed in getting rid of Bradley Beal. And I have no clue why you want to dump the only sure-fire gold player you have but his name keeps coming up.

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    Anything is possible with them gizzards,they still have no g.m. And no glue.

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    Wow. I didn't know they still didn't have a GM. I saw that they whiffed on stealing Tim Connely from Denver but assumed they had a plan B. What the heck is wrong with that organization? Hate to say this about your team, Bubba, but they might be the worst run franchise in American sports right now.

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    How bout the known universe!!

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    You're aware that the NBA draft is in ten days... Are they?! How can you be ten days out of the draft and not have a GM?

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    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...jerry not only do they not have a gm..they don't have a glue...if i'm bradley beal i'm beggin for a trade!!!

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    Lakers are trying to trade Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram and the #4 pick for Anthony Davis. You might be able to get Jrue Holliday and Ingram (and possibly Lonzo) for sending Beal and the #9 pick to New Orleans, who would also get the #4 pick from LA. Everybody wins.

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    Sounds good,but they would muck it up.

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    I could imagine the Lakers and Pelicans calling and nobody answers the phone. It's the opposite of good business.

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    Exactly,if they don't get beal some help i can easily see them losing ten of their first twelve games at the start of the season.

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    And should he get hurt...twenty losses in a row easy,no positives after the second of relief on the firing of grunfield,even i was happy for a milisecond..but hope springs eternal-the mystics are picked to win it all which means that they too will fall..anytime that folks are more excited about daniel snyder that ain't good..get it together ted!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by arr&bee View Post
    Exactly,if they don't get beal some help i can easily see them losing ten of their first twelve games at the start of the season.
    Having Wall and Beal on max contracts is going to make procuring help... difficult. They have $107 million tied into six players (including Jabari Parker, who is a team option and may not return). The salary cap in $109 million. I'd look for them to decline Parker's option but good luck in getting free agents when playoff teams like the Nets, Clippers and Sixers have loot to spare. Forget about the Knicks and Lakers being preferred destinations and having money as well. The only team that rivals the Quizards for having a dysfunctional front office is the Lakers.

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    Jerry,after you're elected pass an amendment that states that d.c. Is banned from professional sports for five hundred years.

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    That might happen by natural selection without any help from me. Besides, what would the Globetrotters do if I banned the Washington Generals? It'd kill their games. Same would happen if I took the easy wins away from the NFL, MLB and NBA and they'd be furious with me. Might even turn down my invitation to eat dinner at the Whites House. And that might not work because I've already accepted money from a few caterers to host the winners of each sport. *Derp* I mean, I've already initiated talks with interested parties to provide the food for free. But hey, you still have the Capitals.

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    The trotters could just play the gizzards.

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    Don't go to sleep for the next couple of nights, Homes. Looks like the Pels are trying to peel Beal off of your boys. Don't be surprised if they throw Lonzo Ball or Jrue Holliday in to make this deal work.

    Griffin has been open to moving the No. 4 overall pick, and one player league executives believe the Pelicans are monitoring in a potential trade is Washington Wizards All-Star Bradley Beal, sources said. But Wizards interim president Tommy Sheppard is running the Washington front office as of now, and the franchise has been adamant for months that it hopes to build around Beal.

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    Oh boy,that's all this team needs is lonzo ball's wacko dad running around making demands...i need a drink!!

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    I have zero doubts that Lavar Ball will never spend a night in the DC area. Might fly in for games but he doesn't strike me as someone who'd be comfortable in the Beltway. If it happens, it'll probably be today or tomorrow. Got me sittin' back all like:

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    And if i may say so,sir you're the only one who could pull it off!!!

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    WELL JERRY,THE GIZZARDS PICKED THE KID FROM GONZAGA,AND SOMEONE SAID HE COULD BE LIKE KHWAI LEONARD...[of course that means that if he's any good he'll get hurt before training camp and be useless]SUCH IS THE CURSE

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    I thought Hachimura would go about 5-8 picks later but he is a really good player. Humble kid with a great story. Learned to speak English a couple of years ago after coming from Japan. He's enough for me to root for you guys unless you're playing the 76ers or Nuggets. And in the second round, you guys bought a pick from the Sixers for Admiral Schofield, who was a really good player for Tennessee last season. I'm not sure how either fits into your plans but if my team got either guy, I'd be satisfied. Neither is a star but both are experienced, have a good all-around skill set and should come in hoping to contribute without believing that the world owes them anything.

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    Ok jerry,i'm not familiar with either of them but if you think they can play,that's good enough for me,thanks!

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    Oh, they can play. But I doubt either or both together will make you much better. Not as explosive as Kelly Oubre but will have about the same impact as a third or fourth option as he had in DC (a notch below Otto). Hachimura is power forward and may be able to play small forward, but he can't play guard. Schofield isn't as good as Hachimura but he has a good motor and will give 100%. He might need to be in the right system to stick around and he may not be a fit.

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    Well, you also took out the Lakers' trash for them. Mo Wagner might be the second best newcomer to Hachimura, but you'll probably cut the other two. You have an interesting youth movement going with a whole bunch of above average youngsters, none of them likely to be a star. Might need a year or so (along with a high lottery pick out two) to develop, but there's something there to work with. Probably going to be a long season with Wall gone and Beal still on the trading block.

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    So,what's up with jimmy butler rolling out on ya'll? And is hartfort gonna be of much help,now if leonard leaves the flinstones then it might come down to 76'ers-bucks in the east..if the giz are stupid enough...[and they are stupid]to actually trade beal then they're toast-60 losses easy..and i hate this super team crap..will labron get his way again??

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    We will see. Jimmy caught Kyrie Irvingitis and now wants to lead his own team. In Minnesota, he complained about being the leader even though Towns and Wiggins were more talented. He said they didn't work hard. So he went to Philly, whose two leaders were more talented than he is and worked as hard s he does and he didn't want to be third banana. God bless him, we did good to swap him for Horford and Richardson but now we need to replace Reddick. I like our off season. We should be good this year.

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    Of course you'll be good you have leadership,while on the bottom looking up as always my gizzards have? Have?? Have??? Oh the heck with it...i'm gonna get drunk and pretend that i have a team-sigh!!!

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    Training camp for the NFL starts in four weeks. There's hope for a good season from the Rednecks with their new QB. And don't forget my NBA team's leadership was swept away by the NBA when was losing on purpose. A plan that would have masterfully otherwise. The guy they brought in to "make us respectable again" (Bryan Colangelo) traded first round picks to draft a 7-foot stiff that has played in Europe since then (2016). We cut him yesterday. Colangelo also sold picks for cash and pretty much FUBAR all the progress we made before he was caught using a fake Twitter account to trash his own players. He was fired when he was found out and our new GM (Elton Brand) is rocking the house with his decisions.

    I also like the Nuggets. The Quiz tried to grab their GM, who is from Maryland. That failed miserably before they swung and missed on trying to get Toronto's GM. In the meantime, Denver has a roster full of young good players who love playing basketball. Glad he stayed put.

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    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...if he grew up in the bleachers of the cap one center,ted still would miss out,now as for my other pain in the..[jai this is a family post]oh thanks voice,ahem as i was saying that other home team might not be too bad if our genuis coach doesn't mess it up..heck we might win six-seven games.

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    That's my niece's favorite team. She and my nephew drive from Ohio to DC once a year to use her uncle's season tickets to attend a game. My brother, who lives out west, drags his wife to a Steelers game somewhere once a year. And here I am, still trying to figure out if I'm watching a game this year.

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    If i had to chose from the-browns-bengals,heck i might drive to another state too.

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    LOL. The Bungles are my nephews favorite team. Their first round pick just got thrown on year long injured reserve. And his dad is a huge Brown's fan and this actually might be the year that their ship comes in. We'll see.

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    Hey,talk about hype...i haven't seen this much excitement since grady was last shut down!!

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    So, is Haskins going to start the season? And is Alex Smith going to heal in time to be paid for this season (or will Snyder cut him to get out of his contract)?

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    Alex smith is through,haskins shouldn't start,the dumbskins ain't gonna go anywhere this season so bring him along slowly but ol danny boy has a new toy and he might break it..i wish i had a team-sigh!!!

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    Hey jerry,bear with me bro while i cry in my beer..you may not be familiar with-steve buckanz who was for over twenty years the radio voice of the-no account-no defense-no offense-non coaching-good for nothing...gizzards,now this guy was fantastic and his call of[d-a-g-g-e-r]is legendary,anyhow he's out because the wise minds who run my home team wanted to go in another direction...picture the dodger kicking out vin scully in his prime,the only good thing about the games was his calls,did i mention that they kicked out his broadcast partner-bulletts legend-phil chenier-these f-cking clowns don't know what the h-ll they are doing...thanks for letting me vent..another bad day for the gizzards!!!

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    Wow, so disrespectful to the fan base. Can you imagine the Lakers firing Chick Hearn or the Steelers firing Myron Cope? The audacity that it takes to essentially blame a tenured broadcaster for a team's flagging popularity is immense. Especially when (no offense intended) the team has been making increasingly huge personnel errors for three years to go from a rising playoff team to what someone described yesterday as the worst franchise in the association.

    By the way, we're three weeks away from the start of NFL exhibition season and so far, Jerry Jones and Roger Badsmell have not pissed me off to the point that I'm boycotting. I might actually convince myself to watch the games this season... By the way, when are you going to wake up moe and ms_m and thomas96? It's almost time to get the party started.

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    Hey jerry,if i know moe and ms.m,they are more than likely reading this post right now just waiting,and i'm sure that thomas96 will be ready for the season too,don't let any n f l idiots stop you from enjoying the game,i'm waiting for training camp to see if the[dumbskins]are gonna cave in to the pressure and actually start the kid[haskins]which would not be good,let him learn for this season since they're going nowhere so just bring him along slowly..but knowing these idiots they'll mess it up,we'll see!!

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    We'll see. Training camps are opening this week. The NFL season won't hold a candle to the NBA off-season though. More twists and turns than those old serial movies from back in the day.

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    Yep,except that those old movies were in-black&white while the nba dramas are in green[money green]hehehehe!!!

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    Preach, brother. Every time I thought I'd seen everything, something new popped up. If it was a movie, nobody would believe it. Leonard George, Irving Durant and James Davis all sound like guys I knew in high school and now they're the faces of teams they weren't even on a year ago. I couldn't say Westbrook Harden because Westbrook isn't really a first name even though I'm sure some idjit has named her brat Westbrook by now. Oops. Don't want to sound like Bill Cosby...

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    You think that's strange,on my wonderful underachieving never contending team,we have an admiral which is good for this sinking ship..we got rid of a[sato]for a[rui]and this team will still run like a[yugo]we got rid of [buck]for[tough juice]but all we really have is[sour grapes].

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    Hmmm... Wasn't it Washington that traded dead legged Jeff Ruland to us for Moses Malone 30 years ago? Yeah, we were stoopid to make that trade but it's no excuse for you guys to take advantage of feeble minded general managers. I might not feel bad for you guys anymore.

    By the way, what's with the reports that you're trying to signe Beal to a three-year $100+ million contract? That guy is not going to sign an extension with the Quizards. You can almost hear him laughing as he's having his agent congratulate you for your new GM hire but also demand a trade.

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    Haaaaaaaaaaaa,heck i wouldn't sign either,if the gizards are smart[huh???]they will trade him for some picks while they can...then again these clowns will trade beal to the lakers for oh say....javal mcgee and a waterboy...i wish i had a team-sigh!!!

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    Hey jerry-ms m-moe...training camp is now open so strap on your chin straps and pads and get ready to...hit something-[skins- pats in the superbowl]haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

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    Yup. Day #1 in Flowery Branch Georgia tallied up Falcons safety with a torn ACL and a defensive lineman with a broken ankle. Not the way you want to start.

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    Wow,that's not good,hope you got a deep bench.

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    Hey jerry,bradley beal turned down the offer sheet from the gizzards..the handwriting may be on the wall.


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