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Thread: Yo... Moe

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    lawd knows they sometimes piss me off but I still love em!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ms_m View Post
    Since I had nothing better to watch I decided to read through the thread.
    Jerry Oz, if you can give me a logical and coherent argument that boycotting football will help Dems take back the House and Senate, I'm in.....until then...I'm with Jai...screw it
    [[VOTE) and watch the games!!!!!

    Get it together BOYZS!
    "...Dems take back the House and Senate?" Scratching my head on that one... I feel better not patronizing an outfit that blacklisted Kaep and Eric Reid. I'm happy for you all to enjoy it but I'm honestly not down for watching the product anymore. Jerry and Stephen stuck a fork in that one for me. Bring on the NBA.

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    Over the years I've learned that for me, making decisions based on anger and high drama rarely work out in my favor but hey...do you boo...

    I love the smell of pigskin in the morning

    Have a great day everyone!

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    Oh man oh man oh man...........what? A tie? Never would've thought it!!
    All those turnovers...but 2 interesting points:
    James Conner getting 135 rushing yards [[L Bell still holding out, but, that's another story)
    The Browns just may be starting to turn the bend
    But the weather since Saturday!! I'll have to see how much rain we got.
    Look out for Florence Ms M..& be safe!!

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    I was over my folks' house during the game, moe. Dad is a Clowns fan. He can't believe I'm siding with LeVeon over the contract and started in on me by telling me that Bell's a fool to lose $850 thousand by holding out. I explained football economics to him, to no avail. Then he said that $14 million is enough for everybody but couldn't account for why Big Ben and Brown are making much more than that. I lobbed a few logic bombs at him that he didn't react to very well and left feeling guilty about riling him up. I know I shouldn't raise his blood pressure, but why in the world would I worry over someone else's money?

    I stopped over a few hours ago and was talking to my mom when Pops chimed in [[out of nowhere) "I sure could use $850 thousand". LOL. Good luck on repairing that relationship, Steelers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by moe View Post
    oh man oh man oh man...........what? A tie? Never would've thought it!!
    All those turnovers...but 2 interesting points:
    James conner getting 135 rushing yards [[l bell still holding out, but, that's another story)
    the browns just may be starting to turn the bend
    but the weather since saturday!! I'll have to see how much rain we got.
    Look out for florence ms m..& be safe!!
    moe,what happened?? A tie with the browns..you know there's a script in there somewhere,hehe!!

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    Well R&B,
    It's up to you to figure that script out!

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    Steelers are breaking in a new offensive coordinator. Their old one went to Cleveland and although he's a jerk, blaming him for the loss against Jacksonville when they scored 42 points was kind of ill-based and looking for a scapegoat. I don't know how they lost after forcing the Browns into turnovers because I didn't think there was any margin for error for Cleveland. That said, Cleveland's defense is going to be special very soon and it looks like Ward was a good pick after all.

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    Overconfidence [[on the part of the Steelers) played a part in that loss to the Jags. Haley is a jerk but he did come after them on Sunday. Joe Haden is hurt [[who knows if he'll play). Still no news on LBell. It's our home opener & I will be there to cheer.

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    Hey moe,where will you be sitting? Hold up a sign so i'll know it's you.

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    40 yd line visitors side, R&B........look for face paint

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    Yes it's only week one,but i think that the bears have their qb.

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    Quote Originally Posted by moe View Post
    Overconfidence [[on the part of the Steelers) played a part in that loss to the Jags. Haley is a jerk but he did come after them on Sunday. Joe Haden is hurt [[who knows if he'll play). Still no news on LBell. It's our home opener & I will be there to cheer.
    ??! Overconfidence? After what happened in the regular season matchup? If they came into the playoff matchup overconfident, then I need to reassess my opinion of Mike Tomlin. I can appreciate confidence but if you don't respect a team that beat you up once before, that's not good. I would have had my team thinking they were underdogs and had to play a perfect game. But there's a reason why I'm not a coach...

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    You would be a good coach,we win one game and now the dumbskins are five point favs over the colts,i don't like this-andrew luck will come out swinging.

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    Quote Originally Posted by moe View Post
    40 yd line visitors side, r&b........look for face paint:d
    moe,just hold up a big sign that says-in da hood productions,i won't miss that!!

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    Welp. Atlanta's lost its best two defensive players for the year and Devonta Freeman is hurt. I guess I picked the right year to start not watching the NFL.

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    Tomlin has been criticized for his lack of discipline lately. All the drama with Bell, the O Line responses to Bell, etc.........
    I think people in Pittsburgh are used to the "no BS" coaching of a Noll, or a Cowher.

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    Hold onto that brother. You need a GM to be as much of a voice for the team as the coach. I think Tomlin has enough to answer for as coach; he doesn't need to respond to every personnel matter as well. I don't even know who your GM is.

    And tell Terry Bradshaw to shut up. Dissing a Super Bowl winning coach is bad form.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jerry oz View Post
    welp. Atlanta's lost its best two defensive players for the year and devonta freeman is hurt. I guess i picked the right year to start not watching the nfl.
    i guess the durty burds won't be in the superbowl this year,but fear not...neither will the dumbskins-i wish i had a team sigh!!

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    ...our best two defenders.

    I know that SDF doesn't censor curse words but out of respect to my fine peers, I'll simply do it myself.

    What the $!!# is this %*!!##? How the $*&$$@ is any of this *!!$# possible? #*%$ the NFL, #*%$ Jerry Jones, #*%$ Roger Goodell and #%*$ all of these $&*#*@! injuries!

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    Yeah,you tell em jerry,it's %$^^*&[[[[*&^%$#@@!@!~!@#@# conspiracy,hehehe!!

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    Can't wait for college basketball and the NBA to start.

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    Hang in there jerry,as the miracles might say..don't let it end til you let it begin!!

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    *Sigh* And now, Devonta Freeman is hurt and won't play. Anyway, RISE UP!

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    Thanks Jai. I probably have more alcohol than patience but hey, whatever gets me through the season. teehee

    I'm good Moe, not in NC but the house made it through ok. My NC neighbor's basement is in danger of being flooded though. It's not the first time so he seems to be taking it in stride.

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    I finally remembered, Ms M [[can't believe I forgot that).
    It was not a wonderful ride home from Heinz Field today...it starts with the coach.
    And........the Pats lost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    It's cool Moe. I still have to look out for the house until that is resolve.
    Don't have any sympathy for the Pat's...boo hoo.... yeah. LOL
    I'm focus on the BOYZ.....time will tell....


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    game on! It's sunday night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    touchdown boyz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    3 points
    let's keep the momentum going Boyz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Will take whatever we can get. Thanks newbie kicker...LOL

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    Name:  download.jpg
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Size:  11.4 KB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Another potential heart attack, another Boyz win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nighty, nite haters ....LOL

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    Congrats ms.m you all finally found an opponent worse than yourselves[enjoy it because reality will return next game]now as for my misery,i'm not gonna rant an rave as usual because the team i root for is just s.o.s[stuck on stupid]a couch who doesn't know how to make halftime adjustments,players who think after one win over a team sorrier than them that they are now contenders-haaaaaaaaaaaaaa...is the dumskins season over umm-yep i know the saying is-on any given sunday well it doesn't apply to this sorry bunch,now let me see...hmmm aaron rodgers[green bay 40-skins-17]oh and it gets better- drew brees[saints 45-skins-21]oh and after that here comes carolina[panthers-35-skins-14]these dummies couldn't score on the colts??? And they gonna beat three contenders in a row?????-haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..h-e-l-l to the no,but hey it is what it is,i'm out!!

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    Hey moe,don't worry,your steelers will be alright i on the other hand have nothing to look forward to..go steelers!!

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    Antonio Brown just lost his flipping nut about not getting enough targets on Sunday. He was only targeted 17 times. Hours after the game, a team spokesman unwisely tweeted that he shouldn't be griping about how he's being used since playing with Big Ben is why he's making a ton of money. He said that Brown wouldn't have great numbers with another QB and Brown tweeted a reply: "Trade me and see". Steelers are imploding before our eyes.

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    Wow,is tomlin losing control upthere? The steelers???hey moe what's going on in steeltown???

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    IMO: The Steelers suffer from a combination of lack of discipline, Bell a no show, poor performance, & a banged up O-Line.
    Cowher or Noll would NEVER have tolerated Bell or Brown's antics

    I feel for Dave DeCastro...one of the best pulling guards in the NFL

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    Wow moe,that's hard to take,i've always liked the steelers..even when they're kicking our butts,hehe..this has always been a first class organization run by football people who know what they're doing,only three coaches in[49]yrs-i think my team has hired about a hundred..moe say it ain't true!!

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    Whoops. Now Big Ben has made an appearance in Stormy Daniels' book, seeming to be a major creep. That's going to cause problems at home. And people seem bound and intent to bury Tomlin for stuff that isn't even his fault. None of our teams is free from turmoil right now.

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    And right on cue, the Falcons lose Freeman for another week in addition to their starting right defensive end and backup defensive end right before we play the Stains this week. That's probably our three best defenders lost now. Glad I won't be watching. Again.

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    I'll take the field goal

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    I'm done
    Good Night haters
    Fan for life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    The Birds lose in overtime to the hated Stains. And...

    We lose another defensive starter in Ricardo Allen who left the game early. If you're keeping track, that's our starting Pro Bowl safety Keanu Neal, Pro Bowl MLB Deion Jones, starting right DE Takk McKinley and starting free safety Allen. What the heck's going on?

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    Oh, and our starting left guard. I'm not even counting any more. Come on, basketball season...

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    And the Pats lost again.........

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    Hey ms.m-how bout them..oh never mind[hehe]did the dumbskins actually beat aaron rodger or did i just imagine it?..[that hooch has a kick ya know]good luck tonight moe,don't sleep on tampa..jerry,your burds looked pretty good to me,you just can't let drew brees have the ball last!!

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    [[Jerry scribbles down notes: Don't... let... Breesy... have... the... ball... last.)

    Great! A little late but I'll get this to Falcons HQ right away. Thanks, Cowboy! Whoops. I guess I mean 'thanks, Injun'!


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