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Thread: Yo... Moe

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    Five games in a row, though. And on ESPN, they said that it sounds like Beal and Gortat are throwing subtle shade at Wall by suggesting that they're playing more team ball with him out of the line up. Do Beal and Wall get along off the court?

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    John Wall: 'Shocking' to hear some say Wizards better without me

    John Wall joins The Jump to address perception that the Wizards are a better offensive team when he's not on the court. [[0:53)

    6:53 PM ET
    Sidelined Washington Wizards point guard John Wall called it "shocking" to hear some people say the team is better offensively without him.

    The Wizards are in the midst of a five-game win streak, one that's coincided with the absence of Wall, who had knee surgery last week and is expected to miss six to eight weeks. That has led some to wonder whether Washington is better without him on the court.
    The Wizards have been engaged in trade talks involving center Marcin Gortat, who has one year and $13.5 million left on his contract and is averaging 8.9 points and eight rebounds per game in 53 starts this season.

    Asked about such thoughts during an interview on The Jump on Tuesday, Wall said:

    "It was funny to me at first, just to see some of the things that people were saying and certain type of comments. But I've seen these guys put in a lot of work every day, and we always say the motto is next man up no matter what. I think we moved the ball well early in the season, we just couldn't make shots. And we couldn't defend at all. I think now guys are stepping up and the first unit and second unit are playing very well.

    "But it was kind of shocking to hear a couple people say the ball is moving a lot better, when that's what I pride myself off of, being more happy when my teammates are scoring than I am."

    Appearing later on SportsCenter, Wall was asked about a tweet teammate Marcin Gortat sent out in which the center referred to a Feb. 1 win over the Raptors as a "Great 'team' victory."

    "It was more just shock to hear it from him, understanding he gets the most assists from me and the most spoon-fed baskets ever," Wall told ESPN's Michael Smith.

    "It was kind of shocking to hear a couple people say the ball is moving a lot better, when that's what I pride myself off of," John Wall said of those who say the Wizards are playing better without him. Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports
    On both The Jump and SportsCenter, Wall also said if teammates have concerns with his style of play, they should come to him.

    "I just think if you have a problem with anyone as a man and the principles I stand on, you talk face-to-face," he told The Jump. "They have my number, they can see me in person. If we have any discomforts we can talk."

    On Saturday, All-Star Bradley Beal called it "comical" to hear people say the Wizards are better without Wall. Two nights earlier, Beal raised eyebrows after a 122-119 win against the Raptors by saying "everybody eats" when the Wizards pass the ball.

    As for the surgery, Wall says he's still on crutches and waiting to get stitches out but overall is feeling great as the rehab begins.

    "I'm very positive through this whole process, just mentally strong," he told The Jump. "Been through it before. It was just to a point where I knew I couldn't be myself and I just wanted to get myself healthy. I know I got a long career where that I want to play, and to jeopardize it on this season, I thought it was best to have surgery."

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    I don't think that wall and beal are real tight,but they have been sharing the ball better since wall went down,because they have to,although they lost tonight they have been playing better team ball.

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    Yah, my Sixers found a way to beat somebody finally. Hopefully, we can play and beat you again soon.

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    Looks like Pats OC Josh McDaniels is staying in New England. He had agreed to the head coaching job for Indy, but backed out. What does that say about him?

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    It says that he expects Bill Belichick to quit in the next two years so he can take the New England job. He won't get offered another job in the NFL unless he signs the contract on the spot and that might not happen for a few years after he did this. But this shows how classy Bob Kraft and everybody in the Pats' organization is. If he sweetened the pot to make sure McDaniels didn't leave, why didn't he sweeten it to make sure he didn't interview and waste everybody's time?

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    That says he has good sense,indy sucks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jerry oz View Post
    yah, my sixers found a way to beat somebody finally. Hopefully, we can play and beat you again soon.
    yeah,you all were on an emotional high from the superbowl players being in da house and that big crowd,we didn't stand a chance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arr&bee View Post
    yeah,you all were on an emotional high from the superbowl players being in da house and that big crowd,we didn't stand a chance.
    Y'all were missing something. I can't quite think of what it might be..,

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    Yep,that's my home teams,always trying to get over that hump,sigh!!

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    Hey jerry,them gizzards are at it again,did you hear that they are going after-drumroll..ty lawson who is currently tearing it up in china,meanwhile former mvp-jalen rose is sitting,i guess he couldn't help those gizzards coming off the bench,i mean they are gonna take the league by storm-labron better watch out...sigh-i wish i had a team!!!

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    Well, I am a bigger fan of the North Carolina basketball team than any other team, so Ty Lawson will always have a place in my heart. With that said, he flamed out in Denver and a weed head playing in DC might not be the best player in the right spot. Really flamed out and let me down. And for Derrick Rose, he quit on the Bulls, Knicks and Cavs, so who would want him? And he's lost a step to go along with no shooting ability. He's a bum. You guys are sitting at #4 in the east. Personally, unless you look like you're falling out of the 4-5 spot, I'd stand pat since you'll be playing the same team in the playoffs. You want to avoid playing Toronto, Cleveland and Boston in round 1 if you can.

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    Yeah,i guess you got a point about both those guys,oh well the gizz will go out in the first round anyhow with or without wall this season,i have very little confidence in them doing anything in the playoffs even against the raptors who are some choking dogs in the playoffs.

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    They won again tonight, by the way...

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    But it was the knicks,and they still had to come back from[27 points]down to do it,see what i mean they just don't get it,on any given night you can lose.

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    No lead is safe this season. Philly ran back on Miami after trailing by 24 in the third quarter. The Sixers have lost at least six 20+ point leads and lost games this year.

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    Wow. Just read an article that suggested that Deadskins, who have for three years refused to give Kirk Cousins a contract [[choosing to franchise tag him for the last two) might apply the franchise tag again to ruin his market value out of pure spite. What the heck is wrong with that team? They refused to give this guy a deal and now they're trying to bone him on his way out the door, even though they have a new QB secured. I don't normally care about the NFC East, but I might have a new team to root against in that division.


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    But kirk won't have to sign anything,this team is stuck on stupid,why do you think i call em-the dumbskins,the best thing for this team would be for the idiot to sell it,of course he won't as we know,i would love to buy this team and the very first thing i do is-change the racist name and if i hear any grumbling i move em to another city,of course i would have to put a winning team on the field..oh i wish i could!!

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    Now for my other headache-them darn gizzards[hehe]at least their owner appears to have good sense[although i wonder why ernie still has a job]they blew a golden opportunity in the first half with all those losses to sorry teams,now they gotta pay the piper cause the big boys are coming up starting with-the labrons,oh well at least they make the playoffs.

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    If they franchise Cousins, he should sign the tender immediately. It's for one year and $35 million. Between that and the $50+ million they're guaranteeing Alex Smith, he can screw them royally. Especially if he lets prospective trade partners know that he's not willing to sign a longer term deal. Having $60 million tied up in a QB and a backup QB would ruin the team's chances to improve in any other area. Heck, they'd have to cut a third of their top players. Stay tuned.

    And you just need to take a couple of deep breaths regarding the Lizards. They'll be fine. Won't win a chip this season, but will fight until the end [[Toronto, Boston, the Land).

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    Oh well,like i said at least they do get to the playoffs which is all i can hope for,and i'm already prepared for them to go out in the first round so anything beyond is gravy..stay tuned...sigh!!

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    ??! Are we talking Skins or Quizzards with that last comment?

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    Gizzards,kirk just filed a grievence against the skins.

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    Why? Are they really going to be childish enough to tag the guy out of spite after tagging him twice already? The money they paid him for the past two seasons would have matched a signing bonus had they signed him two years ago. See what happens when you're the only franchise in pro sports without an actual GM? Snyder is an idiot. Glad he's not owner of any of my teams.

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    Childish is their middle name,this could get ugly oh yes snyder is an idiot.

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    Watching the Quiz play the Cavs and they're looking good. Cavs are shooting like poo but Washington is playing well. Mike Scott scored six in a roll and Wall's backup has played really well.

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    Yep,i saw em,i cringe when i think about where they would be if they had beat the scrubs early on,the big surprise is satoransky who was a total bum last year and now he's playing like a poor man's[john stockton]which is great for the giz,i still say they go out in the first round i hope they prove me wrong,oh and come playoff time labron is gonna wish he still had kyrie cause he's gonna have to score fifty a night for em to get back to the finals.

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    Well, they're sitting at fourth in the East with 24 games left. They could easily finish third. You're looking at hosting the first round and if they keep playing the way they have been playing [[assuming Wall doesn't get his panties burnt and comes back trying to play hero ball), I see them making it to the second round. Then, the fun starts. You may not see it, but I see a dangerous team there, Bubba.

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    Well,we'll see soon enough,if they do get past the first round it'll be the same ol song an dance,d.c.teams can't get out of their own way.

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    That's the thing with the NBA: If you're not one of the five or six best teams or one of the seventh or eighth worst teams, you're not likely to improve your circumstances without a major free agent acquisition. You won't get better through the draft without a huge stroke of luck [[like getting Donovan Mitchell with the 12th pick). Your team needs another star in order to play with the Cavs, Raptors, Warriors, Spurs and Rockets. That's why players are picking their landing spots, which I approve 100%. But it would be hard in the Washington since you're already paying Wall, Beal and Porter $95 million a year.

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    See what i mean jerry,after beating the[labrons]in cleveland,them bums come home and lose to the hornets!!!%%$#^^^$@@!??? They deserve to go out in the first round,dang turkey buzzards,agggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

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    Well, I'll be pleased as punch if they come out on Sunday and play as poorly as you believe them to be. They play my Sixers and I'd love an eighth straight win, even if I don't expect it.

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    Hey,your sixers are on a roll,and they will beat them bum gizzards..i wish i had a team...sigh!!

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    Well, what a revolting development that was... Methinks thou doth protest too much.

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    Opps,what happened??? Dem bums cross me up every time!!

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    They looked a lot like the team that gives the Golden State Warriors night tremors. I don't even want to look up the stats because there's no way you guys have played better this season and you still manage to complain about them. And based on your scouting report, I bet the house, the car and little Jerry's college fund on the Sixers to win. I think you set me up.

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    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..little jerry's college fund-that's classic,no bro they shoulda stunk the joint up...maybe big wes threatened em!!

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    It's okay. The snot-nosed little punk came home with two Cs, three Ds, and an F on his report card and complained about barely missing the dean's list. He said that the study hall monitor has it in for him because that's his best class and he still doesn't know what his grade was. I don't know how to tell him that since he'll be 19 next year, he won't be permitted to advance to the 9th grade so maybe I'll just tell him that he's graduating early.

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    Don't worry jerry,big duufus is tutoring now and maybe he can help him..you know he finished[1,000th]out of[999]in his class..now let me see if i still have the number to that phone booth that he hangs out at!!!

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    Well them gizzards got a lesson tonight,the champs came to town and held beal to[8 points]don't mess with[curry]and his boys.

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    I thought that Zaza Pachulius was big Duufus. Did he fall on anybody in the game?

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    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,i don't think he did this time.

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    I'll bet that if Gortat started falling on Curry like Pachulius dropped down on Russ, the NBA would drop the hammer fast and hard. Honestly, if I was OKC, I'd manage to stumble and trip over the head of the first Warriors star to hit the floor in the next game. Having a goon get away with that stuff is an unfair advantage and sometimes it takes a fight to get the league to correct the behavior.

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    Gortat is pretty even tempered,and it's a good thing that he is,jerry you wanna know who was an enforcer when he was playing? Big wes unseld[the guy never smiled]once there was a scuffle on the court,big wes just stepped between the two combatants and that fight never got started,even wilt didn't mess with big wes.

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    Wes and Bobby Dandridge remain my favorite Bullets/Wizards.

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    Bobby d was one of the best defensive players ever,just ask-dr.j

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    Somebody tried to compare Pachulia to Bill Laimbeer and Rick Mahorn. At least the Bad Boys would decapitate you in the course of the play, not fall on a smaller guy just laying on the floor. Besides, back then everybody had a goon. Detroit just happened to have a team full of them.

    Did you become a fan of the Bullets when they came to Washington or did you like them when they were in Baltimore? I know the areas are close and a lot of fans in each city appreciate the teams of the other.

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    There were only two things in baltimore that i liked[crabs-the bullets]..that team was good but would always lose to the knicks in the playoffs[great games]and of course they got[earl the pearl]and a ring.

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    Hey jerry,abe pollin's teams were about speed,starting with the-zephyrs[which is the roman god of speed]and of course-faster than a speeding bullet.

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    Jerry,dem gizzards gave one away tonight to the pacers and now they are in the fifth spot...and falling with no[wall]to lean on.


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