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Thread: Yo... Moe

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    Latest: Hawkins off Covid list......Matthew Wright to kick in place of Boswell.

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    And... The Washington Football Team notches the W with a late comeback. Hope *somebody* has enough hooch to celebrate the victory. It's not really surprising though because Pittsburgh's had probably the most emotional 2 weeks imaginable [[to say nothing about playing two games in six days.

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    Those guys looked tired.......no excuse, though. Their running game sucks big time. And, more injuries...Haden [[concussion), Spillane [[knee). Good thing they picked up Avery Williamson from the Jets! There you go, R&B.......you're the hooch master. I hope you had some to celebrate the W.

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    It's odd that sometimes it seems like teams can loosen up once they don't have to win for history's sake. Between a normal week, getting a few players back and Tomlin's ability to carry a chip on his shoulder [[especially after a loss to a team that they *sorry, Jai* should have beaten), I wouldn't want to play your team next week.

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    Buffalo, in Buffalo Sunday................

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    I didn't see that on the schedule. Definitely must see TV. Miami plays Kansas City. A Buffalo win and a likely loss by the Fins will effectively wrap up the division for the Bills. A Bills loss and win by Miami ties them up with a late season matchup coming up. Things are going to be intense! Popcorn is already being popped.

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    Jerry, your fantasy boy James Conner has just be removed from the Covid list back to activated. No word on Pouncey yet, though. He was to have been removed Monday night. No one knows anything yet.

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    Thanks. I just took him off injured reserve and replaced him with Curtis Samuel. But I have a couple of other running backs with higher projected point totals so I'm likely to leave him on the bench. When I drafted him and Saquon Barkley as my RBs, I thought for sure I'd get 35-40 points a week out of them. I got less than 10 points the first week. Then Barkley got hurt in week 2 and Conner has been hit or miss [[mostly miss). I hate fantasy football.

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    I'm sure you enjoyed that victory. Now the latest Covid victim is LB Vince Williams. THAT is a HUGE loss for the Steelers.
    The Offensive Coordinator [[Randy Fichter [[sp)) is NO ONE's favorite [[never has been) & his head should be on the chopping block.

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    I thought Todd Haley was still OC in Pittsburgh. I guess that's what happens when you step away from watching the NFL for a couple seasons. Brings something else to mind:

    I have an opinion that the internet has created specific geniuses and general fools of many [[especially me). In the '80s, I used to buy 3-4 NFL yearbooks and at least two or three college basketball and NBA yearbooks every season. I'd read about the Falcons and Dolphins three or four times and then, I'd read the rest of the magazines and learn about the other 28 teams. I pretty much knew about everybody. Now, with the internet all I do is read news about Atlanta and Miami because there's no end to it. I know a lot about both but hardly anything about other teams. Same with North Carolina, Philadelphia 76ers and Denver Nuggets in college hoops and NBA.

    We've become [[generally speaking) a nation of idiots because we have access to a ton of information but many of us only focus on what we want to know. The feedback loop has us stuck on what we already know in sports, politics and society. This has little to do with this thread but I wanted to put it out there to see if I was crazy.

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    Now jerry,you know i won't let you be crazier than me,hehehe...but you're right about what you say here, but back to football i don't think that there has been a weekend with so many big games[nfl]wow and i love it-pittsburg-buffalo..wft-san fran..new york giants-cardinals..miami-kansas city..baltimore-cleveland,so much at stake, let the games begin!!

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    Yeah, Homes. The picture will be much clearer by the end of the weekend to be sure.

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    I have a friend in Boston who only seems to appear when the Patriots do something good/Steelers do something bad. I hadn't heard from him throughout all of the games won by the Steelers, ONLY when they lost. In the same email he tells me that the Pats are "going to run it all to winning the Super Bowl." Now...that was before the Rams took them to the cleaners Thursday night. And, guess what? I haven't heard from him [[what a surprise.....NOT). If the Steelers lose [[not win, mind you) I will hear from him Monday BUT he will not comment on the Pats trashing by the Rams. You want to talk about a typical Pats fan?
    Pouncey off the Covid list but Vince Williams on the Covid list [[THIS is a big loss for us).
    And, of course I'm rooting for the Ravens to beat the Browns

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    Moe, living in central Ohio exposes me to the very worst of Steelers fandom. If I had to rank them, my experience with Pittsburgh fans ranks them fourth on the obnoxious meter to fans of [[in order) the Cowboys [[sorry, ms_m), Jests and Stains. Present company excepted, of course.

    Fortunately, the Cowboys [[sorry, ms_m) and Jests fans don't have a lot to crow about but New Orleans fans are as buttheaded as normal.

    In Columbus, Pittsburgh ranks second only to Cleveland [[a little higher than the Bungles) and when they're playing well, you hear more braggadocious chit chit chatter than is possible to fit into a 24 hour day. My cousin married one of my best friends in the '80s and it was only when Pittsburgh beat the Seehags in 2006 that I found out they were "lifelong" Steelers fans. And I've known her husband since I was 7 years old.

    My brother lives in Vegas and takes in at least one Steelers game per year, traveling all over the country with his wife and one of her cousins. He is, by far, the most obnoxious Steelers fan that I know. He tried hard to rub in Atlanta's epic Super Bowl collapse three years ago but when I advised him that his squad was watching the game from the cheap seats, he got upset. He tried to push my buttons but all it took was to remind him that Pittsburgh was spectators that day for him to blow a gasket.

    He forgot that I'm nasty when it comes to debates. Especially when I've had time to consider every ignorant statement someone's going to make. I find that person's seeds of anxiety and make sure I passive-aggressively hit on them and they get upset without knowing why. It's my version of a Jedi mind trick but if my teams suck, I might as well ruin somebody else's day.

    Pops was a huge Browns fan. I'd love for the Clowns to beat the Crows tomorrow but we all know that Cleveland's gonna Cleveland so my hopes are not up.

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    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...hey moe,your friend sounds like most dallas fans,where are those brave cowboyz fans,hmmmm??????

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    I think you both know that when anything bad happens with the Steelers I'm right there to own up to it....I have always called it the way I saw it....Now, if there wasn't any Covid this year not only would've we been in our seats we would've traveled with the team this year. Oh well, but I would rather be healthy & alive then not.

    I do not "jump on the train." Being born into it, living it, going to Mass & hearing it from the priest confirms my pedigree [[LOL.....see? The priest says so). But ya gotta admit bad play as well as the good. My Steeler Twitter peeps are as realistic as I am.

    We will be moving within a few years & we are unsure as to what we will do about keeping our season tickets. I just can't let go of them........yet.

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    You're a true fan, Moe. I'm 800 miles from Atlanta and it irks the mess out of me when Atlanta's stadium becomes a home venue for road teams when the Falcons aren't playing well late in the season. Season ticket holders sell their tickets to the last 2-3 games to pay for the next year's package. A few years ago, Vikings fans got so loud in Atlanta, Matt Ryan had to go to a silent count in his own stadium. You can't come up with a more shameful example of a fairweather fan base [[which is why we never get described as obnoxious; there's only a couple dozen of us). Embarassing.

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    Jerry, I've wondered about your QB lately [[Matt Ryan). I know the one year when you went to the Super Bowl & lost it to the Patriots [[ohhhh, I had to hear that ad nauseum from my Boston friend) but what do you think about him? Good vs bad. And, having Julio Jones as my receive would've done wonders for any QB.

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    Hey jerry,my home team wrote the book on fans taking over our stadium...the hatred for danny is so great that we had maybe five fans in a half empty stadium...maybe after covid we may have ten fans there-sigh!!

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    Atlanta wasted Matt Ryan's window by not providing him with a good coordinator, consistent offensive line or defense that could keep the team from having to outscore the opponent. This season is the first time in his career when I blame him for the team's poor performance. He's been holding onto the ball way too long and taking sacks. He's afraid to pull the trigger and in his best years, his confidence was his strongest attribute. It would be hard to argue that he's a hall of famer based on the fact that he was seldom considered a top-7 QB but people are going to be shocked to find out that he's statistically top 5-10 in nearly every QB statistical category that matters. I'm not sure if that makes him good but not great or great but not good. Regardless:

    Julio is my second-favorite all-time Falcons player but he's had an infuriating history of untimely drops. I love the fact that for the past 10 years, every conversation of who ranks as the best NFL receivers had people comparing others to him [[even though the other two seem to change year after year). Hiring Dirk Koetter as OC was a huge mistake, especially when he was tasked with adapting Kyle Shanahan's playbook. Dan Quinn forgot to look at his situation objectively and his lack of clear vision led to horrible decisions, primarily concerning his offense.

    I'm betting Atlanta drafts a new quarterback next year. Ryan's contract won't allow us to cut or trade him next season but that doesn't mean his replacement won't be ready and in place for 2022. I wouldn't be surprised if this is Julio's last season in the Dirty South. He's missed 2-3 games every season with nagging injuries and held out two years ago. They're going to hire a new GM and I'm pretty sure he'll scrutinize the value of all assets very carefully and at this point, Julio and Matt's contracts are producing diminishing returns.

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    Jerry & R&B,
    All I can say is UGH........

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    I feel your pain. But Jai doesn't. The WFT is sitting on top of the NFC [[L)East and Chase Young is proving to be a STUD.

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    You & I BOTH saw what Young can do when he was in college [[by the sheer fact we're both in Ohio....& you closer than I)...what a game last night!!
    In other news........I hope the Steelers offensive [[yes he is) coordinator Randy Fichter gets the boot.....I'm getting out my rosary for the playoffs.....if my mother were alive she'd be leading the prayer charge for the Steelers in church

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    Steelers look shaky right now. Their swagger looks a little forced compared to a couple of weeks ago. There seems to be something going on beneath the surface. Maybe the players don't like Fichter's play calling or philosophy. I've seen it happen before but seldom to a team that was 11-0.

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    Jerry, you're right........& even a blind man can, too. In Tomlin's press conference today lots of injuries with questionable returns. Questions deflected either because he was repeating himself since Sunday or he just didn't want to answer. And what about this business of dancing on the home team's logo on the center of the field? The Titans did it [[against the Ravens) & JuJu did it in Buffalo. I'm not sure where JuJu's head is these days. While he remains a good receiver there's a question as to his priorities [[do ya want to play football or be king of TikTok?) Also after this season JuJu is entering a contract year. Personally I'd like to see Bud Dupree stay [[off with torn ACL) but Bud was playing under the franchise tag this year & he [[with good rehab) may be too $$$ for the Steelers to hold onto. I love the Dupree/Watt combo in our defense.

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    Those are some hard decisions to make. The market for pass rushers has gone insane with Aaron Donald and Myles Garrett's deals. The Steelers should have a fair chance to keep Dupree if the salary cap stays the same or drops [[which it likely will) because teams will be loathe to commit huge money to a guy with his history of injury if they don't have a lot of extra loot available. Julio held out two seasons ago and now his contract looks prohibitive compared to his health. I don't think the Birds can trade him because of it so I'm expecting him to be renegotiated or cut in the off-season. I'd hate to see that era pass but business is business.

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    Changing the name changed their fate. I think the Cleveland Baseball Team figured it out and followed suit.

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    Must be nice... I'm drinking to forget my teams these days. Thankfully, the NBA is beginning next week.

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    Can you say Lamar Jackson?

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    I can say it.........care to expound??
    And wonder why Lamar had a case of the "slippies" Monday night?
    Did anyone see the hilarious tweets of Lamar running off the field & going to the bathroom?

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    Yeah, a lot of folks are panning him thinking he had the poops and not the alleged "cramp" that was reported [[although that might actually be accurate...). But he came back and looked like 2019 Lamar Jackson so maybe he can become a celebrity endorser for Ex-Lax.

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    Jerry, Twitter was VICIOUS!!!!!!!!! But they were also funny!!
    Big questions on our O Line for Bengals game. I haven't heard a peep out of our
    rookie Kevin Dotson [[shoulder) if he'll play Monday. I think its time the Steelers O Line needs some fresh blood...DeCastro is 30, Al V is 32 for starters.

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    R&B, you are absolutely right!!!!!!!! The Steelers need to get their #$%^ together & break free of the losing. Twitter still calling for the termination of the OC Fichter.
    He's bad, real bad.

    Jerry, Chargers won that game last night....haven't seen details yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jerry Oz View Post
    Yeah, a lot of folks are panning him thinking he had the poops and not the alleged "cramp" that was reported [[although that might actually be accurate...). But he came back and looked like 2019 Lamar Jackson so maybe he can become a celebrity endorser for Ex-Lax.
    Plop Plop Fizz Fizz.....O what a relief....to star in the GAME OF THE YEAR. Let's go Crows!!!!

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    Hello Des.......Long time no see. Lamar ran like he had the skeeters, c'mon...

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    Well, we lost and i'm cool with it because in this twilight zone season we still make the playoffs by winning and giants losing, but carolina ain't gonna roll over for us, jerry how bout them falcons? Hehehehehe!!!

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    Big Benn needs to retire............plain & simple

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    Yeah, I still think something's going on behind the scenes. Steelers seem to be regressing every week. Went from winning their first 11 games for the first time ever to losing three in a row with a loss to a bad team playing its third string QB.

    And shaddup, Jai. Picking on my plucked turkeys while they're hurting is a low blow. Low enough that I decided to post this article about your beloved Football Team with a smile on my face:
    Washington Football Team aware of Dwayne Haskins' maskless strip club image; QB apologizes

    11:53 AM ET
    John Keim
    ESPN Staff Writer
    The Washington Football Team said it was aware of pictures on social media showing quarterback Dwayne Haskins at a strip club Sunday night while not wearing a mask, but will handle the issue internally.

    Haskins tweeted an apology for his actions and said he spoke with coach Ron Rivera Monday and "took full responsibility for putting the team at risk. It was irresponsible and immature and I accept responsibility for my action." He also issued an apology to his teammates for "creating a distraction during our playoff push."

    The team also said it has made the league aware of the picture that was on Instagram, which was taken hours after he had started in Washington's 20-15 loss to Seattle. Handling it internally likely means Haskins will be fined, as he was earlier this season when he violated COVID-19 protocols by making reservations for a family friend to stay at the team hotel the night before a game at the New York Giants.

    The breach was caught before the person arrived, but Haskins was still fined $4,833.

    It's uncertain what this means for Haskins when Washington hosts the Carolina Panthers on Sunday. However, one source said the team is optimistic that quarterback Alex Smith will return after missing one game with a strained right calf muscle. Smith suffered a strained calf in a Dec. 13 win over San Francisco, causing him to miss Sunday's 20-15 loss.

    Washington coach Ron Rivera wants to prevent this storyline from overtaking what's at stake for the team: A chance to clinch the NFC East. Washington [[6-8) can win the division if his team beats the Panthers and the New York Giants lose to the Baltimore Ravens.

    On Monday, before the picture came to light, Rivera said about maintaining protocols: "That'll be the thing that we will most certainly talk about as we get up into this. Where we are right now this late into the season, everything has gone so well. Let's continue to focus in on staying clear of everything and staying healthy. Hopefully, we can maintain that and continue. We most certainly will talk about it.

    Washington has not lost any players from its active roster to the reserve/COVID-19 list this season.

    The latest situation with Haskins will cause the team to take a hard look in the offseason regarding his future with the organization. Washington drafted him with the 15th pick in the 2019 draft, a move spearheaded by owner Dan Snyder and not the scouts or coaching staff. Rivera's staff inherited Haskins, but multiple sources said they felt they could make it work by challenging him.

    With no preseason games, Rivera decided to give all the first-team reps to Haskins during training camp to fully prepare him for the season. He named him the starter in late August. Rivera said at the time had it been a normal offseason he would have had Haskins compete with Kyle Allen for the job. At the time, they weren't sure what Smith would be able to do and had strongly considered placing him on injured reserve.

    Haskins was benched after four games as multiple sources said they wanted to see better preparation from him during the week, among other things and to take a more mature approach. He was demoted to third string for four weeks but became the No. 2 quarterback after Kyle Allen suffered a leg injury on Nov. 9.


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    Wow. The Washington Football Team just tweeted a post saying they broke the Steelers.
    Name:  WFT.JPG
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    I think the Steelers started breaking during the Cowboys game.
    The next two games will be interesting!

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    The Colts and Browns are 20-8 combined. That's a tough row to hoe. Miami has Oakland and Buffalo. Buffalo might sit some starters if they can't change their playoff positioning. And it doesn't matter, but the Falcons have Kansas City and Tampa Bay [[who we should have beat on Sunday). Looking forward to the NBA beginning tonight to make me forget a lot of my NFL woes.

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    Looks like JuJu got admonished by his teammates and is seeing the light.
    Name:  Tweet.JPG
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    The Steelers' season would make a great documentary. Especially if they manage to turn things around and win it all. More ups and downs than a rollercoaster.

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    Yes, Jerry, I've been hearing it all. Steelers will be underdogs for Sunday game with the Colts, even though it's at Heinz Field. Vince Williams is back from Covid for the Steelers so that''s a big plus!! He was wearing the green dot until Covid [[he said his lungs felt like he smoked 8 packs of Newports). Bet he'll get it back from Avery Williamson. Dotson back, too... Good!!

    Looks like I'm in for some snow......you, being on the western side of OH may not get as much [[1-2 inches). Merry Christmas to both of you Jerry & R&B!!

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    God bless you with a merry Christmas, moe. We're under a winter advisory right now and our high tomorrow is somehow only going to be 21. I'm going over Mom's for a short time tomorrow but otherwise there won't be a lot of family gathering. I'll have everyone's presents next week and will spend tomorrow with my beloved.

    Kind of. I'm going to be all over the NBA and might watch Vikings v Stains.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jerry oz View Post
    yeah, i still think something's going on behind the scenes. Steelers seem to be regressing every week. Went from winning their first 11 games for the first time ever to losing three in a row with a loss to a bad team playing its third string qb.

    And shaddup, jai. Picking on my plucked turkeys while they're hurting is a low blow. Low enough that i decided to post this article about your beloved football team with a smile on my face:

    heheheheheheheehehehehhehehhehehehe,hey jerry,them burds aways seem to fly backwards,haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!


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