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Thread: Yo... Moe

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    R&B, you have ALWAYS lived in the Twilight Zone!! You do remember your life in the closet, don't you?

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    MOE,THIS TEAM DRIVES ME NUTTIER THAN I ALREADY AM..[that's pretty good driving]!!

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    For you............most def!!!

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    Thank you moe.

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    Always R&B......Ms Moe [[superstar) cares about her “friends” Greasy Grady, the Weiner Bros & You

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    Jerry, NFL Draft this week. Any thoughts?

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    A couple. Can't believe the Niners prefer Mac Jones to Justin Fields. Jones had a great season, no doubt. But Fields has more attributes that it seems like a modern QB should possess.

    I'll be shocked if Atlanta actually takes a quarterback at #4. Not that I don't think it's possible but if we bring in a QB, it officially kicks off our rebuild and I don't get the impression that our coach signed on to head up a rebuild. I'm hoping we take Kyle Pitts, but I'll be happy with almost anybody.

    I expect Miami to take Pitts at #6 if Atlanta doesn't. I think Cincinnati is selecting either JaMarr Chase or Penei Sewell at #5. Sewell if they want to keep Burrow healthy; Chase if they want to make him happy by reuniting him with an old teammate from LSU. If the Bengals take Chase, I expect Miami to take Pitts. If Pitts and Chase are gone, I expect the Dolphins to trade back to #9 and let Denver get their QB. There, they'll probably take Jaylen Waddle or Davonta Smith. A lot of people believe the Fins can get two Bama players in the first round with them selecting Najee Harris at #18. I don't think we'll get Harris in round one [[and the Steelers probably will), but they'll take the highest valued RB with their first pick in round 2 [[#36).

    Suffice it to say, I'm geeked out and beyond ready to get this party started.

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    That struck me odd too, Jerry. I thought Fields the more versatile of the two. Zach Wilson to the Jets? He's a good passer. Trade rumors going up for Julio Jones? And I have you taking Kyle Pitts, too. And I have Sewell too at #5. So, do the Bears or Denver get Trey Lance?? I don't know.
    I know so many Steelers fans want Najee Harris. I'm saying watch if Colbert & Tomlin go for the Center. I'm starting to put my lists together. It's the time I live for, too. My husband knows very well to just leave me be.....I'm almost ready.

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    Jerry, I watched the press conference with Kevin Colbert & Mike Tomlin. Colbert insists a running back is not necessarily the #1 pick but he will pick "the best available at the time. If I don't see what I want I may trade down."

    I just love this time of year.

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    That's just GM speak. Everybody knows that the Steelers and Dolphins need a running back. I don't expect Miami to get one at #18 so if Harris falls to #20 or #21, don't be surprised if Pittsburgh trades up to get him. Teams know other teams' needs and try to scoop them if there's a player they really like. Miami's second pick is at #36 and I expect several running backs to go off the board in the #30-35 range because the need is pronounced. But there are plenty of good ones available, if we don't get Harris, Etienne or Williams at #35, we can grab Trey Sermon at #50 or #81.

    I expect the Falcons to grab a running back in round three and a falling quarterback in round four or five. Other than that, I don't have any real projections.

    And yeah, this time of year always hypes me up. It's going to be an interesting week.

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    Well, the last time the Steelers did that [[trade up) was Devin Bush. I usually believe no sportswriter or 1 of these "mock drafts." I know what they need. The one thing I know is that Trevor Lawrence is going first.

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    Nobody has a clue what's going to happen after the first two picks. The Jests are taking Zach Wilson because they've been absent from pro days for the other three QBs. If you gave me $100 and told me to bet it, I would bet the following happens:

    1. Jacksonville - Trevor Lawrence
    2. Jests - Zach Wilson
    3. San Francisco - Trey Lance
    4. Atlanta - Justin Fields
    5. Cincinnati - Kyle Pitts
    6. Miami - Ja'Marr Chase

    For the record, I'm ALWAYS way off when I try to predict the draft.

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    I've been reading various reports & the one most common in all of them is that the Patriots may make a significant move [[from 15) into the Top 10 to snatch a QB depending of what team does/doesn't take a QB [[especially if SF passes on Trey Lance).

    Don't look at me, either. My crystal ball is non-existent.

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    Well, we're one day away from everything changing for a lot of people. Reports are that the Falcons are likely to select Pitts but I think it's a smoke screen. Carolina traded Teddy Bridgewater to Denver and now their only QB is Sam Darnold. I think they expect Fields or Lance to fall to them in the draft. Personally, if the Falcons take Pitts, I expect Miami to trade with either Denver or Carolina.

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    I do too, Jerry. I’ll stick my neck out & say Fields. I’ve reserved my front row seat for tomorrow night.

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    I will have the broadcast set on ABC, my Firestick on NFL Network, one browser on CBS Sports live coverage, another on Twitter [[they always get the picks 30-60 seconds before they're announced) and at least one more on GameTracker. Since Atlanta's drafting at #35 in round two and Miami has #18 and #36, I'll be following the whole round to see who drops.

    I'm way to eager for this.

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    I would say you are better prepared than me for the exception of Twitter [I got that one, too......they know things before everyone]
    Getting the popcorn popper out of the cupboard.......

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    Bill Nunn, the legendary sportswriter, editor, legendary Steeler Scout [who is responsible for bringing to the forefront historically black colleges & universities] finally got his due yesterday as he was enshrined into the Pro Football HOF. He is responsible for players such as LC Greenwood, Mel Blount, & John Stallworth & many others.

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    Jerry, I keep seeing this name creep up into the Steelers first round pick : Zaven Collins, a LB from Tulsa. Two of the Pittsburgh sportswriters have picked him to be the first round pick. I can't shake that thought, even though mostly everyone wants Najee Harris.

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    Rui posterized Anthony Davis. It was BRUTAL. He's a good kid, so I'm sure he called AD's parents after the game to apologize. But yeah, the WBT is now that team that sneaks into the playoffs but nobody wants to play. Looks like they finally figured it all out.

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    And I'm not familiar with Zaven Collins moe, but I see his name listed high on a lot of mock drafts. I expect Miami to draft an edge rusher or OLB with their #18 pick and if they do, that's going to start a run on defensive linemen and linebackers.

    *Mark that as my bold take*

    I think there's a great chance for Najee Harris to be drafted at the end of the first round. Everybody knows that Miami needs a running back and are likely to take one at #36. Teams are going to trade up to scoop Harris or Etienne but I'll be just as happy if we get Javon Williams in Miami and Trey Sermon in Atlanta in the third of fourth round.

    And congratulations to Bill Dunn. It would be cool if they put his display near to Myron Cope's.

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    Looks like the Steelers gave Mason Rudolph a one year extension into 2022. That's interesting because most teams only carry two QBs on game days.

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    I know. Now they have Ben, Mason, & Josh......with Haskins somewhere out there.
    So, what about Aaron Rogers not being happy at GB? Chad Johnson tweeted he [Rogers] will end up in San Francisco....what do you think? And Steelers fans [being what they are] had Rogers coming to Pittsburgh in 2 seconds...smh.
    They could use Collins, but also that OT [Jenkins] or a center. Steeler fans still assume they will pick Najee Harris. Today on NFL Channel they interviewed Aditi Kinkabwhala [sp] their reporter who covers Pittsburgh/Cleveland area. She said all parties on the Steelers were still agreeing on their first pick. The last time this happened "most wanted to take D. Hightower but Art Rooney made the decision & took David DeCastro." So, Rooney is the ultimate decision maker.
    Guess we'll both see in less than 2 hours.

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    The Niners gave up all of their compensation to move up to the third pick. He might wind up in Denver.

    Falcons got Pitts, so I'm a happy camper.

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    Well, Zaven Collins went off the board a long time before the Steelers had a chance to draft him. Arizona grabbed him at 16.

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    AAANNNNDDDD... The Steelers just bought a brand new Bus!

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    I NEVER thought Harris would be there at 24. And did you notice that Travis Etienne went to the Jags right after the Steelers at 25! And how bout Mac Jones going to New England. What a night!!!!
    And.......more later today

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jerry Oz View Post
    The Niners gave up all of their compensation to move up to the third pick. He might wind up in Denver.

    Falcons got Pitts, so I'm a happy camper.
    I'm happy for you, Jerry. He's a beast!!!!!

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    I'm not surprised Harris and Etienne went close to each other. I'm surprised Jacksonville drafted Etienne, though. I think Urban Meyer wanted someone that Trevor Lawrence was comfortable with in his draft class. Looking for Atlanta to draft an edge rusher or cornerback at 35 and Miami to draft a running back at 36.

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    I’m hoping for a Center in the 2nd round……
    Never thought I’d be this tired from last night…..

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    Now that the first round is out of the way I think a lot of teams are starting to look for O Lineman

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    We saw a run on quarterbacks and then receivers. Then there was a small run on cornerbacks followed by one on linebackers. The depth at OL allows for some pretty good players dropping. One columnist criticized the Steelers for grabbing Harris instead of the highest rated OL but getting a guy that good so late in the first round was a no-brainer. I'm sick of people suggesting that selecting a RB in the first round is a waste of a pick. Don't think the Giants and Cowboys feel that way about Saquon Barkley and Ezekiel Elliott. The only knocks that I've seen about Atlanta selecting Pitts at #4 are from people incensed that we didn't grab Fields and others who think that you never select a tight end that high. They can both kick bricks.

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    Saw this on Facebook:

    Najee Harris Throwing A Draft Party For The Homeless Shelter He Spent Time At As A Kid Was The Best NFL Draft Moment

    Jordie4/30/2021 9:35 AM

    It's so easy to tune into the NFL Draft every year and see all of these amazing talents getting picked up in the 1st round and just look at them as athletes. To just see the player that they've become at their highest level right now. You see Najee Harris get drafted with the 24th pick to Pittsburgh and you think about this guy right here.

    You see an athlete with almost superhuman abilities. You say to yourself, "no shit that guy is a 1st round pick". And maybe this is just me speaking from my personal viewpoint, but rarely do you think about the kid who had to work to get to the point where that man is at today. The kid who woke up every morning probably not knowing when or where his next meal was coming. The kid who went to practice every day probably not certain that he'd had a bed to sleep in later that day. A kid and a family who had so many obstacles in the way but still overcame to reach a point that so many others dream about.

    And sure, each NFL Draft prospect is different. Patrick Surtain II's father played in the NFL. Just from the looks of him, it seems like Zach Wilson comes from a bit of money. But when you see a story like Najee Harris and see where he came from to get to where he's at now? It's super humbling. And then to see him give back like that just goes to show the character of Najee Harris. The type of guy and role model he is. For a kid at that shelter right now to see someone like Najee Harris come from where they're at and then end up as a 1st round pick in the NFL? Probably a little inspiring to say the least.

    Insane talent. Better human. Decent guy for Pittsburgh to have around.


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    Up until the draft I had no idea about Harris's history. Knowing the Rooney's, don't you think this is exactly the kind of man they WOULD draft because his history is "icing on the cake?" I'll bet Harris gets involved with the homeless shelters in Pittsburgh.
    Steelers take a TE from Penn State. His build reminds me a bit of Heath Miller.
    And in the third a Center. But, we need more on the OLine.

    You, on the other hand, are having a great draft. You traded down & got Grant, that Safety from USC. VERY NICE!!

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    Falcons are clearly following their draft board. Our GM said that his plan is to sign free agents for team needs and to draft for talent and depth by selecting best player available. A lot of Falcons fans are flipping out because he haven't grabbed an edge rusher or running back. But that's what a BPA strategy gets you. I'm happy we upgraded our offensive line and our secondary.

    Miami's GM was getting frustrated yesterday when reporters kept questioning his decisions. He has the same BPA strategy that Atlanta's GM has and if you draft BPA instead of need, you're not going to upgrade the way fans want. I definitely wanted a stud running back but there were only so many. Do you reach to get one or take someone that you think brings better value? Evergreen question.

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    Jerry,who are these real players wearing[gizzards]uniforms??..winning by large margins[122-93]if they keep this up,i'm gonna have to call them by their given name...maybe dallas will cool em off tonight..i'm tellin ya jerry i don't know how much more of this[winning]i can stand!!

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    Evergreen question, indeed. Everyone’s an expert.
    I’m somewhat content with our picks so far [[RB, TE, C, ILB, DL). I would like to see a DB, but I’m not the one in the hole picking.

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    I am GEEKED and can't wait for the season to start. Some Falcons fans are crying but between last year's rookies, this year's draft picks and a new coaching staff I believe we're going to be much improved over last year. We lost 5 games that we led in the 4th quarter including the game to Dallas where we had four guys on the receiving team stand around and instead of recovering an onside kick, waited for the ball to go 10 yards to give the Boys a chance to recover {and win the game; embarrassing}. Horribly coached team {and I actually was a Dan Quinn fan}.

    Speaking of Dan Quinn, Dallas devoted most of its draft to giving him building blocks. Sure hope we see ms_m soon.

    I think Miami has nailed its offseason. A lot of doubters hate the lack of a stud back but there were only so many available. We'll be fine with added pieces to the line and especially now that teams have to worry about who to cover in the passing game. Teams can't play with eight in the box against us anymore.

    I'm fired up, excited, amped, angsty and ready to go.

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    I spent this past weekend in Pittsburgh [naturally] because of the draft. What shocked some Steelers fans was the fact we drafted a punter in the 7th round. I had to remind them that we drafted a punter [Daniel Sepulveda] in the fourth round of the 2007 draft.
    This punter [Harvin] is a big dude [6'0" & 255lbs] is a Ray Guy Award Winner. He's from Georgia Tech.

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    Atlanta drafted a punter last year. Usually, if a team wants to draft a punter in the 7th round, they're interested and don't want to fight to secure him as an undrafted free agent. Griping about anybody drafted in the 7th round is always funny to me because fans might know 20% of the names who get drafted every year so how do they know that they don't want Joe Palooka from SE Nevada Valley State? He might bloom into something significant.

    A lot of Dolphins fans are still crying the blues. One said that "his generation" expected more than older fans because we old heads got to experience glory days. Almost every review of the Phins' draft has graded it to be a B+/A. I'm very excited to see the next step in the rebuild take effect. And Atlanta has "fans" who promised to swear off of the team because they didn't select Justin Fields. Good riddance if they go but this is going to be the best season since we made the playoffs a year following the Super Bowl.

    Must be nice to have a life so free of complications that you can invest so much emotion into something that has relatively no impact on your life beyond the quality of your entertainment.

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    As you know, Jerry: You can't please everyone all the time. And those who get that emotional about a draft must have no life at all

    Schedule comes out May 12th.

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    Jerry, don't know if you saw this but the Steelers did not pick up the fifth year option of their former first round pick Terrell Edmunds

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    A lot of decent players had their options declined. Atlanta picked up Calvin Ridley's option [[duh) but declined Hayden Hursts, which is interesting. Hopefully, the money saved will calculate somehow in Julio being retained for another year.

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    I just looked at the initial power rankings. The Steelers are 11 & you're 23? They'll have to do better than that. I'm wondering if I should look anymore [at the power rankings].
    I meant to ask you: that chair on the stage.........why? What ?

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    Goodale seems to believe he made the chair iconic when he sat in it during last year's virtual draft. Maybe it's a legend in his own mind.

    And being 23rd in a power ranking isn't bad considering our record left us with the fourth pick in the draft, which means we were 29th in the actual standings. Hopefully the coaches can fix what was broken.

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    I think Roger Dodger thinks he IS an element in his own mind. But he HAS made a LOT of $$$ for the owners!
    Another issue I had is when Roger kept announcing all of the charities that the NFL
    initiated/sponsored. He was his own best press agent. Why?? Why announce them?? Just supply the $$ & get on with it. That was a smh moment for me.

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    Jerry, I just saw something on Twitter that the Falcons are "looking at" former Steeler Steven Nelson. Did you hear how he ended up a free agent?

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    Yeah, you told me a couple of weeks ago. Sounds more like a mercenary than a team player. I heard we were looking at a couple of former Falcons secondary players, Brian Poole and Justin Houston but hadn't heard about Nelson. We don't have enough loot to sign anybody right now, so we'll have to cut players in order to bring anybody on. But if they're looking at free agents, it sounds like there's a plan.


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