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    Quote Originally Posted by 144man View Post
    of course i can remember more than one line.
    Now what was the next thing i was going to say...?
    great 144,you got the job..do you know how many takes i had to do just for duufuss to say that much???

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    October 3rd:

    Quote for the Day:

    "Music really is a way to reach out and hold on to each other in a healthy way." - Stevie Ray Vaughan;

    If this is your birth date, then you share it with:

    India.Arie (singer-songwriter) -
    Chubby Checker (rock and roll singer) -
    P.P. Arnold (soul singer) -

    Jake Shears (lead vocalist; Scissor Sisters) -
    Gwen Stefani (singer, songwriter and actress ; No Doubt) -
    Ronnie Laws (jazz, blues and funk saxophonist) -

    Lindsey Buckingham (lead guitarist and vocalist; Fleetwood Mac) -
    Tommy Lee (drummer; Motley Crue) -
    Kevin Richardson (singer; Backstreet Boys) -

    Robbie Jaymes (keyboardist; Modern Romance) -
    Keb' Mo' (blues musician) -
    Talib Kweli (rapper) -

    Ashlee Simpson (singer) -
    Chuck Cissel (singer and dancer) -
    Jesse James (singer) -

    Lenny Waronker (producer and music industry executive) -

    Christian Coulson (actor) -
    Keiko Agena (actress) -
    Hart Bochner (actor) -

    Hedy Burress (actress) -
    Neve Campbell (actress) -
    Conlan Carter (actor) -

    Erik von Detten (actor) -
    Seth Gabel (actor) -
    Lena Headey (actress) -

    Dennis Holmes (actor) -
    Chris Marquette (actor) -
    Janel Maloney (actress) -

    Clive Owen (actor) -
    Alan Rachins (actor) -
    Seann William Scott (actor) -

    Shannyn Sossamon (actress) -
    Alanna Ubach (actress) -
    Jack Wagner (actor) -

    Al Sharpton (civil rights activist) -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have since passed away:

    Ben Cauley (1947-2015; trumpet player, vocalist and songwriter; The Bar-Kays) -
    Eddie Cochran (1938-1960; singer-songwriter, musician) -
    Stevie Ray Vaughan (1954-1990; musician, singer, songwriter and record producer) -

    Alan O'Day (1940-2013; singer-songwriter) -
    Antonio Martinez (1945-1990; guitarist; Los Bravos) -
    Johnny Burke (1908-1964; lyricist; 'Swinging On A Star') -

    James Herriot ('Alf' Wight; 1916-1995; novelist; 'Al Creatures Great And Small') -
    Madlyn Rhue (1935-2003; actress) -
    Michael Hordern (1911-1995; actor) -

    Henry Hull (1890-1977; actor) -
    Alan Dinehart (1889-1944; actor) -
    Roy Webb (1888-1982; film music composer) -

    Claud Allister (1888-1970; actor) -
    Warner Oland (1879-1938; actor) -
    Eleanora Duse (1858-1924; actress) -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on October 3rd.

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    West,please inform your esteemed client that i have a good one for her,now in this little ditti our[superstar]is an actress[what casting]who tires of waiting for her studio to come up with a good script[this would never happen in real life]so she quits the movie business and travels around the neighborhood[you thought i was gonna say-the world,didn't you hehe]but nobody will talk to her because nobody has actually seen any of her movies,so she decides to act out scenes from all her films in her backyard and invite everyone to see her act them out..but will anyone show?? She'll be excited about this one-it's different and a winner!!

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    Thank you, Arr&bee.

    I have informed Ms Moe (Superstar), and told her, from you, that she 'will be excited about this one'.

    She's excited, but not quite in the way you think. Wants you to know she comes to SDF in full expectation of everyone else acting out - and is seldom disappointed.

    The conversation swiftly ended, and Ms Moe then quickly turned her eager attention to a luxurious box of chocolates (note carefully what I wrote there......)

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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY 144man!!!!!!!

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    October 4th:

    Quote for the Day:

    "Trust yourself, if you want other people to trust you." - Jackie Collins;

    If this is your birth date,
    then you share it with:

    Our fellow Soulful Detroit member, 144man.

    Hope you are having a great Birthday, 144man!

    - and also -

    Chris Lowe (keyboards and synthesiser; Pet Shop Boys) -
    James Fielder (bassist; Blood, Sweat & Tears) -
    Jon Secada (singer-songwriter) -

    Lena Katina (musician) -
    Lil' Mama (rapper) -
    Steve Swallow (jazz bassist) -

    Leroy Van Dyke (country music singer) -
    Lloyd Green (steel guitarist) -
    Susan Sarandon (actress) -

    Armand Assante (actor) -
    Abraham Benrubi (actor) -
    Rachael Leigh Cook (actress) -

    Clifton Davis (actor) -
    Bill Fagerbakke (actor) -
    Felicia Farr (actress) -

    Sara Forestier (actress) -
    David W. Harper (actor) -
    Wendy Makkena (actress) -

    Martin Potter (actor) -
    Alan Rosenberg (actor) -
    Lori Saunders (actress) -

    Liev Schreiber (actor) -
    Alicia Silverstone (actress) -
    Brynn Thayer (actor) -
    Christoph Waltz (actor) -

    Mick Jackson (film director) -

    H.Rap Brown (activist) -

    those also born on this date, but who have since passed away:

    Charlton Heston (1923-2008; actor) -
    Buster Keaton (1895-1966; actor) -

    Robert Wilson (1941-2010; bass guitar, percussion and vocals; The Gap Band) -

    Walter Bishop, Jr. (1927-1998; bop and hard bop jazz pianist) -

    Mike Starr (1966-2011; bassist; Alice In Chains) -
    Jackie Collins (1937-2015; novelist) -
    Edward Judd (1932-2009; actor) -

    Scotty Beckett (1929-1968; actor) -
    John Larch (1914-2005; actor) -
    Robert Shayne (1900-1992; actor) -
    Luis Alberni (1886-1962; actor) -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on October 4th.
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    Happy Birthday martin!!!!!!!!! Have a great day

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    Hey,144man,the buzzards are on the way,with some wonderful elixur [it's good for birthdays].

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    Quote Originally Posted by westgrandboulevard View Post
    thank you, arr&bee.

    I have informed ms moe (superstar), and told her, from you, that she 'will be excited about this one'.

    She's excited, but not quite in the way you think. Wants you to know she comes to sdf in full expectation of everyone else acting out - and is seldom disappointed.

    The conversation swiftly ended, and ms moe then quickly turned her eager attention to a luxurious box of chocolates (note carefully what i wrote there......)
    no,no,no...tell moe to put down that chocolate and pick up this wonderful script,this one will give her a chance to act a little and expand her herizons[hehe]she ya on the set!!

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    October 5th:

    Quote for the Day:

    "It's very easy to be judgmental until you know someone's truth." - Kate Winslet;

    If this is your birth date, then you share it with :

    Arlene Smith (lead singer; The Chantels) -
    Bob Geldof (musician; Boomtown Rats; Live Aid) -
    Steve Miller (guitarist and lead vocalist; Steve Miller Band) -

    Brian Johnson (lead singer; AC/DC) -
    Lucius 'Tawl' Ross (rhythm guitarist; Funkadelic) -
    Paul Heard (keyboards; programming; M People) -

    Heather Headley (singer, songwriter, record producer and actress) -
    Ray Book Binder (blues guitarist, singer-songwriter and storyteller) -

    Paul Thomas (bassist; Good Charlotte) -
    Margie Singleton (country music singer) -
    Harold Faltermeyer (electronic musician; 'Axel F') -

    Kate Winslet (actress) -
    Glynis Johns (actress) -
    Karen Allen (actress) -

    Daniel Baldwin (actor) -
    Josie Bissett (actress) -
    Jesse Eisenberg (actress) -
    Angela Molina (actress) -

    Parminder Nagra (actor) -
    Guy Pearce (actor) -
    Duncan Regehr (actor) -
    Scott Weinger (actor) -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have since passed away:

    Richard Street (1942-2013; singer; The Monitors; The Temptations) -
    Carlo Mastrangelo (1937-2016; doo wop and progressive rock singer; The Belmonts) -
    Jimmy Blanton (1918-1942; bassist; Duke Ellington Orchestra) -
    Mrs Miller (Elva Miller, 1907-1997, singer) -

    Brian Connolly (1945-1997; lead singer; The Sweet) -
    Bernie Mac (1957-2008; stand-up comedian, actor and voice artist) -
    Delroy Wilson (1948-1995; ska, rock steady and reggae singer) -
    Jeff Conaway (1950-2011; actor) -

    Abraham Reichstadt (singer, musician and dancer; Esther and Abi Ofarim) -
    Peter Brown (1935-2016; actor) -
    Billy Lee Riley (1933-2009; rockabilly musician and singer) -
    Johnny Duncan (1938-2006; country music singer) -

    Diane Cilento (1933-2011; actress) -
    Skip Homeier (1930-2017; actor) -
    Gail Davis (1925-1997; actress) -
    Bill Dana (1924-2017; actor) -

    Kieron Moore (1924-2007; actor) -
    Donald Pleasance (1919-1995; actor) -
    Joshua Logan (1908-1988; film director; 'South Pacific') -
    Harriet MacGibbon (1905-1987; actress) -

    John Hoyt (1905-1991; actor) -
    Larry Fine (1902-1975; actor; Larry, 'The Three Stooges') -
    John Alton (1901-1996; cinematographer, 'An American In Paris') -
    Louis Lumiere (1864-1948; inventor of motion pictures) -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on October 5th.
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    Thank you moe, westgrandboulevard, TomTom and jai. I hope jai's buzzards arrive soon so that I can share that wonderful elixur with you all.

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    October 6th:

    Quote for the Day:

    "I don't sleep with happily married men" - Britt Ekland;

    If this is your birth date, then you share it with:

    Thomas McClary (guitarist, singer, songwriter and record producer; lead guitarist with The Commodores) -
    Melinda Doolittle (singer; American Idol finalist, 2007) -
    Millie Small (singer-songwriter; 'My Boy Lollipop') -

    Kevin Cronin (lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist and pianist with REO Speedwagon) -
    Tommy Stinson (guitarist and vocalist; Guys N' Roses) -

    Gavin Sutherland (bassist and vocalist; The Sutherland Brothers & Quiver; '(I Don't Want To Love You) But You Got Me Anyway') -

    Tim Burgess (drummer; T'Pau) -
    David Hidalgo (singer-songwriter and musician; Los Lobos) -

    Matthew Sweet (musician; 'Girlfriend') -
    Ioan Gruffudd (actor; Fifth Officer Harold Lowe in 'Titanic'; Lt. John Beales in 'Black Hawk Down'; 'Horatio Hornblower') -

    Britt Ekland (actress; 'The Man With The Golden Gun') -

    Michael Durrell (actor; Dr. John Martin on 'Beverly Hills 90210'; Alex Nikolas on 'Santa Barbara') -

    Amy Jo Johnson (actress; Julie Emrick on 'Felicity') -
    Jacqueline Obradors (actress; Det. Rita Ortiz on 'NYPD Blue') -
    Wes Ramsey (actor; Christian Markelli in 'Latter Days') -
    Lamman Rucker (actor; Sheriff Troy in 'Why Did I Get Married?') -

    Elisabeth Shue (actress; Sera in 'Leaving Las Vegas') -
    Jeremy Sisto (actor; Billy Chenowith in 'Six Feet Under'; NYPD Det. Crus Lupo on 'Law And Order') -
    Olivia Thirlby (actress; Leah in 'Juno') -
    Ellen Travolta (actress; Louisa Arcola Delvecchio on 'Happy Days') -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have since passed away:

    Fannie Lou Hamer (1917-1977; voting rights activist, civil rights leader and philanthropist) -
    Bobby Farrell (1949-2010; singer; Boney M) -

    Glenn Branca (1948-2018; composer and guitarist) -
    Carole Lombard (1908-1942; actress; 'My Man Godfrey') -
    Janet Gaynor (1906-1984; actress; 'A Star Is Born') -

    Jerome Cowan (1897-1972; actor; 'Miracle On 34th Street') -
    Milton Ager (1893-1979; songwriter; 'Ain't She Sweet') -
    George Westinghouse (1846-1914; inventor of air brake and A/C power) -
    Jenny Lind (1820-1887; soprano; 'The Swedish Nightingale') -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on October 6th.

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    When I went to my front door yesterday morning, I discovered that for some strange reason a buzzard had erroneously left a movie script there instead of Jai's wonderful elixur. As it has a strong female lead, I wonder if the work would be of interest to Ms Moe (superstar).

    The script follows the fortunes of the Shutyatrapp family in pre-war Austria. The opening scene begins when the new English governess arrives by dropping from the skies while hanging onto an umbrella. The other applicants for the job are blown away by the anti-aircraft fire from the Nazis stationed in the surrounding hills.

    The project is tentatively being referred to by the working title "The Sound of Poppings".

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    Thanks for thinking of me, 144man.........

    What do you think Westgrand??

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    Sounds like a winner to me, Moe.

    A Michael Winner.....and one of his better ones....

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    October 7th:

    Quote for the Day:

    "My advice would be if you want to pursue a career in the music business, don't." - Simon Cowell;

    If this is your birth date, then you share it with:

    Tata Vega (singer) -
    Toni Braxton (singer-songwriter) -

    Alesha Dixon (singer, television presenter and talent show judge) -
    Taylor Hicks (singer, winner of American Idol, 2006) -
    John Mellencamp (singer-songwriter) -

    Tico Torres (drummer, percussionist and songwriter; Bon Jovi) -
    Thom Yorke (singer and songwriter with Radiohead) -
    Kevin Godley (musician; drummer with 10cc) -

    Sam Brown (singer-songwriter) -
    Charlie Marinkovich (guitarist and vocalist; Iron Butterfly) -
    Dave Hope (bass guitarist; Kansas) -

    David Taylor (bass guitarist; Edison Lighthouse) -
    Martin Murray (rhythm guitarist; The Honeycombs) -
    Dr. Gunni (Icelandic underground musician) -

    Yo-Yo Ma (cellist) -

    Simon Cowell (reality television judge) -

    Martha Stewart (retired singer and actress; Anne Cummings in 'Johnny Comes Flying Home) -

    Aaron Ashmore (actor; Jimmy Olsen on 'Smallville') -
    Shawn Ashmore (actor; Bobby Drake/Iceman in the 'X-Men' film series) -

    Mary Badham (actress; Jean Louise 'Scout' Finch in 'To Kill A Mockingbird' -
    Dylan Baker (actor; Detective Arthur Polson on 'Murder One' television series) -
    Edison Chen (actor; young Lau Kin-Ming in 'Infernal Affairs') -

    Judy Landers (actress; Sugar Dubois in 'Stewardess School') -
    Nicole Ari Parker (actress; Teri Joseph on 'Soul Food') -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have since passed away:

    William Still (1891-1902; abolitionist; conductor on the Underground Railroad; civil rights activist) -

    Bill Brandon (1943-2015; singer-songwriter) -

    Tony 'Panama' Silvester (1946-2006; singer; The Main Ingredient) -

    Larry Young (1940-1978; jazz organist) -

    Judee Sill (1944-1979; singer and songwriter) -

    Al Martino (1927-2009; singer and actor; Johnny Fontane in 'The Godfather') -

    Chet Powers (1937-1994; singer-songwriter; lead singer of Quicksilver Messenger Service) -

    Vaughan Monroe (1911-1974; singer, trumpeter and bandleader) -

    June Allyson (1917-2006; actress; Patsy Deyo in 'Two Girls And A Sailor'; Helen Berger Miller in 'The Glenn Miller Story') -

    Alfred Drake (1914-1992; actor; Hajj in 'Kismet') -

    Andy Devine (1905-1977; actor, Jingles P. Jones in 'The Adventures Of Wild Bill Hickok') -

    Helmut Dantine (1917-1982; actor; the German pilot in 'Mrs Miniver', and uncredited as refugee gambler in 'Casablanca') -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on October 7th.

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    Ok then.........I think we have a "Winner"

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    Of course, Moe, we should consider just who sent out the erroneously delivered movie script.

    Also, was that person the writer, and who was the intended recipient....

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    October 8th:

    Quote for the Day:

    "Never look down on anybody unless you're helping them up". - Jesse Jackson, Sr.

    If this is your birth date, then you share it with:

    CeCe Winans (gospel singer) -
    Jo Armstead (soul singer and songwriter) -
    Fred Cash (soul singer; The Impressions) -

    Sheila Ferguson (singer, songwriter, actress and author; The Three Degrees) -
    Airrion Love (soul singer; The Stylistics) -
    Robert 'Kool' Bell (vocalist, guitarist and songwriter; founding member of Kool & the Gang) -

    Harry Bowens (singer; Was (Not Was) -
    Bruno Mars (singer-songwriter) -
    Teddy Riley (singer-songwriter; musician) -

    Hamish Stuart (guitarist and vocalist; Average White Band) -
    Tony Wilson (bassist and vocalist; Hot Chocolate) -
    George Bellamy (rhythm guitarist; The Tornados) -

    Ray Royer (guitarist; Procol Harum) -
    Butch Rillera (drummer; Redbone) -
    C.J.Ramone (bassist and vocalist; The Ramones) -

    Matt Damon (actor, film producer and screenwriter) -
    Chevy Chase (actor, comedian and writer) -
    Sigourney Weaver (actress) -

    Stephanie Zimbalist (actress) -
    Nick Bakay (actor) -
    Nick Cannon (rapper; actor) -

    Jeremy Davies (actor) -
    Michael Dudikoff (actor) -
    Anne-Marie Duff (actress) -

    Dale Dye (actor) -
    Peter Greene (actor) -
    Ian Hart (actor) -

    Martin Henderson (actor) -
    Paul Hogan (actor) -
    Angus T. Jones (actor) -

    Kristanna Loken (actress) -
    Dylan Neal (actor) -
    James Olson (actor) -

    Emily Proctor (actress) -
    Ksenia Solo (actress) -
    Bella Thorne (actress) -

    Jesse Jackson, Sr. (civil rights activist) -

    Rona Barrett (gossip columnist) -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have since passed away:

    Johnny Ramone (1951-2004; musician) -
    Kirk Alyn (1910-1999; actor) -
    Gabriel Dell (1919-1988; actor) -

    Art Babbitt (1907-1922; cartoonist) -
    Raul Roulien (1905-2000; actor) -
    Sue Randall (1935-1984; actress) -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on October 8th.

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    Last time I heard, it was in the Smithsonian Institute.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by westgrandboulevard View Post
    last time i heard, it was in the smithsonian institute.....
    haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...west,you're on your way!!

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    I'm running true to typing, Arr&Bee....

    And those Buzzards are in the National Museum of Natural History. It's just a short booking. They're standing in, while their ancestors take a holiday to stretch their wings....

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    October 9th:

    Quote for the Day:

    "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans." - John Lennon;

    If this is your birth date, then you share it with:

    Nona Hendryx (singer-songwriter) -
    Jackson Browne (singer-songwriter) -
    P.J.Harvey (musician) -

    Al Jourgenson (musician) -
    Scotty McCreery (singer) -
    James Fearnley (accordian player; The Pogues) -

    Abdullah Ibrahim (pianist and composer) -
    Pat Burke (saxophonist; The Foundations) -
    Kenny Garrett (jazz saxophonist and flautist) -

    Dave Samuels (vibraphonist and marimba player; Spyro Gyra) -
    Thomas Wydler (drummer; Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds) -
    Sean Lennon (singer, musician and actor) -
    Nicky Byrne (singer-songwriter; Westlife) -

    Sharon Osbourne (television personality) -

    Scott Bakula (actor) -
    Brian Blessed (actor) -
    Zachery Ty Bryan (actor) -

    Erin Daniels (actress) -
    Jodelle Ferland (actor) -
    Chris O'Dowd (actor) -

    John O'Hurley (actor) -
    Michael Pare (actor) -
    Brandon Routh (actor) -

    Tony Shalhoub (actor) -
    Nick Swardson (actor) -
    Tyler James Williams (actor) -
    Robert Wuhl (actor) -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have since passed away:

    O.V.Wright (1939-1980; singer) -
    Yussef Lateef (1920-2013; jazz multi-instrumentalist) -

    Rod Temperton (1949-2016; songwriter, record producer and musician; 'Thriller') -

    John Lennon (1940-1980; singer, songwriter, musician and activist; The Beatles) -
    John Entwhistle (1944-2002; bassist; The Who) -

    Alastair Sim (1900-1976; actor) -
    Donald Sinden (1923-2014; actor) -
    Daniele Delorme (1926-2015; actress) -

    Fyvush Finkel (1922-2016; actor) -
    Lila Kedrova (1918-2000; actress) -
    Judy Tyler (1933-1957: actress) -

    Edward Andrews (1914-1985; actor) -
    Wally Brown (1904-1961; actor) -
    Robert Warwick (1878-1964; actor) -
    Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901; composer) -
    (some sources state date of birth as October 10th)

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on October 9th.
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    West,please inform your esteemed client that i have a new pychological thriller for her,now in this tense thriller our[superstar]is a world famous actress[what casting]who while looking into the mirror,says her lines as a warm up to her performance..now the only problem..[you knew it was coming didn't you?]is that her mirror image doesn't like the way she reads her lines and lets her know which of course is a bit unsettling,and so her dilemma is how to satisfy the...lady in the mirror,which is also the title of this thriller..tell moe to get her rest because she plays a double role here and literally-talks to herself-i'm feeling a[plastic chicken beck award]for this winner..picture of the year??

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    October 10th:

    Quote for the Day:

    "Childhood is a short season." - Helen Hayes;

    If this is your birth date, then you share it with:

    Cyril Neville (percussionist and vocalist) -
    David Lee Roth (singer) -
    Tanya Tucker (country singer) -

    Midge Ure (musician, singer-songwriter) -
    Martin Kemp (actor and musician) -
    Crystal Waters (house music singer and songwriter) -

    Mya Harrison (singer and songwriter) -
    Junior Mance (jazz pianist and composer) -
    Frank Busseri (singer and group manager; The Four Lads) -

    Cecil Bridgewater (hard bop jazz trumpeter) -
    Alan Cartwright (bassist; Procol Harum) -
    John Prine (country/folk singer and songwriter) -

    Severine (singer) -
    Keith Grimes (guitarist with Eva Cassidy) -
    Johnny O'Neal (neo bop jazz pianist and vocalist) -

    Eric Martin (singer and musician with Mr. Big) -
    Jonathan Butler (guitarist and singer-songwriter) -
    Jim Glennie (bassist with James) -

    Jonny Male (guitarist with Republica) -
    Graham Crabb (drummer and vocalist; Pop Will Eat Itself) -
    Toshi (singer with X Japan) -

    Mike Malinin (drummer; Goo Goo Dolls) -
    Evgeny Kissin (classical pianist) -
    Scott Morris (bassist; The Bluetones) -

    Tim Maurer (lead singer; Suburban Legends) -
    Cherie (Cyndi Almouzni; singer) -
    Stephanie Cheng (singer) -

    Marina Diamandis (singer and songwriterl Marina and the Diamonds) -
    Gabriella Cilmi (singer and songwriter) -
    Ed Volker (keyboardist and vocalist; The Radiators)

    Manu Bennett (actor) -
    Jodi Benson (actress) -

    Amanda Burton (actress) -
    Peter Coyote (actor) -
    Charles Dance (actor) -

    Fiona Fullerton (actress) -
    Jessica Harper (actress) -
    Bai Ling (actress) -

    Mario Lopez (actor) -
    Wendi McLendon-Covey (actress) -
    Jodi Lyn O'Keefe (actress) -

    Michael Oliver (actor) -
    Rebecca Pidgeon (actress) -
    Rekha (actress) -

    Dan Steven (actor) -
    Ben Vereen (actor) -
    Bradley Whitford (actor) -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have since passed away;

    Thelonious Monk (1917-1982; jazz pianist and composer) -
    Ivory Joe Hunter (1914-1974; singer, songwriter and pianist) -
    Harry 'Sweets' Edison (1915-1999; jazz trumpeter with Count Basie Orchestra) -

    Oscar Brown (1926-2005; singer, songwriter and civil rights activist) -
    Monk Montgomery (1921-1982; jazz bassist) -
    Freddie Jenkins (1906-1978; jazz trumpeter with Duke Ellington) -

    Fats Heard (1923-1987; jazz drummer Errol Garner) -
    Headman Shabalala (1945-1991; singer with Ladysmith Black Mambazo) -
    Frederick D. Patterson (1901-1988; founder of UNCF; United Negro College Fund) -

    Helen Hayes (1900-1993; actress) -
    Gary Beach (1947-2018; actor) -
    Jerry Lacroix (1943-2014; singer and saxophonist; Edgar Winter's White Trash; Blood, Sweat & Tears; Rare Earth) -

    Janis Carter (1913-1994; actress) -
    Benson Fong (1916-1987; actor) -
    Dana Elcar (1917-2005; actor) -
    Richard Jaeckel (1926-1997; actor) -

    Daniel Massey (1933-1998; actor) -
    Harold Pinter (1930-2008; playwright) -
    Curtis Hairston (1961-1996; singer) -
    Kirsty MacColl (1959-2000; singer and songwriter; The Pogues) -

    Denis D'Eli (1943-2005; lead singer; The Honeycombs) -
    Chris Penn (1965-2006; actor) -
    Anita Mui (1963-2003; singer) -

    Ed Wood (1924-1978; film director) -
    George Mathews (1911-1984; actor) -
    Lee Blair (1903-1966; jazz banjoist and guitarist) -

    Johnny Green (1908-1989; songwriter; 'Body And Soul') -
    Vernon Duke (1903-1969; singer and songwriter; 'April In Paris') -
    Harold Vermilyea (1889-1958; actor) -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on October 10th.
    Last edited by westgrandboulevard; 10-09-2018 at 06:06 PM.

  28. #3728
    West,what year did [steve reeves]pass?

  29. #3729
    Arr&bee, Steve Reeves passed on May 1st, 2000.

  30. #3730
    Try again, R&B........

  31. #3731
    Quote Originally Posted by westgrandboulevard View Post
    arr&bee, steve reeves passed on may 1st, 2000.
    thanks west.

  32. #3732
    Moe,you were born to do this role of a lifetime,i'm gonna read a small part of this great script for you....mirror[read that line again]you[excuse me]mirror[you heard me]you[do you know who i am]mirror[i don't care who you are read it again]you[how dare you]mirror[shuttup and read it]you[no one talks to me like that]mirror[i'll talk to you anyway i want,now read it again]you[i'm leaving]mirror[no you're not]you[why am i talking to myself]mirror[you should be listening to me]you[why i never]mirror[but you will]you[no i won't]mirror[yes you will]you[i need to lie down]mirror[no sleep until you read this line correctly with feeling]you[how dare you]mirror[stop whining and read]...the audience will be mezmorized as you argue with yourself..classic...well moe??

  33. #3733
    October 11th:

    Quote for the Day:

    "Smokey Robinson is one of my heroes as a singer and songwriter; a major influence on my own music from the very start." - Daryl Hall;

    If this is your birth date, then you share it with:

    Andrew Woolfolk (flautist, percussionist and reedist; Earth, Wind & Fire) -
    Jimmy Diggs (singer; The Knight Brothers) -
    Daryl Hall (singer-songwriter; Hall & Oates) -

    Tramaine Hawkins (gospel singer) -
    Brian Jackson (keyboardist, flautist and singer) -
    Gary Mallaber (drummer, percussionist and singer; Steve Miller Band) -

    Greg Douglass (guitarist and singer; Steve Miller Band) -
    Blair Cunningham (drummer; Haircut One Hundred; The Pretenders; Paul McCartney) -
    Rachel Haden (musician) -

    MC Lyte (rapper) -
    Gene Watson (country singer) -
    Todd Snider (singer-songwriter) -

    Amitabh Bachchan (actor) -
    Claudia Black (actress) -
    Matthew Bomer (actor) -

    Joan Cusack (actress) -
    Emily Deschanel (actress) -
    Takeshi Kaneshiro (actor) -

    Jane Krabowski (actress) -
    Ron Leibman (actor) -
    Martha MacIsaac (actress) -

    David Morse (actor) -
    Stephen Moyer (actor) -
    John Nettles (actor) -

    Luke Perry (actor) -
    Stephen Spinella (actor) -
    Michelle Trachtenberg (actress) -
    Constance Zimmer (actor) -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have since passed away:

    Lester Bowie (1941-1999; jazz trumpeter) -
    Billy Higgin (1936-2001; free jazz and bop drummer) -
    Curtis Amy (1929-2002; jazz saxophonist) -

    Art Blakey (1919-1990; bebop drummer) -
    Teddy Weatherford (1903-1945; jazz musician) -
    Dottie West (1932-1991; country musician) -

    Earle Hyman (1926-2017; actor) -
    Jerome Robbins (1918-1998; choreographer) -
    Sig Ruman (1884-1967; actor) -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on October 11th.
    Last edited by westgrandboulevard; 10-10-2018 at 06:44 PM.

  34. #3734
    West,i'm worried about moe,neighbors report seeing her walking back and forth in her courtyard laughing hysterically and smashing every mirror she sees,maybe she's just getting in character for this great role,ya think??

  35. #3735
    Good ol Daryl Hall.

  36. #3736
    No.........I think you spiked my drink with your hooch (when I wasn't looking)

  37. #3737
    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...moe you know better than that,i gotta keep you sober because we got a picture to make..now in this scene....!

  38. #3738
    "Gotta keep you sober" - ?

    I thought everybody was drunk in your pictures, Arr&bee?

    When you shout 'Action!', they all slide slowly to the floor....

  39. #3739
    shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..keep it down Wes,if the others find out that I actually pay Moe I'll have to pay them too,now why don't you run along and visit Buckingham or something,and I'll call you for a contract signing or something..you got too much inside information..shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! !

  40. #3740
    Inside information, Arr&bee?? What sort of contract???

    Buckingham? I'm even better known in the White House.

    Why, I feel a very long monologue coming on...and one which probably won't make much sense.

    Oh, and please don't call me West.

    My name is Kanye.....or at least, it was. I think....

  41. #3741
    Sorry for my absence, but I received a letter by owl that one of R&B's buzzards had got lost and turned up at Hogwarts, so could I please retrieve it. Accordingly I went to Platform 9 3/4, Kings Cross, but when I attempted to board the train I might as well have been banging my head against a brick wall.

    I don't remember much about what happened next because not having received R&B's promised elixur, I ended up having one butterbeer too many. The following hours remain a blur, but I can reveal that I spent the next couple of days just Pottering about.

  42. #3742
    "Rennervate, 144man!"

  43. #3743
    Last edited by arr&bee; 10-11-2018 at 07:23 PM.

  44. #3744
    October 12th:

    Quote for the Day:

    "I never believed in Santa Claus because I knew no white dude would come into my neighbourhood after dark." - Dick Gregory;

    If this is your birth date, then you share it with:

    Sam Moore (soul singer; Sam & Dave) -
    Chris Botti (jazz musician) -
    Jane Siberry (singer-songwriter) -

    Dave Vanian (lead singer; The Damned) -
    Brian Kennedy (singer-songwriter) -

    Hugh Jackman (actor) -
    Susan Anton (actress) -
    Robin Askwith (actor) -

    Carlos Bernard (actor) -
    Kirk Cameron (actor) -
    Deborah Foreman (actress) -

    Tom Guiry (actor) -
    Joss Hutcherson (actor) -
    Marcus T. Paulk (actor) -
    Adam Rich (actor) -

    Remembering: those also born on this date, but who have since passed away:

    Melvin Franklin (David Melvin English; 'Blue'; 1942-1995; R&B/soul bass singer; The Temptations) -
    Nappy Brown (1929-2008; R&B singer) -
    Guitar Gabriel (1925-1996; blues musician) -
    Dick Gregory (1932-2017; comedian and civil rights activist) -

    Luciano Pavarotti (1925-2007; operatic tenor) -
    Rick Parfitt (1948-2016; singer, songwriter, rhythm guitarist; Status Quo) -
    Jonathan Crombie (1966-2015; actor and voice over artist) -
    Daliah Lavi (1942-2017; actress, singer and model) -

    Jean Wallace (1923-1990; actress) -
    Josephine Hutchinson (1903-1998; actress) -
    Godfrey Tearle (1884-1953; actor) -
    Ralph Vaughan Williams (1872-1958; composer) -

    Happy Birthday: to everyone celebrating Birthdays on October 12th.

  45. #3745
    Quote Originally Posted by westgrandboulevard View Post
    "Rennervate, 144man!"
    Consider me rennervated for a short spell.

  46. #3746
    144man, your deftness with words leaves me spellbound.

  47. #3747
    Quote Originally Posted by westgrandboulevard View Post
    144man, your deftness with words leaves me spellbound.
    Are you sure you don't mean daftness?

  48. #3748
    True.... but, as I recall you telling me, your sister is even more unique

  49. #3749
    Did we miss Grapevine's birthday on 9th October?

  50. #3750
    I had it noted, and knew we would wish him all the best, as always.

    Didn't include a mention, as he doesn't post on the Birthday thread, so likely not to see it.

    Grape hasn't updated his Jukebox thread since March, and only a very few posts on SDF. Think he is very busy elsewhere.

    Anyway, belated Happy Birthday to Grapevine, for October 9th.


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