Across the pond, our Northern Soul brother and sisters have developed their Hall of Fame. The first Inductees are in with another round beginning soon. Please visit their site,, to see the Inductee layouts beginning Monday, November 3. (See story below).

You know they are history buffs and know more about us, than we know about ourselves. For me, this has been a history lesson in Rhythm and Blues regarding the artists.

We can also participate in this too. The recognition is on those who bubbled under the Top 100 here, still blossoming there, but almost forgotten in the States. Some old timers and...nope, just us old timers would appreciate this.

The Inductees will have a site page and the trophy design is still being worked on to send to the artists and/or families. If needed, I will ask for help with addresses from you all to deliver their awards.


Lorraine Chandler
Board Member

Ss Northern Soul Hall Of Fame To Open Its Doors
on Monday 3rd November
by Dave Moore 655 4 #1in Soul News on 31 Oct 2014

The Soul Source Northern Soul Hall Of Fame will fling open its doors on Monday 3rd November. The first 10 Inductees will have their awards posted within the Hall Of Fame Forum and site members will be able to read the stories of their musical lives, listen to examples of their work, post comments and add to each page as they wish. The inaugural Inductees were selected from a shortlist of nominations from the membership of Soul Source and so as such, is a reflection of us, the members and fans of Northern soul

As our heroes and heroines are inducted it’s hoped that we can encourage the ones that are still with us to visit their award page and interact with us, which should be fantastic.

This new and exciting feature will be ongoing, developing every week as 2 more of our heroes are inducted every Monday during the month of December.

The results of the first round of nominations led to the following people being selected for our first inductions:

Linda Jones
Maxine Brown
Edwin Starr
Roy Hamilton
Mike Terry
Van McCoy
Popcorn Wylie
Weldon A McDougall III
Ady Croasdell
Bob Abrahamian

10 of these Inductees Awards will go ‘live’ on Monday. Which 10? Well I guess you’ll have to pop along and join us to find out. Hopefully, see a few of you over there.....