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    Talking A Trip To Detroit : 2015

    Hello Everybody!

    My name is Jordan Wilson from the UK, I'm seventeen years old and a have a huge passion for Detroit Soul music. I'm also a record collector and DJ. With my three friends, we run an event in the UK playing Soul music to the next generation of Soul lovers! Most of it is quite heavy beat to keep everybody dancing!

    Anyway, next year myself and my girlfriend [[who's nineteen) will be traveling to Detroit, to visit Motown records and some of the other recording studios that are no longer active along the way, we will be meeting some artists, but this is yet to be confirmed!

    I'm just wondering if anybody has any tips/advice on Detroit? What would be something interesting for us to do during our stay, also does anybody recommend anywhere good to pick up cheap Detroit records?

    Please feel free to email me at jordanwilson2k8@hotmail.co.uk

    Kind Regards Everybody!

    Jordan Wilson.

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    Welcome to the forum, Jordan. Enjoy your trip to Detroit.

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    Thanks! Looking forward to it, just need to build my research up!

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    Read some of the webisodes listed on top left hand corner. Dave Meikle and I went to Detroit on 5 annual trips from 2001 to 2005. Dave wrote about the studios and singers and producers. When you read them, you will find that we covered quite an area. We met some great people. We were driving mostly downtown, but stayed the evening in motel in the suburbs. You have to keep alert and watch where you go, we did not go to the east side [[Gratiot? ), even though we had an invite from JJ Barnes! Most of the studios are downtown and ok during daytime. Some landmarks have disappeared since 2005
    Good luck

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